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Increase Your Investment Returns, Decrease Your Risk

What if you had a second opinion that guided you and showed you why you should move money from stocks and hedge funds to managed futures and gold in 2007?   What if they said early in 2009 to shift back into stocks?

That is what the Refined Asset Allocation Blog and Journal will do for you.  We are your Advocate. Every investor needs an Advocate to show you:

What percentage of your assets to hold in each class every quarter Give you a portfolio depending on your risk tolerances Be able to tell your friends why you are doing what you are doing Make sure you are investing in the same league as the pros


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If you are a sophisticated investor and you care about your money,  you MUST shift your assets quarterly.

The market moves fast and if you aren’t moving with it you will become the average investor who almost always looses.

Try oil  for example.  Adjusted for inflation, Oil prices have averaged $26.64 per barrel since 1947.  From the start of the Iraq War in 2001 until 2007, Oil had an amazing run from about $26 a barrel to over $90 a barrel. At the end of 2007, many analysts were screaming that oil was going to $140 a barrel.

The more likely scenario was that it would go back towards the average price of $26.64 a barrel and it did.  It hit $30.00 in 2009.  Then it shot back to $90 a barrel in 2011.  Would you have like to have captured a piece of these swings or would you have rather ridden out the swings?

When the Dow Jones Industrials was down almost 60%  from a high of 14,918 to 6,469 in 2008,  the average investor was scared to invest more in the stock market for fear it would go to 1,000.  It seems obvious now that was the time to buy.  You don’t have to invest at the bottom or sell off at the top, you just have to be ready to shift your assets along the way.

Refined Asset Allocation looks purely at the statistical probabilities of what’s happening in each market and tells you why and how you should make your moves in your portfolio.

Only $1.97 to try it out for 30 days!

Cancel at any time in the first 30 days and you will only be charged the initial  $1.97! 

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Sources: Standard & Poors, S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices composite-20, Deutch composite, Barclays CTA index, Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund (VMPXX)

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