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INFOSTORE4you.com - Created especially for you. Our first topic is a
thorough guide:
"Expert advice on house painting" Save thousands by doing it

Now, a professional painter who has painted stars' homes tells YOU
how to paint!

My experience, Los Angeles, USA

For more than twenty years, I had been painting in the Beverly Hills,
Pacific Palisades, and Malibu area. These affluent towns are the homes
of the rich and famous, including many movie stars. Their magnificent
homes represent the peak of luxurious lifestyles: stately mansions
with odd-shaped swimming pools and full-size tennis courts in the
beautiful Southern California setting. These huge
thousands-square-foot palaces are screened by tall security fences to
protect their privacy. I have painted these multi-million dollar
homes. (Read about the "real life stories" in the last chapter, where
I also write about some famous customers!!!)


A truly indispensable guide: "Expert advice on house painting"

This is a must-have for everyone starting a painting job on their
own. My guidelines are based upon my experience in America - the
materials, the tools - but the know-how applies everywhere.

It provides a thorough, well-organized, and comprehensive
presentation of all the tools, materials, and procedures. My rare and
exceptionally solid experience will equip everyone with the skills
they need, regardless of their painting background.


You can save thousands of dollars by doing the painting job yourself!

It's obvious! Today, if you hire someone, even for a moderate-size
job, you can easily wind up paying thousands of dollars. When you do
the job yourself, your only costs are the materials and the time.
Often, though, saving money is not the only reason for doing the job
yourself. It can be the ultimate escape from a monotonous office job,
just to get away from the computer and the stress, or just to do
something constructive, a job you can be proud of.

Nevertheless, if this is to be a pleasant and satisfying experience,
you really need this guide!

Whatever the reason, you need to know what you're doing from start to
finish - in order to have fun, to get the job done right, and to be
satisfied with your handiwork afterwards.

How can you achieve the best results?

This is exactly what this guide is all about! Easy-to-follow steps
make the whole process simple.

Don't start the work in a trial-and-error fashion and expect success!
Working haphazardly would soon prove too costly. You would loose faith
and give up prematurely.

This is why reading the labels on paint cans, relying on some
friendly advice from the clerk at the paint store, or believing the
claims of some heavily-advertised gadget are not enough! That's not
the solution!

With expert advice, you not only save time and money, but you also
avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary frustration. Whether it's a
small project (like painting a piece of furniture) or a large one
(like painting your home), you'll find plenty of great ideas to make
the task simpler.

Only a few minutes of easy reading before each step in the process,
will put you on track and give you the clear insight how to do it.

The guide contains the perfect amount of information - no more, no
less. When you know exactly what the next step is, it will motivate
you and give you further inspiration.
* explanations written in simple terms
* with photos and illustrations
* easy-to-read and skim trough
* list of tools and materials
* procedures in precise step-by-step order
* tricks of the trade and practical hints
* trade secrets to makes your life easier


A specially-designed check list of tools and materials. This alone
will save you plenty in overall costs. Fewer errands to the store!

This web site is different from all others, and not just because of
the unparalleled breadth of experience (mentioned above), but the fact
that it is not designed to promote a certain brand. Throughout the
site, I mention a few tools and brands that I have used myself to give
you a basic idea, but I do not represent any company. This site is not
for the purpose of advertisement.

Further benefits:

Technical know-how fires your imagination!

Imagine how a freshly-painted room can change the environment where
you live, improve your quality of life, lift your spirits, and give
you new energy, especially to wake up in a place you truly enjoy!

These tips will give you new opportunities to improve your personal
space and countless ways to capitalize on your new skills!

What you get is more than a book.

It will lead to many new possibilities for improving your environment
and adding quality to your life.
You can surround yourself with the clean, bold colors that you enjoy.

Others judge us by our environment. Don't let your environment show
carelessness or neglect!
Keep up the value of your home!

Capable of contributing immensely to the quality of anyone's life and
at a substantial savings!

Start out in the right direction,

The price is negligible in comparison to what you will gain.


EXPERT ADVICE ON HOUSE PAINTING Don't delay! Get started on your
dream project!

When you order, what you learn is a trade that will prove useful many
times throughout your life.
In today's world, we could all use more skills.
This is knowledge that can lead to several exciting, enjoyable

We offer a 60 days unconditional money back guarantee if you are not
satisfied with your purchase.

Don't stop now.

Read further in Content. See what's included in more detail.

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