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Anti Stress
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A natural anti stress treatment

A sure shot anti stress guide Five modules comprise of audio, video and PDF.. Anti stress meditation, vitamins and herbs. A proven natural anti stress treatment. Plus Bonus - anti stress and acne management.

Am I stressed; do I require anti stress treatment?
There are common symptoms. If you experience frequent mood swing, sudden attacks of panic, frequent blushing and sweating, obsessive or compulsive behavior, difficulty in making decisions etc., then you require anti stress treatment immediately.

What is at stake without anti stress treatment
Many disorders are linked to stress that include anxiety, heart attacks, depression, hypertension, immune systems disturbance etc. It can also lead to insomnia and Parkinson. This list will undoubtedly grow as the extensive ramification of stress is increasingly being appreciated.

Why my famous anti stress pills don’t work
All famous anti stress pills target changes level of neurotransmitter likes Benzos. However, now some scientists concluded that increase in stress hormone Cortisol is related to depression/anxiety and insomnia. No one knows what lies ahead; anti stress pills are still under clinical trials.

What works as effective anti stress treatment
Diet and change in lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle, rightly done meditation and right diet can act as effective anti stress. However, change in lifestyle is not as easy as said. It is important that we don’t have to change a lifestyle beyond an extent that becomes burden for us and people around us. The change should be sustainable for longer term benefits. deStress Rocks is designed to help individuals who wants to get rid of stress without spending much effort, time and money.

How effective is deStress Rocks as anti stress treatment
deStress Rocks has been recommended by many global corporates to their employees. Many universities encourage their students and staff to practice this treatment. Many house wives and sport personalities have taken advantages of this treatment. This treatment is available at a price that everyone can afford.
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