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Kettlebells originated in Russia. Kettlebells are also called
“girya” and men that lift the kettlebells are called gireviks.
KETTLEBELLS WORKOUT began as a form of entertainment rather than a
fitness tool it is today. It became popular because of The Russian
Strength Coach Pavel Tstatsouline. Tsatsouline has trained both the
United States Armed Forces and the Soviet Union Forces. Their use
started during city festivals. During these festivals, Russian men
would display their strength, balance, coordination, and stamina.

After the first world war, the use of the kettlebells evolved in a
different way. It then turned into a fitness tool as weightlifting and
fitness took off in the Baltic states. Nowadays, they are used in a
wide variety of fitness professionals. Also, it is seen as an
affordable way to add to your home gym. The good part about doing
kettlebell workout is that you only need a little space, your
imagination, obviously, a kettlebell, and a right set of workout to
keep you pumping up and ready to go.

_So why use kettlebells?_

Yes, good question. Why use kettlebells when you can use a barbell or
a dumbbell? Well, I have here some answers for that question. Some
kettlebell moves can indeed be done with the use of a dumbbell, but
not all moves. When you use a dumbbell, it will not be as effective as
it is when you use a kettlebell. The reason is that the weight of the
kettlebell is not centered and so you have to work an extra effort to
do the moves properly. This makes the kettlebell movements harder than
their dumbbells equivalents.

One of the many reasons why you should be using this kind of workout
is the simplicity of it. It doesn't really require you to move a lot
in a very big space and they are robust, which means you can be able
to store them anywhere you like.

Let's look on the training advantages of using a kettlebell:

* For athletes that are very conscious about their bodies,
kettlebells are very effective in building up the hip thrust.
* The hip thrust is very useful in sports. It is beneficial to
sprinting, jumping, and kicking performance, wherein these three are
very important in any sports there is.
* Kettlebell training helps you keep your back and shoulders
healthy. It also allows you to build strength and lose weight.
* Above all, kettlebells are portable and can be used anywhere.
* Kettlebells also make your lower back more resilient and by using
some kettlebell swings, it helps you work your muscles to strengthen
your posterior chain.
* Kettlebells make it so easy to get in high intensity workouts.
* Because of its versatility, it gives you an instant workout
freedom. You can choose what kind of workout you like to do, or simply
create your own 15–20 minute workout.

_Ballistic Moves_

People become successful using kettlebells because of the use of the
ballistic exercises. Ballistic exercises are those fast moving
workouts. It is a combination of a high number of repetitions and the
integration of several groups of your muscles. Kettlebell exercises
recruit multiple muscle groups in your body that work together in
order to complete the repetitions. This means that by using the
KETTLEBELLS WORKOUT using the ballistic exercises, it works the entire
body in just a short amount of time compared to going through some
traditional cardios and weight liftings. Simply put it is a total body


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