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Attention ALL Computer Owners!

EZPC is proud to present this new and professional book that will help you remove all computer threats like: malware, spyware, viruses and adware.

After you are finished with this book you will have a better idea of :

How infections get into your computer;

What are the dangers of an infected computer;

How to identify an infected computer;

How to remove computer viruses and malware;

How to properly configure your security software.


The key benefits of EZPC: Malware/Spyware & Virus Removal Guide are

Affordability - Privacy - Guaranteed Results


From: Edward S.

Author of EZPC: Malware/Spyware and Virus Removal Guide.

Dear Computer user and/or Internet sailor,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being interested in my EZPC Guide.
I know how frustrating it is to suddenly discover that your computer might be infected with viruses and trojans and that there is not much you can do about it simply because you don't know how to.

Well, I would like to be the first one to congratulate you!
Now you have the opportunity to LEARN HOW TO get rid of any bad scum malware and spyware, viruses and trojans, adware and malicious pop-ups.

EZPC Guide was written in such a manner that anyone can use it: new, intermediate or advanced computer users. It has screenshots for any procedures that you have to perform and much more.

I will go against the general way of internet advertising, i.e. I will not try to convince you that this is the only thing in the world that you need to buy and that you are running out of time by not buying right now.

I won’t play any of the internet marketing techniques. I personally hate them. They insult anyone’s intelligence.

People go through millions of hoops just to sell some crappy or shady products. It hurts the honest guys that really DO have a great product which brings nothing else than solutions to problems.

On a happy note, I am honored to introduce to you my new EBook:

Below I will present the benefits and features of my guide. You will have all the details and information before and if you decide to order EZPC Guide.

I will let you decide whether this virus removal guide is worth buying, without pushing you and convincing you to buy. The decision is up to you entirely.

I hope that you will find my honesty worthy to at least go through the description of EZPC Guide.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my website.
Below you will find a more detailed description of EZPC Guide. I know you will not be disappointed.



Do you use your computer to surf the internet?
Do you use your computer to make online purchases?
Do you use your computer to send personal data over the Internet?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, than you are one of the 99% of computer users that constantly expose themselves to computer viruses, identity theft, malware and spammers.


Here is a short list of worst things that might happen if threats get past your security measures:

1. Your personal, private life might be exposed to the public.

2. Someone might be spying on you and your family.

3. Your bank information could be accessed and money could be drawn out of your accounts.

4. Someone could steal identities and use them in illegal activities.

5. A virus might erase your hard drive and everything on it: family pictures, important documents, electronic books, movies...

6. You could get scammed of money and private information by making you think you're responding to legit online requests from governmental bodies like IRS and FBI.

7. All of the above is called an INVASION OF PERSONAL LIFE.

Even if you have a decent antivirus and firewall installed, chances are that at some point you will get a virus or Trojan or other type of malware in your computer.

Even if you haven’t experienced, yet, any of the symptoms of an infected computer, do you really know what to do and how to remove threats or how to stop threats from invading your computer or even to properly configure your security program?

Nowadays there are some pretty sophisticated viruses that might not be cured or deleted by a normal computer scan.


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If you experience any of the following symptoms you should take proper “cleaning” measures immediately.

1. A slow running computer.
2. Links don’t work.
3. Blue Screens of Death - BSOD
4. Internet connection has disappeared.
5. Browser’s home page is highjacked – it redirects your pages to unknown sites.
6. Cursor moves erratically.
7. CD/DVD ROM opens and closes its tray without user’s intervention.
8. Programs start running on their own.
9. You see unexpected messages or images.
10. Computer freezes and crashes frequently.
11. You don’t have access to Computer’s Properties.
12. You can’t start Task Manager.
13. You don’t have access to any administrative tools.
14. You get a lot of system errors.
15. Windows does not start correctly.

This and many other errors usually accompany an infected computer.
It is extremely dangerous NOT to act immediately to remove the threats.
The rule says that any threat from inside can and will silently bring more viruses, more Trojans and more malware.


I have been cleaning computers for about 10 years, not long ago, I decided to create this Guide. In my experience, the main reasons that threats get into people’s computers are almost always related to the people themselves and not to the security program installed.


1. You might have an antivirus installed, but you don’t have a firewall that keeps the malware away. You need a complete solution (antivirus + firewall).

2. You might have antivirus + firewall, but your security settings are misconfigured and you still get threats slipping into your PC.

3. You might have your security settings configured correctly, but when asked, you say YES to downloads or pop-ups, or accept unsolicited emails, or ignore other types of warnings that you get from your antivirus.

4. You might strictly follow the above rules, but the threat is so new (was created recently) that security databases have not yet managed to timely identify the threat and remove it.

5. The worst one: YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE A SECURITY PROGRAM INSTALLED!!! (or, excuse my language, what you have is… worthless…;).


*Note: Threats might be dormant for a specific period of time or until a specific event triggers them and they become active.

At that point it is a lot more difficult to cure the computer and no one can tell how your personal life was affected.

If you are able to read this book on your computer, than we are not too late.
The harm is repairable and prevention is possible.
But do not wait too long, don’t wait until the “beast wakes up”.
Talking about viruses I like to use this phrase: “Let’s kill it in his sleep”.

Get EZPC: “Malware/Spyware and Virus Removal Guide” and kill those nasty viruses and Trojans in their sleep!

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A step by step guide, with screenshots, which will help you remove computer threats anytime and as many times as you want.

1. Tips and tricks that will further secure your computer and your private data.

2. Savings: A onetime purchase of this guide is about 3 times less than you would pay someone to clean the computer for you.

3. Privacy. No-one will dig in your computer other than you.

4. Guaranteed results*, providing you follow instructions exactly as described.

5. Knowledge. You will have a better understanding on why and how infections and threats enter your computer and will be able to prevent that from happening.



Here is where we get to the point when it becomes painful, frustrating and quite expensive. You have two options:

1. Call the Computer Threats Removal Service Providers, which most of the times would mean that you have to take your computer, carry it to their location and leave it there for as much time as they need to perform the cleaning. This can take from 2-3 days to weeks or more.

2. Call an independent third party that will come to your house and will perform the cleaning at your place.

Or as a smarter, affordable, faster and same results alternative, you could purchase EZPC Guide once now, use it whenever you want and for as many times as you needed it.


On June 26th, 2011(to my knowledge) there was no other book that offered what EZPC Guide offers.

EZPC offers a complete solution and a step by step guide, with screenshots, of the best procedures for virus, Trojans, malware, adware and spyware removal.

Here are the benefits of EZPC Guide against the traditional ways of dealing with computer threats (traditional ways referred to as: Others):


Others: Companies will charge you about $250/hour. An independent third party will charge you about $75/hour. It takes minimum 2 hours (for a professional) to completely “clean” a desktop computer or a laptop. And this is the cost of a one-time “cleaning”.

EZPC Guide – one time investment of $57.

Privacy and Confidentiality.

Others: They will dig in your computer!
EZPC Guide – you and only you have access to your computer.

Feeling of Security.

Others: I am not blaming or pointing at any providers of Computer Threat Removal Services or independent third parties when making this statement:
It is possible to plant a “harmless” piece of software that can be activated through internet to be used as a spy tool of the computer it was planted on!

EZPC Guide – Are you going to spy on yourself?

Timely manner.

A computer can and will malfunction at the most inconvenient time: during Holidays, at night, while traveling, when you are short of money…
Most of the times you will have to wait for days, until your PC is cured and you can be sure that no one is stealing your data, spying on you or trying to destroy your hard-drive.

Others: You depend on other people’s schedule!
EZPC Guide – you depend on YOUR schedule!


Others: Good results. Can and will take a lot of time. Expensive.

EZPC Guide – You control the time. Affordable. You get same results – because the procedures described in EZPC Guide are commonly used by professionals all over the world.



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60 Day Money Back Guarantee*



You MUST perform ALL the actions described in this Guide, EXACTLY as it is suggested or I would not be able to guarantee any results.

Or let’s put it this way: I Guarantee that you will remove any and all computer threats, if you follow my instructions exactly as described in the guide.

Given the variety of computer errors and issues, sometimes it is however possible to encounter certain errors that might not be described in the EZPC Guide. In this case all you have to do is contact me by email and I will personally assist you to overcome the error or issue.

In case that even with my help, you still get errors and are unable to successfully clean your computer, I will refund your purchase at that point. This is my personal guarantee to you, dear friend.

You can always reach me for support or refunds at this address: support [@] ezpcguide.com


Now EZPC Guide can be purchased for 47 US Dollars. 

It is offered in Universal PDF format and available for immediate download.

I do understand that it might seem a high investement for an Ebook. But I would rather sell less copies of my ebook than give it away for nothing. I personally consider that prices should be set according to the value of the product. 
I firmly belive that EZPC Guide has such a value that it will shortly exceed the $47 tag i've put on it.

I wish you good luck and good health!


Edward S.


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