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Need to be a GREAT Prospector?

How would you like a Guaranteed Method to become a Prospecting Dynamo for your MLM program? - And no, this is NOT about leads, training, or ‘we do it for you’ scams.

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What if you suddenly loved prospecting, loved getting on the phone, talking to strangers, had an attitude that was invincible and your leadership and confidence was overflowing to others?

Dear Networker

How would you like to suddenly turn your business around, so you become successful no matter what company you are with ,or even if you are with more then one?

If you know how to direct a prospect to sign up in your company, the “in’s and out’s” of your products, and are comfortable with your pay plan, yet are still unable to close a sale, recruit in quality and quantity, sound powerful and confident on the phone, well, relax, there is an answer.

There is a simple solution that will unleash your ability to have the same confidence, phone power, leadership and success that any of the top 10 distributors in your company have. Sound crazy, it’s not – it’s science.

What this is NOT:

Not a ‘recruiting system’
Not a training
Not a lead program
Not an autoresponder system
Not a mentor program
Not a ‘we recruit for you’ scam
Not a newsletter or ‘how to’ site
Not a MLM guru
Not a ‘tool’, affiliate program, marketing platform, etc
And even NOT expensive!

First, before you read any further, be honest with yourself, because if you answer YES to the following question, we can help you:

If you heard yourself doing a prospecting call, or attempting to recruit someone, or explain your business, would you find your presentation exuding confidence, success, leadership – in short would you join your business ‘under you’?

If your honest opinion is ‘YES’ then we CAN help you, and we guarantee it.

There is a reason why the top 10% of distributors can recruit, promote and lead. It’s not luck, chance, insider info, intelligence or even somebody’s ‘system’, it’s that 99% of the time these Winners already joined your program with an unbeatable attitude for success and leadership.

NOW before you think this is some sort of ‘training’ program for your attitude – let me tell you it’s 100% not.

Look, let’s be frank. If you have the suspicion, or have been told, that your voice sounds weak, or that your strength on the phone is low, or that you don’t have that same confidence that your upline leader has, that perhaps you are secretly afraid to speak to people – strangers or warm market – about your program, you do need a mental edge.

But you don’t need another training! You don’t need to go to a coach, or mentor, or just go to one more expensive ‘special course’.

What if we could change your attitude and confidence level, your prospecting, your sales and closing abilities, all while you go about your normal life?

What if there was a way for you to quickly sound, act, prospect and make sales like the top 10% of the Professional Insurance Agents do? And what if you could do it right away, quickly, and for such a low cost that you could not pass up this guaranteed offer?


Take 2 minutes to change your life and read this important information.

To be a successful Networker means being in the ‘ Success Zone’ – traits like:

LOVING to prospect – just plain old LOVING to prospect!
Not caring about ‘No’s or rejection and moving on quickly
Quickly detecting if suspects are prospects or just tire kickers
Success in Changing Markets and Economies
Loving to talk to people and phone prospecting Effective and Productive Prospecting
Creating Referrals Being a great Closer!
Being in Mental Top shape to deal with Prospecting

Having your brain Tuned up for Practical Prospecting and Lead Generation
Total brain optimization for recognition of buying signals.

Would you like to find a way to move directly into ‘Success Zone’ too?

The ‘Zone’, that Winning Mindset, that special Network’s Edge, where your subconscious takes over and acts faster than you can act, seizes control over the conversation, the prospecting, has all the answers, knows what to say, how to deal with objections like they were nothing, closing your prospects, and negotiating the sale or the referral. It’s all inside you if you want to unleash it.

Want proof?

Have you ever met or listened to trainers explain their stuff? Most of the time, you come away feeling like, ‘that’s not really anything I’ve not thought for myself or heard before’. In fact, after you ‘learned’ the basics the only REAL difference between you a successful networker is the time or experience that they have.

But what happens over time?

Like any thing you do, eventually you can learn it so well, that it is now instinctual, you can do it without consciously thinking. That is the key. All of the top Networks either had their brain adjusted BY the MLM or before they even started. But once their mindset was perfect, their commissions and success caught fire!

Remember the last time you drove home from the office and you got out of your car, and could not even remember details of the drive home? That is because your subconscious mind was able to perform most of the actions for you. Perhaps you were deep in thought, or talking on the phone, but you were trusting your subconscious mind to take you safely home, and it did.

Simple, yet POWERFUL – some people can’t drive a car with ALL their attention – yet you could and not even remember the trip home! That means you can let your subconscious take over once you’ve programmed it.


This is the Zen edge that the Master Networks have, sometimes they don’t even know it, sometimes they think it’s some secret system or talent that only they have, but it’s not. It’s just that they now perform in the Success Zone, that mental state of consciousness where the subconscious has taken charge.

For a Master Networker performing in the Zone, their subconscious mind sees the subtle but clear signals that a prospect radiates, even over the phone, and these Network professionals working in the Zone quickly know if they have a time-waster or a real solid prospect. Their subconscious quickly recalls similar situations – patterns, and provides them with the answers to questions, remembers follow-up phrases, and moves in for a close without feeling anything but good about the whole process. They sound and are confident.

You can achieve this same confident mindset – you can move into the ‘Master Networker Success Zone’ too and you can do it quickly, without all the time it takes for trainings, practice, and mentorship – and we guarantee it. You see, you have heard all the phrases before, you have taken the trainings, your subconscious has the answers, it’s all in you already – all that needs to be done is to unleash it from within you so it works in real-time, and that’s our guarantee.

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘oh, I should have said this or that’? You KNOW the answers, you know the training, you just need your brain’s powerful subconscious to take over and provide you with the answers in REAL time when you need it, not after you lost your prospect or the sale.

How can you speed up the process and get into the Success Zone now?

How can you make use of your lighting fast subconscious mind and use its powerful pattern recognizing ‘software’ to take-over the prospecting strategies, tactics, objection handling, and to love speaking to people on phone?

How do you tap into what you already know?

What would it be worth to you to suddenly turn your Business around, so you become as successful as the best in your company ?

Introducing the amazing state-of-the-art Network Mind Training Subliminal system.

If you have been in the MLM long enough to know your business, your area, and have attending all the trainings, and know ‘how to do it’, etc.; you already know how to succeed right now. Prospecting, referral-getting, and sales opportunities are being presented to you on a daily basis. It’s just that you don’t act. You are either not connecting with what is right in front of you, or hesitant to pick up the phone, or ‘smile and dial’ or enjoy rushing out to prospect and close business.

You see, once you start getting too many ‘no’s’, you begin to hate prospecting or closing – so, if the problem is in your head, we can fix that for you. We guarantee it!

That’s where the Network Mind Training program takes over for you.

It will eliminate from your mind all the negative experiences of the past, the years of hearing ‘NO’, or your perception that ‘no one wants’ to invest now, that you can’t make a sale, etc. This program will prevent these feelings from getting in your way, and in turn, it will change your attitude into those who in the Success Zone have:

LOVE to prospect and get new clients, Enhance and magnify all your knowledge and training so you can call on that knowledge in real time, not after your prospect has hung up or driven off, See patterns from the past so you can anticipate and know prospects from tire kickers and move them through your sales presentation with ease, Cut the time wasters quickly – you will be the one saying ‘NO’ to them, Display total confidence and exude power and leadership so much that no one will ask you ‘how successful are you?’ – your voice and inflections will present such success that prospects will assume you are a top Agesnt and want to give you their business and referrals, Be at peace with the whole prospecting process, not afraid of it, but instead look forward to it; you will become a prospecting and closing dynamo
This special Audio download is a unique mutli-track MP3 program that you listen to.  It will train your brain to operate in the ‘Agents Success Zone’, allowing you to prospect and close business just like the pros.

Just sit back and listen; on your computer, your Ipod, Ipad or other MP3 player, or even on a CD player if you like.  The more you listen, the more powerful and effective you will become.


How does it work?

Through a scientific technique called Brain Entrainment and Subliminal Affirmation Self Hypnosis.

While you sit back and listen to your Network Mind Training Subliminal tracks, this powerful program uses specific, positive commands sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, commanding it into becoming a powerful pattern recognizing ‘Mindware’, to take-over the prospecting and sales tactics, objection handling, and create a love of sales and closing.

These messages are played just under the threshold of hearing – in other words ‘subliminally’ – your conscious mind – you – won’t hear them – but your subconscious mind will.

Subliminal Affirmations are specific, positive commands to shape your subconscious into  a Zen-like Master  Prospecting and Sales dynamo.  These commands are sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, thus avoiding the ‘gatekeeper’ i.e. your conscious mind.  You see, if you were to say to yourself, “I am totally successful getting new clients, handling objections and closing sales” that would be rejected by the conscious mind, because right now, you really don’t believe it – making you indecisive and confused – and your prospect feels that – and thus your prospect’s subconscious mind rejects you and your products.

Subliminal Affirmations work better, faster and more effectively than using ‘Will Power’, or the conscious mind, or even reading positive affirmations aloud to yourself. And this program is cheaper then attending ‘the next BIG training!

What do I get?

Your program comes with 6 different tracks, each with your powerfully designed Network Success Zone inducing affirmations.  One of the tracks is silent, allowing you to listen to these affirmations in any background– when you don’t want binaural beats or other music or sounds, like in the office using speakers.  The other tracks are the same affirmations, once again, you will not hear them aloud, instead, you will only hear different music or background sounds, use these with headphones.  Don’t worry, you’ll have full instructions and FAQs, but we don’t expect you’ll need any help, it’s pretty straight forward.

Track 1 :A Powerful Binaural beat that puts you into a Zen like state Track 2 : A relaxing Ocean background Track 3 : A Tranquil music background Track 4 : A Thunder shower rain background Track 5 : A Country Picnic background Track 6 : A Silent track to play anytime, anywhere


What Affirmations are actually on the Subliminal I’ll be listening to?

Be our guest and listen here:

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Your subconscious mind will hear these affirmations many 1000’s upon 1000’s of times due to multi-tracking repetition built-in to your Mindware program.  It’s easy to see why it works; life-changing affirmations repeated over and over and over again, in an almost simultaneous fashion, penetrating to your subconscious mind.  You could never repeat this many affirmation to yourself in the same amount of time.  This one track alone is repeated 1000’s of times as you use your Mindware program.  It’s Powerful!


Remember, when you engage and use your Mindware program, you won’t hear these actual words when you listen at home, you’ll only hear the background sounds or even nothing if you listen to the silent track, so that your subconscious mind picks up these affirmations directly without your ‘gate-keeping’ conscious mind ‘wondering’ about them.

You see, your subconscious mind believes what it ‘hears’ – but our conscious mind ‘wonders, doubts, disagrees’ etc.  That’s why it’s so hard to find success through the application of saying affirmations out-loud to ourselves.  Repeating them out-loud will work, but you must firmly believed in them without any doubt, and that’s not always easy.  That’s the wonderful advantage of subliminal affirmations, you go about your daily business, or even sleep, and your subconscious is picking them up and acting on these affirmations – believing in them, and changing you and your attitude to make a new you.

Your Mindware program makes getting success faster and easier, and you can do it without even stopping doing what you would be doing anyway.  Just slip on you headphones or whatever method you desire to listen to your Mindware program.

Your Bonus download programs can be placed into iTunes or any music player

Listen to any and all of these tracks – the affirmations are all the same – repetition is key – that’s why you get so many different tracks, so you can enjoy the variety.  And as a special bonus you will receive a binaural track which is much more powerful than the others, (except that you cannot listen to it when driving or operating heavy machinery).  Don’t worry, full directions and a complete FAQ is provided with each order – nothing is left to chance.

Don’t waste another minute or another dollar staring at the phone, feeling bad about yourself, or taking ‘another training’. You already have the knowledge within you – the Network Mind Training program just unleashes it! It works, and is fully backed and guaranteed, so there is no risk to try it out.

If you are NOT making money in your Network, while others are, you can’t afford NOT to use the Network Mind Training program!

Download Today And We’ll Also Give You 7 Valuable Bonuses

100% FREE!  Value Over $200

How would you like to have 7 additional reasons to get your hands on your Network Mind training download right now?  A total value of over $200 – truly a powerful combination of Subliminal programs to make you into a top performing Sales Pro – take a look and you’ll want to take advantage of this offer while it still lasts.
Look, if you are in sales, you know there are many OTHER factors that make up the full success package. While most is Attitude, and the perfect Zen-like state that you can have with the Network training Mindware program, there are a few other areas that are important too.  And we’ll help your decision to purchase our product by offering you these bonuses if you make your purchase right now, and they are:


Manifesting Abundance

Retail Value $29.95

You’re in business to make money AND keep it. Sometimes money comes in and it flows out again – with this very important Subliminal download you’ll change your attitude toward money so you attract it – and not repel it.  You need Manifesting Abundance especially in your profession where you could earn as much as decide.

Creating an Amazing Memory

Retail value $29.95

Clearly in sales or other professions having a first class memory is important, this Subliminal download directs the brain to increase and strengthen your memory.  Great for remembering names, faces, details, address, etc.  This Subliminal is also good for non sales people, so feel free to share with a spouse or other family member.

Become a Superior Public Speaker

Retail Value $29.95

Don’t think just because you’re in sales that you will never be a speaker, getting out there and known, speaking to groups, meetings, or even 2 or 3 people at a time is public speaking, and once you start making money, you’ll find yourself in front of more and more people.  Even if you don’t see the need for this right now, keep it, it will come in handy, just wait and see!

End Insomnia and Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Retail Value $29.95

We’re including this now, because if you need help in your sales profession, you may need the value of a good sleep.

Worry, or even excitement is a sleep thief – this will reverse those sleepless nights and allow you to perform at peak perfection all day, feel rested and ready for action!  Works for anyone, not just for sales people.

Become a Master Goal Setter

Retail Value $29.95

You have heard about Goal setting all your sales career – but how few actually do it?  No matter what level of a goal setter you are – from not at all, to reluctant, to pretty good – this Subliminal Download will turn you into a Master Goal Setter.

It works, and you need to set HIGH goals if you’re going to become successful!  Consider it done!

Build a Powerful Personal Image

Retail Value $29.95

You’re in the people business, whether or not you’re face to face or primarily on the phone, your personal image comes across – and you can’t afford to have a less then powerful and successful persona.  Here is your Powerful Personal Image Subliminal Download – It works on you to develop those traits of instant charisma.  Works for anyone, not just for sales people.

Radiate Health and Vitality

Retail Value $29.95

Now consider your health.  This very important Subliminal will motivate you to make healthy choices in food and lifestyle, so you are not only healthy, but LOOK that way too.  Very important for those on the road, or who site in their chair all day!  People want to do business with someone who radiates health, it’s part of the attraction factor, and we have you covered here.  Once again, this Subliminal is not just for sales people.


That’s right: Invest in your Network Mind Training to achieve your Goals and take advantage of this limited offer of 7 additional important life changing Subliminal programs!  Use yourself AND offer to your family.

P.S. Remember – you have invested thousands of dollars in time and training to get where you are now.  Don’t sell yourself short and miss this powerful tool.  Subliminal training is used by the US Forces, scientists and training experts to speed up the process of pattern recognition so users can use their learning in ‘real time’ – right away when they need it.  The cost for this program is a small price to pay for the benefits of getting paid for all the time and effort you have put into your chosen career – it’s time for you to get to the top!  And with your 60 Day money back guarantee, you can’t lose.  Act now and invest in your future!  You’ll see the difference in your bank account!




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