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Osteoarthritis is caused by 'wear and tear' on a joint and is sadly not cureable, but sertainly treatable!

Most people that encounter Osteoarthritis are forced to live a life with pain and discomfort. Very few know that many things can be done to overcome the daily pain and struggles. Angela has written up a helpful book on the subject, analyzing the Osteoarthritis disorder and giving great advise on how to better understand and thereby better treat this disorder for a better livelyhood.

The Why

Angela will explain how and why Osteoarthritis appears and who is at risk.

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Get The Facts

OA cannot be cured, but Angela will provide you with suggestions for the best treatments in her book.

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About Angela

Angela is also a victim of Osteoarthritis but overcame the pains and now she offers help to others with the same problems.

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