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The Complete Business 'How To'
Course in 3 Easy Steps

Over 1000 pages, packed with essential advice on every situation you will ever encounter in business. [Download now](http://businesseguides.com/shop-online), one or more of the following to start building your own highly profitable business :

eGuides, 1.,2.,3. about Stages; Start & Grow, Run or Promote Your Business & 4. Templates, or
eGuide 5. for the Complete Course, i.e., all 3 eGuides plus Templates (19 modules plus 4 templates)
For typical Module detail – see bottom of page. 19 Modules, packed with practical know how, completely covering title content. See [eGuides](http://businesseguides.com/eguides) and [Templates](http://businesseguides.com/templates) for summaries of all Modules
Products are PDF format, read by software, such as Adobe Acrobat, etc.
Once payment is accepted, products may be downloaded from our 'Thank You' page in a few seconds
Should you have difficulties, please email us at [contact@businesseguides.com](mailto:contact@businesseguides.com) or via ['Contact Us'](http://businesseguides.co.uk/contact-us)

1. Start & Grow Your Business
1.1 Start (& Succeed) in your Own Business
1.2 Grow Business with Minimum Stress
1.3 Profit from Innovative Technology
1.4 Capitalise on Emerging Technology
1.5 Find Partners & Source Funding
1.6 Turn a Business into a Franchise Chain
1.7 Penetrate the N. American Market
eGuide 1.
Price for
7 modules $49
2. Run Your Business
2.1 Write Your Own Business Plan
2.2 Improve Business Writing
2.3 Deliver an Effective Presentation
2.4 Optimise Small Group Meetings
2.5 Find, Appoint & Motivate Staff
2.6 Avoid Tax Problems in Your Business
2.7 Build a Crisis Management Team
eGuide 2.
Price for
7 modules $49

3. Promote Your Business
3.1 Media Publicity for Your Business
3.2 Build Business with Advertising
3.3 Get the Best Results from 'Creatives'
3.4 Digital Products for Internet Marketing
3.5 Grow Business with Active Networking
eGuide 3. Total
Price for
5 modules $49

4. Agreement Templates
4.1 Confidentiality Agreement (Employee)
4.2 Confidentiality Agreement (Contractor)
4.3 Confidentiality Agreement (Company)
4.4 Export Distributor Agreement
Template 4.
Price for
4 modules $28

5. Complete Course consisting of 1., 2., 3. & 4 above (19 modules + 4 templates)
5.1 Start & Grow Your Business (7 modules)
5.2 Run Your Business (7 modules)
5.3 Promote Your Business (5 modules)
5.4 Agreement Templates (4 templates)

eGuide 5.
Total Price for 19 modules, 4 Templates
 Typical Module Summary
[How to Turn a Business Idea into a Successful Franchise Chain!:   ](http://businesseguides.com/?page_id=129)
After years of very impressive expansion world-wide, the franchise industry continues to grow apace and today accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars’ turnover annually. So, what is the attraction of this business model?  Quite simply it is the lure of this promise: as a franchisee you are able to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself!  
Chapters: The Continuing Success Story!; What is a Franchise Business?; Is YOUR Business Franchisable?; Is Franchise Your Only Option?; How You Generate Income; What it Takes to be a Franchisor; What the Franchisee Looks For; The Ideal Franchisee to Look For; Essential Ingredients; Your First Steps; Who Can Help You?; The Franchisee Kit; The Pre-Launch Test Run; Marketing Your Franchise; The Induction Process; Creating a Franchise Family; Becoming a Great Franchisor!; Growth Factors; Useful Resources

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