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Dear Future Empires Dominator,

We've all been there, we've seen the ruined villages we start with, we've seen how long it takes to get your first bunch of proper units, we've seen too many of them die against much stronger units too, we've seen how being without enough resources to build whatever the heck you want feels, and we've all been waiting for that next drop of energy to enter your energy bar. NO MORE!

Wouldn't you give a lot to avoid this and be able to build every building or unit you can without having to worry about your current resources?

Wouldn't You...

Love to be able to expand over four additional islands so you can create order in your current chaos?

Enjoy the attention you get from friends and neighbors when they see how you are truly dominating the game?

Love lining up a dozen Abrams Tanks or Mechanized Soldiers without even having to look at your resources?

Love to be able to always invade others with Apaches and Harrier Fighters, without having to worry about losing some and at the same time giving others a hard time to repel your invasions?

Today will be the day that you will start understanding how to accomplish this. You might wonder how…

Listen Up And Find The Answer!

As with any game, there are certain strategies that only a select group of people know. On top of this there are tips and tricks that can better your playing experience even more.

Wouldn't it be great if somebody would pack all these tips & tricks in an informative guide so you don't have to bother playing 6 hours a day while still not being much more than an average player? Well I did and with it...

You Can Become More Than Average; Become The Next Guy That DOMINATES Empires & Allies With The Help Of My Domination Guide!

But ... Don't just take my word for it though. I've received plenty of nice feedback from people like you that used my guide and here's what they had to say about it:

  "I am DOMINATING the Game With Your Help!"
Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a message and let you know that I really found your guide to be very useful. The tips that you offer throughout the guide have helped me a lot and I'm sure those tips are what is giving me the edge over my friends that also play the game.

[](http://www.eadominationguide.com/images/id011full.png) ( Click on the screenshot above to view actual full size image )
Most of my friends actually started playing before I did but I've caught up with them with ease and now I'm level 32 and the best thing is that my avatar is now located on the most right side of the neighbor bar! I'm dominating the game with your help!

Melissa Nolan
  "I am WELL OVER 400.000 COINS PER DAY at level 38!"
Hello There,

I was already playing Empires & Allies for some time when I started to realize how expensive it is to continuously expand my empire and continue to make buildings and units. When I bought this guide I was already looking up against buying expansions of over 150.000 coins.

With the help of your guide I'm now earning over 400.000 coins per day at level 38 so this really isn't a problem for me anymore and I'm building all the tier 3 buildings and units I want as well. There are certain tips in your guide that really helped me optimize my game time since I actually don't have that much time to play games being out of house for fun most of the day. Before I bought your guide my town looked pretty horrible as well, it was a mess. Now I turned my town into a well organized fancy looking town.

Jeremy Milton

Around 99% of the people out there wouldn't be able to know at least some of the tips that can be found in my guide while YOU will experience a whole new playing experience knowing what I know about Empires & Allies.

Most people randomly build things, don't know how to add hundreds of neighbors overnight, which will help your empire grow exponentially, they don't know how to obtain the most coins and I'm certain that 99% of the players aren't aware of at least 90% of the tips that I'm giving in my Domination Guide.

Become level 20 Within Only 48 Hours

Level Up To Level 50 Within 10 Days

Locate Hundreds of Potential Neighbors Within 10 Minutes And Have As Many Within Hours

Have An Endless Supply Of Resources

Build All The Buildings You Want

Constantly Invade Your Neighbors And Pillage Their Towns

Expand Your City Rapidly On Multiple Islands

And Loads More!

... And this all in the shortest time possible. Yes, with a minimum of time spent per day you can be more productive than any of your neighbors whom most likely spend all day figuring out the game, slowly leveling up one or two levels a day. For you THIS TRAGEDY can end NOW!

My guide offers you all the information you need to grow with lightning speed. It's summer, don't spend too much of your precious time playing Empires & Allies; be able to do more than playing Empires & Allies during a day with the help of my Domination guide.

In order to give you the full benefits of this guide it wouldn't be fair to just sell this guide to anyone and everyone. I don't want everybody to become aware of the very valuable information my guide has to offer so I've decided to only sell 450 250 44 guides and that's it. In addition, I'm also asking you to not spread the word about all the valuable information you have found in this guide once you've purchased it. Like this both you and me can remain to be part of a unique group of players that dominate Empires & Allies with all the benefits that come with it.

I'm giving you the opportunity to benefit from hundreds of hours of playtime experience. Since I have leveled up several accounts and have gained a full understanding of the game, you can learn a lot from the guide I'm offering even if you're already an advanced player.

100% No-Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee  

In order to show you how convinced I am of this guide, I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

You will have no obligations at all. Just read the guide and apply what you learn from it. Keep doing this for up to 60 days, and then if you feel this guide is not for you, for whatever reason, I will send back all your money!

I will NOT keep any single cent of your money!

I will NOT even ask you why!

See how it feels like to be envied by all your friends, have people begging you to reveal your secrets and of course enjoy the game to the fullest without wondering when you can activate your immunity to stop invaders. Once you use my guide you will not even need your immunity any longer, people will be so impressed with your town and units that they'd be stupid to attack you!

I am not going to keep this offer forever. I am giving you the chance now to grab it. Skip it, Lose it!

YES! Let me in, Mark!

I need to secure my copy of your Empires and Allies Domination Guide now. I know it is my lucky chance, and I don't wanna leave it.

I fully understand that:
Your order will be processed and delivered with Clickbank secure payment and delivery servers.

This is a totally 100% risk free deal. But I will add more!


Use my Domination Trilogy to rise to the top in Empires & Allies. Spend only a minimum amount of time in the game while quickly expanding your reign. Buy whatever you feel like without worrying about your resources and never worry about a lack of energy again!

Within a couple of hours after reading my guide you will already be able to notice how you're new skills and knowledge have an effect on your empire. In a few days you'll be on top of the game invading everybody with the most expensive units, expanding towards all islands and building as many buildings and decoration as you want.

There's no reason to wait. In fact, the faster you act the more time you will save, and the last time I checked time is worth money. Save hundreds of hours of playtime and spend those elsewhere. Act now. Remember the money back guarantee, give my guides a shot and start exploring your options in Empires & Allies to its fullest.

Enjoy Being The Next Dominator,

Mark Moore

P.S: I'm only selling a limited amount of these guides and I might even take it of my site once I've reached my cap.

P.S.S: With 40 million people playing Empires & Allies two weeks after its release you really do have a chance to stand out from the crowd and WOW all your friends just like everybody else that bought my guide did.

P.S.S.S: Keep in mind that all the information, tips & tricks that are offered in my guides are legit and legal. Buying or using my guides won't ever get your account banned or closed.

[Yes Mike, Give Me Access to the Member's Area Now!](http://www.eadominationguide.com/pom/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)

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