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Faced with bringing your business online?

Continue reading to see how you can save $1000's in the process


You simply cannot ignore the effect the internet has had on businesses. From the big box stores to the locally owned business down the street. You have seen how the internet has been used to build brands and drive sales to both big and small businesses.

Your business is no exception?

We see it every day on TV. Businesses using television to drive customers to their websites. People are able to browse through the "store" online, after hours, and even make purchases without setting foot into the store front.

This has leveled the playing field for local businesses because they are now able to compete online against the big box stores. When customers shop online they don't care who they are buying from, only that they are able to get the goods and services they need at the right price.

Of course you already know this

I haven't talked to one business owner in the past year who hasn't agreed that they need to have their business online. Not One!

It doesn't take a marketing degree to understand that the internet is good for business. Both big and small.

However, the smaller the business the larger the barriers

The biggest barrier for almost every business owner is how to bring their business online and start competing in a digital environment.

Although almost every business owner knows they need to be online not many know the process for actually getting their business there. This is where the web design firms come in to the process.

Generally the only option that any business owner has is to hire out this critical part of their business to a firm that specializes in website design, search engine optimizing, marketing, social media, etc.

They put this critically important aspect of their company in the hands of someone who doesn't know the first thing about their business. A firm that usually knows nothing about the specific needs and wants of your customers.

You have spent a huge part of your efforts developing a relationship with your customers and getting to know their needs

It really makes no sense to turn this entire process over to a firm where your company is just one of many.

Now, don't get me wrong. Web design firms are great and absolutely have their place in this process. However they should not have their hands in the entire process.

Do you know the average cost to have a simple website made?

Here are a couple of screen shots from web design firms showing the
costs to make a basic website.

Basic 8 Page website with a contact form, logo and 5 images starts at $1500

This basic 8 page wordpress site is estimates at between $1045 and $1786 which averages to about $95 per hour.

Above are the average rates you can expect to pay for the creation of your
business website and other services.

Is it starting to make more sense why you need to know how this process works? With rates like this you can easily do much of the work within your own business and cut out a big portion of these costs


These costs listed above are only for a basic website.

They do not include:
Keyword Research Search Engine Optimization Content Creation Shopping Cart Facebook Page Twitter Account Google Places Page Monthly Updates and Maintenance
All are critical to building a strong presence online.

You could easily spend an additional $3000 or $4000 PLUS a $1000 a month, EVERY MONTH just to keep everything working properly and ranking well on the search engines.

In Fact, some firms are charging $600 a month per search term for search engine optimizing. Every month. How many products do you have?

There is simply no need to spend this kind of money on getting your business online when much of this work is simple enough that you can do it yourself or have someone within your business do it for you.


This is why I created this video course

Introducing the Business Owners Guide to Going Online

After 8 years of building complete online businesses I have discovered that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can do a lot of what it takes to get online.

This is a repeatable process that has now been broken down into its individual parts and presented here with easy to follow, how-to videos.

This is what you can expect from the Business Owners Guide to Going Online

The Basics of Being Online - It is important to know why you need to be online and how you can achieve this. This section covers the importance of having a business website and why it is so important to have it properly developed.
Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization - It is important to know how your customers search for the products and services that you offer online. Finding the right keywords to target your site towards can literally drive thousands of free targeted visitors to your business every month. Website Basics - The basic set up for any website starts with having a domain name registered and hosting set up. This section makes it simple to do this and save a ton of money. Guide to Using Wordpress - Wordpress is the most popular website design platform. Creating your website using wordpress makes smart business sense. Mobile Website Design - It is estimates that about 20% of the visits to a typical website are made from mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberry's. Create a version of your website that is compatible with these devices so you aren't excluding one in five visitors. Facebook - Videos will cover why Facebook is so critical to any business. Plus, how to create Facebook pages that will make people want to Like them. Twitter - Much like Facebook, Twitter will allow you to build a relationship with your targeted customers and prove yourself as a leader in your industry. Using Google Tools - Google is a major powerhouse when doing business online. From the free traffic generated by the search results to the wide array of tools they offer to allow you to make the most from your online business you cannot ignore Google when developing your business website. Outsourcing - Places where you can hire professional at a greatly reduced price for all the work you simple don't have time for. Resources - Knowing where to go for the right information and tools is a huge time saver and this resource section will save you from having to find everything on your own.

This complete video course contains over 4.5 hours of video tutorials that walk you through the entire process of getting your business online.

It will show you what you everything so you can be educated for what you need to do. This gives you an advantage so if you need to hire out some of the work you are able to direct the designer to exactly what needs to be done.

This alone can save you $100's or $1000's of dollars.

Plus, since you are the expert in your business you are able to direct the work so it matches the type of customers you have. No design firm can be an expert at your business.

Many business owners think this is too difficult for them to do on their own

This is simply not true!

In my circle of online friends there are countless stories about beginners just like you making their websites, getting them ranked in the search engines and finally building an income from them.

Some of these stories are about people as young at 14 or 15.

This certainly isn't rocket science

In fact, many business owners use this course to train people within their business. People who are already blogging or using Facebook and Twitter. They train them to start using all these services to help build their brand online.

You can pay them as an employee at $18 to $24 per hour and still save over half of what the big design firms charge. Plus, imagine how pleased those employees will be to have a cool new job that pays this well.

It comes down to this...

With the proper training and direction the average person can learn 90% of what it takes to build your business online. If there are certain tasks that are too difficult use the outsourcing section of the course to hire that specific task out.

Here is another way to look at this course.

Even if you have your entire business set up online and operating smoothly what do you get charged for monthly up keep? Or to have changes and updates made to your site?

The average cost is over $100 to edit or update a webpage. How many times a year do you make these changes? Training your own person to do this for you will cover the cost of this training course in under 3 months.

This entire course was created to give you the power over your business online.

There are so many ways to save money by doing this work in-house and this course is set up to do just that. The ongoing costs charged by many website design companies are huge.

I have had clients come to me after being charged over $1500 a month by the company they were with.

The sad truth is some design companies charge a surplus on almost every part of web design.
Examples: Doing the Work In-House Hiring a Design Firm Registering a domain: should cost under $10/yr Up to $20 ------
Hosting Should cost about $20 per month Up to $60 ------
Keyword research You can do yourself in a day or two Can be $1000's ------
Search engine optimization $20 per hour for 15 hours a month ($300) for many search terms Some charge over $600 a month per search term ------
Twitter Set Up Should take no more than 2 or 3 hours at $20 per hour Some charge up to $500 ------
Facebook Page Creation Should take about 3 hours at $20 per hour Some charge $750 ------
Google Places Page Again, about 3 to 4 hours at $20 per hour Some charge over $900
As you can see there is a lot of money to save by knowing how to do this on your own. Infact many business owners have covered the cost of this course simply by having an employee do just one of the tasks taught in this course.

Besides you really have no risk

As an online marketer and web designer I know that the number one issue people have with buying online is trust. I have also been a victim of an online scam so I know just how it feels to have someone cheat me.


I am so confident that you will get far more value from this course then what you pay that I am willing to provide you with a 100% no risk guarantee.

If after 60 days you are not confident that you will save double what you paid for this course I will give you all your money back. No Questions Asked.



PS: Remember that you can do much if not all of the work involved in brining your business online. Everyday people just like you are doing this and you can do it too.

PSS: You have no risk. You can go through the enitre course and after 60 days you don't feel you can save double what you have paid you can get a full refund

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