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Flush out the rubbish, clean up the mess, sweep up the dirt and you will feel and look a picture of health and aliveness!
Detoxing for weight loss, improved health, anti aging and increased energy is on everyone’s mind.

Detoxing congers up many mixed feelings and emotions:

Is it safe?

Is it really necessary?

Don’t want to go hungry.

Too hard.

I’m too busy. 

These are very valid reasons for putting detoxing on hold

‘for another time’ or

‘when I can find out more about it’ or

‘haven’t got a clue where to start’.

The Real Motivation in Detoxing is:

We are becoming more drawn to the idea of detoxing as we are ‘feeling’ beings and we want more out of life than what we are getting.  

We want to ‘feel’ good.  Every single person on this planet desires to feel good.

 In order to ‘feel’ good we need to eliminate what is making us ‘feel’ bad.

Of course there are many aspects to this feeling bad but one of the most powerful things we can do is clean out our body as those toxins and
poisons can play havoc to our health and contribute in a big way to us feeling bad.
But there’s a more hidden cause that explains the interest in detoxing.

Why?  Why is there this desire now to ‘clean’ on the inside?

It’s as though there is a silent cry or even an internal screaming coming from deep within where the true authentic self lies.
The true self is wanting to emerge and to show itself to the world. 
When an animal such as a lion is taken from its natural environment, it fails to thrive. 

So too with humans, when our environment is less than ideal, whether it is within the body or outside the body, we too fail to thrive, we too lose our authenticity along the way.

No matter what detox book or program you read or hear about, they all have the same goal – to get the toxins and poisons out of your body! 

Our body’s internal intelligence system is calling for us to make changes and is communicating to us through what appears to be happening on the outside. 

Have you thought or do you hear yourself saying:

“I feel fat”

“Everything is a huge effort”

“My health is not great”

“I feel sluggish”

“Can’t think straight”

"I have no energy”


“Life is a struggle”

“I’m tired all the time”

“I feel like crap”

“I feel so stressed”

‘How to Detox Without Starving Yourself’ will address all the above issues while keeping it simple.


$24.65 AUD

Risk Free - 60 day money back guarantee

These concerns can all be corrected by simply detoxing of unwanted toxins that have no place in the body

These are merely symptoms of what's going on inside your body. 

It's how your cells are communicating to you.
The avalanche of toxins that are invading the body are preventing your innate desire to feel joy and bliss that you know deep down is how you were meant to be. 

Something has gone haywire, and terribly unbalanced and you feel it, you KNOW it!

And here’s something else that goes unnoticed. 

Because we are all becoming more aware that we are energy and light beings clothed in authenticity and harmony, somehow we know that the ‘self’ has got lost amongst the madness of toxins and poisons that are invading the body.  And while we can at times have a glimpse of the 'self' (which enemates as joy, love and bliss) it becomes hidden through sickness, disease , confused minds and foggy brain.

Why Many Detox Programs Fail

There are now hundreds of books and programs that recommend the latest and greatest ultimate detox diets. 

This is just the beginning! 

The more aware we are becoming of the daily assault of hundreds of toxins we are being subjected to from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, household chemicals, medication and pesticides the more detox  books and detox diets we will see.

These diets are all different in some way and many are highly effective and have their merits but whether they are 2, 3, 5,7 or 14 day programs, they are still ‘diets’. 

And what have we heard about diets? 

Diets fail most of the time. 

The literal meaning of the word ‘diet’ is ‘dying to eat!’

Yes sure you may know or heard of someone who religiously stuck to the diet and lost weight or detoxed successfully and that’s great!

But if you are trying to tackle many other things in your life at the same time, it often becomes just another chore you have to keep track of.

Risk Free - 60 day money back guarantee

Simplicity is the key to detoxing.  

You’ve heard that if you want to achieve something you will do it no matter what else is happening in your life and that is so true. 

But why make it harder than it needs to be? 

What if you could just introduce some simple strategies or perhaps one simple idea once a week that will bring you closer to detoxification? 

And the truth is many detox programs can be difficult to sustain while you are holding down a job as well (especially if it is your very first detox program). 

Many people have reported to me that even on the first day of a detox program they felt so weak and ill they couldn’t even get through the day!

So if you don’t have the means to take a rest if you feel you need to then you are less likely to stick to it.

So the good news is if you don’t have that luxury to participate in a detox program right now by going on a holiday to a lovely remote place that is basked in nature, there are many things one can do to detox the body beginning right now! 

Hence the reason for this book, “How to Detox Without Starving Yourself”
This book was a result of years of research and sourcing the very best and quality information to achieve superior results.  You will not see vitamin pills as solutions to detoxing, only authentic foods and strategies that nature has provided for us.  As a result of such research, many people have already benefited from this information and continue to refer to it as their 'bible' in health and longevity.  


Read your book...what a great read.  It was easy to read and understand and wow I've learnt so much. There is so much info I now have to help me with my fast.  As you say "you put it out there and the universe sends what you need'.  I have been planning this holiday to fast since the beginning of the year and now I have much needed info that will help me have a more successful fast.

 I found the information you provided easy to understand and the helpful links is a great idea.  It was good that you didn't go into grand details but kept it to the point, as I find sometimes people tend to get into the nitty gritty too much and you get lost and/or confused about the intent.  I will be digesting it intensely this information over my holiday as it now forms the basis of all that I will do during my fast.

 Julianne A. – Brisbane, Australia

You would expect to pay $$$ hundreds of dollars for this information that took years to bring together.

Detoxing can help:
Overcome cravings for junk foods and sugar (generates desire for healthy foods) Re-capture youthful and playfulness that’s been lost for some time (have fun naturally) Burn fat while toning muscle (yes, detoxing and fasting tones muscle!) Slash years off your appearance (grow younger everyday) Increase Energy ('feel' like a kid again) Juice up your Life (enjoy the simple things in life) Improve skin tone and even soften wrinkles  Stimulate libido Generate vitality that shows and glows Ignite passion for life  Defuse negative emotions that has been holding us back Feelings of calm and harmony (anxiety and angry feelings become a thing of the past as you live more from the heart)
All of the above are achievable! 

And you can start straight away.  

The great thing is, you will have all this information downloaded immediately.

Risk Free - 60 day money back guarantee

Only $24.65 AUD

"Kathy's book "How to Detox Without Starving Yourself" changed my life! My skin is glowing, my nails are strong and growing for the first time in my life, I no longer have health issues like I used to! I can't wait for the next book. Keep up the great work Kathy!"
Chris H. – Melbourne, Australia

As an avid detoxer myself I spent hundreds of hours seeking answers to my own debilitating health problems.  I was on a quest and will be forever more as many people come to me seeking alternative solutions  to medication and the affects of toxins in their body. 

My doctors didn’t have a clue how to deal with my constant pain and suffering other than issuing me with harmful drugs that caused more problems. 

But I am thankful now as it mobilized me to discover powerful foods that intensify detoxification of toxins and heavy metals out of the body which was largely the cause of my health issues.

As I am a qualified counsellor and energy therapist,  I also identified that since we are energy beings that toxins cause our energy systems to become affected and distorted while stifiling the “free flow”. 

There are quick easy to follow techniques you can follow that will transform your energy systems to flowing in bliss and take you to a new level, stepping up several notches in health and vitality!

In fact, if you put aside 5 minutes a day to do these techniques, you can help move hundreds of toxins from several organs in your body daily!

If you don’t want to buy my book here’s something for FREE that I highly recommend you do straight away to assist in the detoxification of toxins.

When someone has concerns about their health but don’t have the means to undertake a detox program I always recommend that they do what I’m about to tell you.

This will maximise your health and maximize the ‘feel good’ feelings and you can do it right away.  If you are serious about health, you really need a blender if you don’t already have one.   

You can start this idea before making any other change in your diet.  The important thing is to get started and you will see why -

Green smoothies!

Through my work with clients dealing with depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug addiction,  I have seen remarkable results by simply including one green smoothie per day.  In only a short time the cravings for the bad stuff dissipates. 

I will give you my own green smoothie recipe that will give you 12 fruit and vegetables in one hit!

Where else can you get that?  Certainly not in a vitamin pill!

It’s all raw and blended making it easier for the body to digest and it’s alive! Packed full of vitamins and minerals that is seriously lacking in many people. 

But these green smoothies also have amazing detoxing abilities!

This is a very tasty smoothie and can be adjusted to your own taste:

1 kiwi fruit                     

Juice of 1 or 2 lemons

Juice of 1 orange

2 apples

1 pear

Small handful of sprouts of your choice

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