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DollarFrog is the source for finding ways to get paid to shop, give your opinion and more.
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Welcome to DollarFrog, we offer great work at home job opportunities. Let us show you how to get paid to shop and get paid to give your opinion! Don't wait, start earning today! Select a category below.
  [](/ss/index.jsp) [MYSTERY SHOPPER](/ss/index.jsp) Make $10-$40 hourly! Get Paid to...
Go shopping! Eat at the restaurant! Go to the movies! Go to an amusement park! Play golf! Take a cruise! Shop online! [More on Mystery Shopper](/ss/index.jsp) [](/ss/index.jsp) [](/ez/index.jsp) [PAID SURVEYS ](/ez/index.jsp) Get Paid for your Opinion! Get Paid to...
$20 - $75 just for filling out simple 25-minute surveys! $50 - $125 for participating in focus group panels for 30 to 60 minutes! Surf the Internet! Read email! Earn money from the comfort of your home! [More on Paid Surveys](/ez/index.jsp) [](/ez/index.jsp) [](/ss/index.jsp)
FREE when you join the Mystery Shopper. Limited time offer! [](/ss/index.jsp) "As a Mystery Shopper, I get paid to shop and get the purchases FREE!" "I take the whole family at the restaurant or to see the latest movie. We get it all for FREE!" [More on Mystery Shopper](/ss/index.jsp) [](/ss/index.jsp) [](/ez/index.jsp) "I make $20-$75 just for taking surveys... and I do it from my home! " "I make $50-$125 for participating in focus groups! That's just to give my opinion, it is just so easy!" [More on Paid Surveys](/ez/index.jsp) [](/ez/index.jsp)
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