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Think you’re a Great listener?

87% of people DON’T listen!

One of our recent Facebook surveys showed that 87% of people don’t listen. But we know that great listeners are happier and get what they want, when they want.

Take the Listening Hero test now to discover exactly how well you listen!

How well do you listen?


When you listen to people, do you find yourself thinking about your response before they have finished speaking?




Generally, do you find yourself doing most of the talking when you are having a conversation?

All the time

Most of the time

Not usually, the other person does most of the talking

Do you ever hear - YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND - when you know you do?

No, never



Do you find your mind wanders if you have an uninteresting conversation with someone

All the time


Hardly ever

To see your listening results, click the button below!

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