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I will be granted immediate access to the exclusive members only area where I will be able to take full advantage of UNLIMITED, FREE training - including full length “HOW TO” training videos, detailed training guides (downloadable & printable), exclusive learning opportunities through interviews with Mentors and Leaders in the Florist profession, and a fully stocked resources section currently including over 250 floral photographs.   

New training material is uploaded EVERY month!  It may be a new training video, a new training guide, a recorded interview, other floral design related learning material or any combination of these items.

There are no long term commitments with the membership training program.   There are no hidden terms or conditions.  You remain a member in good standing each month you elect to remain a member of the training program.  You decide what works best for you.  Members are encouraged to stay for the continuous learning and training material that is made available to members each & every month.  There is always something new and exciting to learn here.

As a member of the program you receive unlimited access to all training resources contained in the members only area.  This gives you unlimited FREE training included in your membership.

This is a program designed around a monthly membership with value and benefits that far exceed the cost of the membership. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can learn new and exciting skills in floral design.

You will be joining a Floral Design Community for Beginners - currently over 700 strong and growing everyday!

YES, I want to join and claim one of the remaining 150 slots.  

By JOINING and becoming a member today,  I understand that:  

Designed for easy reading ONLINE
OR choose to download and read OFFLINE

Completely portable and available in
Multiple formats to suit your learning style!

Example Guides - When you JOIN they’re yours!

Incredibly DETAILED


FREE Digital


Hello Floral Designer Friend,


Are Your flower design projects ending up in disaster?  How many times have you wanted to be able to arrange flowers perfectly only to end up frustrated and at your wits end?  The poor flowers just don’t want to do what you want them to do -they go their own way no matter what you try.  Despair begins to set in...

You keep fiddling with the flowers and trying all kinds of adjustment techniques without much success.  YOU NEED TO STOP RIGHT NOW!  I’ve seen this happen time & time again & it doesn’t work.  If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, then you’re going to keep on getting way you’ve always got!  Learn the fundamentals of Floral Design & your troubles disappear.  

There is no magic or special power that florists have that you don’t have.  In fact, every florist that I’ve ever known (including myself) started exactly where you are.  We all have experienced the dreaded flower drooping, flopping over, or shifting out of place.  We’ve even designed an arrangement so full of flowers one would wonder how we got them to all fit in the vase to begin with.  LOL.

What sets florists apart from you - training!  So, I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you...and soon you’ll be on your way to designing flowers like a pro!  All it takes is learning some design fundamentals and grasping the basic skill set required for success.  Thats why I’ve created this training site - JUST FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU - the beginner or do-it-yourself type!

So STOP what you are doing right now & join over 700 other beginners that have already learned how to be better designers by signing up as a member of Flower Design Training today!  

James Earley
Professional Instructor & Master Floral Designer


“Don’t Be Embarrassed That

Your Flowers Flop Over, Move Around,


Wilt or are a complete Mess!”

“From This Day Forward, I Will Never

Have Floppy or Messy Flowers Again!”

Say this out loud:  

That’s right!  Because from this day forward you will learn the master skills necessary for proper and successful floral design.  These skills are easily learned and obtainable when taught to you from a professional in the industry who has “been there & done that”.  

When you learn the basics & fundamentals to floral design you will be putting in a foundation for your success going forward.  It’s like building a house - when you invest into a good foundation you enable the structure to be successfully built and last without crumbling.  Taking shortcuts utlimately leads to failure.  The same is true when it comes to floral design.  The fundamentals and basics are the foundation for all future floral design success.   Is your foundation in place?

 Learning Floral Design Skills is easier than ever NOW !




Join today -it’s like having your very own flower design university where you can attend and access training classes at any time of the day or night, and any day of the week.  You will be able to easily learn professional floral design skills at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, office, floral shop or where-ever you may be.  Because this members training system is made available online, you’ll have access no matter where you may be so long as you have an internet connection.

Once you are logged in to the members area, you’ll immediately be taken to the main member page where you can choose from any of the available learning options.  Just click & go - you’ll be on your way to learning Floral Design skills!

BECOME the Floral Designer You Want to BE!

Imagine all of your flowers nicely arranged, perfectly, each and every time!

For a limited time, you can get your hands on exclusive, professional floral design training courses that over 700 other beginners and do-it-yourself’ers have already benefited from and are now more confident, proficient and successful floral designers...

The same material taught to students that attended in-person classes is offered now through online videos that can be watched from home (or anywhere that you have an internet connection).  In fact, the video demonstrations are mostly performed and recorded in a home setting to show you how easy it is to create fabulous floral designs right from your own home.  You don’t need to be a florist nor have to be physically located in a florist shop in order to design like a professional.  You’ll quickly learn the skills necessary to be the floral designer that you want to be.  It’s all about the learning the fundamentals and techniques which can be applied no matter your chosen place for designing arrangements.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We do out best to produce high quality learning content for our members.  However, If for any reason you are not satisfied with getting your money’s worth out of the training membership program during your first 60 days, then you are entitled to your membership fee back with no questions asked.

Dedicated to Beginners or DIY’ers?

Experienced Floral Design Instructor?

Unlimited FREE training videos?

Training Guides Included?

Access to Professionals & Experts?

Digital Library of Photos?

Unlimited FREE training?

New Training Material EVERY Month?

Program COST / FEES

Travel Expenses

Hotel Expenses

Meal Expenses

Course Material Shipping Fees


Distance Learning Program

Floral Design School



This is LESS THAN the cost
of a daily cup of coffee or cold beverage!!
(“just say’in!” & you pick up some new skills too)

Compare & See for Yourself - This program ROCKS!

Compare this training to other options and you’ll quickly
realize the incredible value with this program!


Training Videos
Isn’t it easier to sometimes just “watch” someone else complete a beautiful arrangement?  This is a section of the training area devoted to actual recorded live step-by-step video tutorials.  Currently over 70 videos & growing...

Comprehensive FREE Training For Members:

Training Guides & Articles
No matter what skill level you possess, you’ll find a wide variety of fresh new training guides or articles to help you improve your floral design skills.  This members only area contains incredibly detailed guidebooks. (see examples below).

Exclusive Learning
Having a mentor is very important in mastering floral design techniques or just getting honest business advice is what the doctor ordered.  Here you’ll get access to information from floral design professionals and industry insiders.

Pictures of Flowers
In this section of the site, members have exclusive access to a fully stocked digital library of the most incredible, up-close and personal flower photographs.  These images are not available anywhere else.

Training Video Title:


Intro to Floral Design 101

This is a lecture based video course to provide a good foundation to start floral design from.

Into to Floral Supplies & Tools

Video covering important and necessary floral design tools

Taping The Vase

Watch this video to learn how to use tape a vase properly – this is an insider tip/technique that all florists use.

Preparing the Greens

This training video shows you how to prepare your greens for use in floral designs.

Preparing the Flowers

Learn how to prepare your flowers before beginning any floral design project.

Greening the Vase

This is one of the most frequently missed steps for those attempting to do their own floral designs.

Flower Design Secrets

Learn how to create your first complete floral design by watching and following along to the 5 steps of design in this training videos.

Traditional Vase Design

Follow along to create a mixed flower design using a traditional glass vase.

Contemporary Vase Design

This is a training video teaching you how to create a low & compact design in a square contemporary vase.

Tall Vase Design

A step by step video showing you how to design a mixed arrangement in a taller vase.

Round Low Table Centerpiece Design

This is a great training video demonstration of creating a perfect centerpiece vase arrangement designed for round tables.  It is called a Bubble Bowl design.

Horizontal Centerpiece Design

One of the more popularly requested trainings is for the horizontal centerpiece design.  This video shows you how to create a centerpiece for a rectangular shaped tabletop.

Sunflower Vase Arrangement

Sunflowers are a “happy flower” and you’ll be happy when you complete a design with sunflowers as the main or focal flower.  Follow along and have fun with this training.  This is the same as Traditional Vase Design, using Sunflowers.

Arranging a Dozen of Roses

The floral arrangement of love – a dozen of roses!  Learn how to perfectly arrange one dozen of roses each and every time in this step by step video training.

Buying Flowers Wholesale

A highly recommended resource for purchasing flowers wholesale is covered in this training.  Get an inside tour and overview of how to buy flowers here.

Hand-Tie a Bow

Ever wondered how to tie your own bows from ribbon?  This video demonstrates one technique for creating a bow from spool ribbon.

Holiday Bubble Bowl Design

A popular holiday centerpiece design is the bubble bowl.  It fits perfectly on holiday luncheon tables, holiday parties, and even corporate offices for holiday decoration.

Tall Holiday Vase Design

A complementary flower design to the holiday bubble bowl is a tall holiday vase arrangement.  Learn how to create a tall design following this video training.

Competitive Analysis - Proflowers1

This video takes you through a guided tour of a huge market competitor and how you can compete well against them.

Competitive Analysis - Proflowers2

This is a follow-up training video to the competitive analysis – Proflowers1 (Ordering) training video.  Watch and review the receipt of the flowers at home.

Pollinating Amaryllis Blossoms

This is a video that covers the amaryllis blossom and teaches you how to manually pollinate the blossom for development of seed pods to grow new bulbs.

With all of the training videos and guides available to members you’ll have at your fingertips all of the necessary professional guidance and help necessary to succeed with floral design.

Sample Listing from the Video Trainings Library

Dedicated Training Video Library - FREE to Members

If you are a BEGINNER or DO-IT-YOURSELF floral design type of person then this program IS FOR YOUR.  Each and every training video and support document has been developed especially to accommodate the newbie with no previous floral design experience.  

From start to finish, all trainings will have you creating fabulous flower arrangements in practically no time.  All you have to do is watch the video and follow along and do exactly what you are shown by the instructor along with their instructions of how to do it and your arrangement will quickly take shape and you’ll be a proud designer in probably less than 30 minutes.

Soon you’ll be in Flower Design Heaven:

Good-bye Floppy Flowers -FOREVER

No more premature wilting - your flowers will look fresh longer

Flowers won’t look “messy” anymore

Design Frustration will be-gone for GOOD!

PS - I look forward to seeing you in the members area.  Get in NOW before the 150 slots are filled!

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Start Designing Flowers Like a Pro!

You will be billed $39 each month that you remain a member.  You may cancel at anytime.


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