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Retail POS Software - TradeMeters is the Best Point of Sale
Software Solution



TradeMeters is an extremely reliable and easy to use retail point of
sale software that has been stress tested to ensure maximum
performance under fast moving retail operations. TRADEMETERS retail
POS software can be used at small, medium and large retail outlets
including, but not limited to the grocery stores, electronics outlets,
apparel stores, saloons, sports outlets and coffee shops. TradeMeters
retail POS software is highly user friendly application that you can
run on any normal computer without any special requirements and anyone
can learn to operate it within minutes. Bar code reader can be easily
attached as its support has been carefully implemented. The software
is designed and developed with the end user in focus and therefore any
person even with a limited knowledge of computers would be able to
operate our retail point of sale software with ease.

We are so sure about the quality and utility of our application that
we are providing our prospective customers with a 30 days free trial
of our retail POS software. If you decide to buy the software then the
current price is JUST $99 (ONE TIME FEE ONLY). If you would like to
try our software then you can download the free trial version of
TradeMeters retail point of sale software by clicking .

By using this highly reliable and scalable POS software application,
you can rest assured that your retail transactions and records are in
good hands. You can easily import and export data in a variety of
formats including Excel and CSV formats. Better Inventory Management
with quick and smooth sale operations result in satisfaction of both
you and your customers. On top of that we provide free email support
to our customers for first 6 months after purchase. Let us know if you
have any questions comments or suggestions regarding our POS Software
and related services.

Limited time offer: For an extra charge, we can customize the
software as per your specific and personalized requirements. Please
with details of required software customization to get a quote for
this service.

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