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The Best of All Real Estate Investing Programs | REIbook.net

Here's the bottom line:

Why should you buy REIBook...

...before ANY OTHER real estate investing program out there?


REIBook combines ONLY the best information
from ALL the top real estate investing programs available.

Instead of being just one guy who used one method to make a little
money in real estate, we represent a group of successful real estate
investors who've bought and sold thousands of properties using all of
the most effective investing methods.

We keep making millions in real estate investing ... regardless of
the economy. Why? Because we aren't locked into one particular method
or program or trick or tool or system.

We don't follow the advice of any one "guru." And neither should

Look, every investor is different. So is every seller, every
property, every location, local economic environment, local
regulation, financing package, etc. etc. USING ONE METHOD HANDICAPS
YOU. You couldn't use just one or two tools to build a house. You
can't rely on one or two systems to buy and sell properties. You need
them all.

A few of the real estate "guru" systems that the REI Book replaces:
Armando Montelongo
Robert Allen
Donald Trump
The Rich Jerk
Robert Kiyosaki
Russ Whitney
Dean Graziozi
Larry Goins

...and many others Carleton Sheets
John Beck
Tom Vu
James Smith

No, you don't want every page of every real estate investment book.
Most of them contain a lot of useless content. We know. We've read
them all. And we've used them all, at least the useful parts of them,
to consistently earn a great living in real estate investing.

We've done the hard part for you; sifting through thousands of pages
of books and hundreds of hours of audio and video seminars to find the
ideas, tools and processes that actually work. We tried them all,
dropped the useless stuff, kept the good stuff and put it all together
in a book for you.

And finally, we've made it really easy for you to buy it and try it
out yourself.

60%-off Limited-time Introduction Sale:

NOTE: This is the simplest and most effective real estate investing
manual you'll ever find available on the market today.

It's also the safest one to buy - we guarantee 100% satisfaction or
100% of your money back. Simply request a refund anytime within 60
days of purchase. It's easy. It's risk free. It's a short email. As
easy as it is, we are pleased to say it almost never happens :-).
Still, the few times we've received a refund request we've made it
painless and immediate. So go ahead and download the book worry-free.

That's the bottom line. We aren't going to drag you through some
drawn out story of how poor we were and rich we now are - we just told
you what's in the book - the best information from all the other real
estate systems out there with all the worthless filler cut out and all
the meat left in. It's all in one single book and we'll give you 2
more bonuses for trying it out.


Just for trying the REI Book you'll receive a set of the most
important real estate documents that you'll need like:

* Real Estate Purchase Contract
* Addendum to the Real Estate Purchase Contract
* Quit Claim Deed
* And more...


The second incredibly valuable free tool we'll throw in is a set of
case studies or detailed stories that tell you the ins and outs of a
number of our best deals. The stories include the following scenarios

* Requesting title reports
* Dealing with tax liens & negotiating with the IRS
* Acquiring 2nd & 3rd mortgages (notes) for pennies on the dollar
* Finding comparables (comps)
* Getting a property's inside information
* Finding investment money
* Estimating repair costs
* Negotiating at auctions
* Acquiring & using second mortgages (notes) as leverage
* Finding and dealing with assumable loans
* Acquiring pre-foreclosure properties
* Negotiating with banks
* Finding hidden pre-foreclosure deals
* Dealing with difficult homeowners and tenants
* Using apprentices and researchers

There's no easier or more effective way to learn than through
stories, in fact the case studies book ALONE may be more valuable than
any other real estate investing system because it allows you to learn
by experiencing the deal first hand, through the eyes and in the
footsteps of an actual successful investor.

It's like you are walking along with your mentor and learning from
each step (and mis-step) that they make.

No two deals are the same so the most important thing you can do is
be involved in as many deals as possible - and this is a way for you
to be involved in a number of successful real estate investment deals
right out of the gate.

Read along with the stories, learn what techniques we used in
different situations: speaking with owners, dealing with tenants,
negotiating with banks, winning foreclosure auctions, removing
government tax liens, buying notes & liens from banks, what forms were
used and when, etc. etc. etc.

The only way to learn real estate investing is to do it. And this is
the one way to DO real estate investing without actually having to
take on all the risk, expense and time of your own deals. You'll love
reading the stories and learning from them. Becoming a successful real
estate investor couldn't be easier or more fun.

60%-off Limited-time Introduction Sale:


We are constantly doing deals and writing them up (yes, even in this
economy), so we'll send you new case studies as we close new deals -
for free.

Here are some examples of completed deals that we are writing up
right now:

* One of our investors found a cabin development in progress around
a beautiful mountain lake in the Southeast. His father was building a
cabin in the area, but the developer was disorganized and not making
much progress. So our developer tied up the entire development for
almost no cash out of pocket, revised the plans, got them approved by
the county, advertised a bit and started selling lots. Not much later
he sold the entire development for millions. In this story you'll
learn how he dealt with the previous property developer, the county,
the banks, individual buyers and then the large developer that bought
the whole thing at a premium.

* Another of our investors found an old house with a 2-acre lot in
the middle of a nice mid-western town. The old house was becoming
run-down with junk all over the property. The elderly lady that lived
there didn't have the ability to take care of the place and the
neighbors were upset about their falling property values. Our investor
was able to purchase the entire lot, remove the old house and get the
lot approved as a subdivision which he sold to a bigger developer for
hundreds of thousands of dollars before even building out the

60%-off Limited-time Introduction Sale: ONLY $27.97

OWN THE REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOK: the best of all real estate
books and systems put together into one simple book, all meat, no
fluff or filler.

BONUS 1: A set of the most important real estate investment
documents you'll need that you can print out and use over and over

BONUS 2: A library of detailed stories, case studies that detail a
number of different deals that we've done, giving you all the details
on how we found the properties, how we negotiated with home owners,
tenants and banks, what forms we used and when - basically how we
found and got the deals done from start to finish, and then how we
flipped them for fast profits or held them as investment properties.

BONUS 3: New detailed stories sent to you regularly as we constantly
close deals.


We're not going to fake you out with an inflated price that is
always marked down - or a fake deal deadline clock that is always
expiring in a few minutes.

Certainly all that we are giving you is worth thousands of dollars.
How much would you end up paying for every-other-guru's infomercial
products and seminars cut down into a format and amount that you can
actually enjoy reading?

Buy all these gurus' basic training packages and they will cost you
about $1,548.

Now buy most of their advanced training (like we did) and you are
shelling out another $60,000+.

Now figure out how much time it will cost you to go through all of
that information to pull out the real gems. Trust us, it's more than a
few months of full-time work for you - so add a few months of your
time and salary in there.

_Want to spend $80,000+ and months of reading to get up to speed?_
We didn't think so.

We'd love to give you everybody else's secrets plus our own real life
...for the game-changing price of $27.97.

And when you order we'll send you more free stories in the future.
In fact, as you start making money in real estate using the Real
Estate Investing Book, we'd love to publish YOUR stories. So keep in

60%-off Limited-time Introduction Sale: ONLY $27.97


60%-off Limited-time Introduction Sale: ONLY $27.97


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