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Lightwave 3D-Sci-Fi Modeling (Volume #1)-by Adam Gibson

In this training video watch Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson build a Sci-Fi Style Corridor/Hallway similar to many that have been created for big screen sci-fi action films.

Learn how to take simple shapes and turn them into highly detailed geometry. Learn how to make your polygons glow to be used a light sources. A great video for the beginner 3D modeler and those who wish to learn a few more new modeling tricks.


Table of Contents for Sci-Fi Modeling (Volume #1)

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Creating the Base of the Corridor

Chapter 3- Modeling the Grill Style Floor (Part One)

Chapter 4- Modeling the Grill Style Floor (Part Two)

Chapter 5- Boolean Substract Grill Ends

Chapter 6- Reduce Grill Polygons

Chapter 7- Mirroring Grill

Chapter 8- Mirroring Grill to Match Corridor

Chapter 9- Naming Surfaces and Statistics Panel

Chapter 10- Creating Support Structures

Chapter 11- Detail Support Structures Pt 1

Chapter 12- Detail Support Structures Pt 2

Chapter 13- Mirror Support Structures

Chapter 14- Create Caution Bars

Chapter 15- Create Side Lights

Chapter 16- Ceiling Panels (Part One)

Chapter 17- Ceiling Panels (Part Two)

Chapter 18- Cloning Ceiling Panels

Chapter 19- Ceiling Pipes

Chapter 20- Long Pipe and Supports

Chapter 21- Long Pipe Rail Extrusion for Curving

Chapter 22- Wall Panel Boxes (Part One)

Chapter 23- Wall Panel Boxes (Part Two)

Chapter 24- Ceiling Lights

Chapter 25- Wall Panel Detailing (Part One)

Chapter 26- Wall Panel Detailing (Part Two)

Chapter 27- Wall Panel Detailing (Part Three)

Chapter 28- Wall Panel Detailing (Part Four)

Chapter 29- Mirroring Wall Panel Detail (Part One)

Chapter 30- Mirroring Wall Panel Detail (Part Two)

Chapter 31- Level 01 Text Boolean

Chapter 32- Electrical Cables for Boxes

Chapter 33- Lower Wall Panels

Chapter 34- Lower Wall Panels and Adding a Texture

Chapter 35- Texturing Mapping

Chapter 36- Test Renders (Part One)

Chapter 37- Test Renders (Part Two)


Running Time: 8 hrs. 10 mins.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Screen Resolution: 1440 x 900 pixels

Format: MP4 Video (.mp4)






















































[ ](http://3D-001.adam2012.pay.clickbank.net)


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