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Products & Services for Starting a Cleaning Business

Business Plan Level 1 - Instructional Training Manual - $89.00


The online eBook offers detailed information on [how to start and operate your own playground cleaning business](http://www.playground-cleaning-biz.com/starting-a-playground-cleaning-business-guide.html) in a quick, easy to read format.
You won't spend hours studying or reading about topics you already know about, but rather, you are presented with practical, first hand information on the day-to-day essentials of managing this business. Not just forms, but actual how-to's.

This comprehensive guide includes information, advice and opinions based on our years of experience operating our playground cleaning business. Learn what to expect, how to set up and market your business, pricing and scheduling services, how to interview new clients on the phone, how to conduct initial consultations, and much more.

Business Plan Level 2 - Instructional Training Manual & 30 days One-On-One Phone or Email Mentoring - $189.00

You will receive the informative instructional training manual on starting a cleaning business and 30 days of email and telephone consultations with a personal mentor as part of your Level 2 Business Plan. Ask questions and get advice one-on-one from Tyrone and Arlene. Contact us to discuss your business, future goals, or to receive candid answers about the playground cleaning profession.
This program is great for those who may need just a little more personal guidance on starting a business than the manual alone can provide. You can call or email us as often as you need Monday thru Friday for consulting help and support.

Not only will you benefit from the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years while operating our cleaning service - you will be just a phone call away from a business insider when you need advice!

[To speak to one of our mentors about setting up your Level 2 Business Plan! Click Here](http://www.playground-cleaning-biz.com/contact.html)

Business Plan Level 3 - Instructional Training Manual, 3 Months One-On-One Phone or Email Mentoring & 2 Day Hands-On Training Class - $689.00

We believe that quality training and support is not just the foundation of a strong business, but is also the corner stone of a successful playground cleaning service. With the Level 3 Business Plan, you will experience one of the most comprehensive training and support systems in this industry.
The incredible two-day training program is a blending of classroom with in-the-field on-the-job training, focusing on all the aspects of owning and operating a playground cleaning business including over 10 hours of actual hands-on training at one of our training stores.

The training covers daily operations, inventory control, sales, service, scheduling, bookkeeping, and marketing to teach you the most effective means we have found in operating your cleaning business.

This program format will help you maximize your potential by permitting you to operate your new business efficiently, regardless of your previous business experience.

[To speak to one of our mentors about setting up your Level 3 Business Plan! Click Here](http://www.playground-cleaning-biz.com/contact.html)

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