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59 Minutes Website Secrets

Who Else Wants a Brand Spankin' New Website in 59 Minutes or Less?
Step By Step, Easy To Use Newbie Friendly Videos!

“I'll Show You The Secrets To Making Your First Money Making Website
In Just 59 Minutes - Guaranteed!”

So you want to be a big time internet marketer huh? That's all fine
and dandy, but there's just one little problem.

You're a darn noob!

You wouldn't know your PPC from your CPA and your friggin' HTML is
That's not exactly a great way to start on the road to easy online
money is it?

Sure, you read the blogs, forums and maybe you've even gone crazy and
purchased a few info products.

What's really bothering you is not knowing exactly where to start
when it comes to getting up your first spanking new, money earning

Do you plunk down a few bills on the latest auto site creation tool,
with a monthly membership fee or do you go hardcore and learn to code

Well, boy, you're on the wrong track!

What your’re doing is going to both extremes.

On one hand you're thinking about getting a totally automated package
that will cost you an arm and a leg and will rob you of your online
profits before you even start.

And on the other hand you're considering going the total geek route
and trying to learn how to code.

Both extremes are unecessary. Let me tell you why

You see there's a little thing called Wordpress that is tailor made
for Internet Marketing.

Wordpress is built correctly, easy to use and the search engines love
the way it builds websites.

Wordpress makes it nice and easy for the search engines to see what
your site is all about and for you to get ranked.

But wait a minute, you say, isn't Wordpress complicated and hard to

Actually no, at least not when you have an easy step by step tutorial
to follow.

This is where 59 Minute Website Secrets comes in. Here's what you'll
learn in these easy to follow video tutorials:

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Getting Your Domain

Video 3: Getting Your Hosting

Video 4: Transferring Your Domain

Video 5: Installing Wordpress

Video 6: Choosing and Installing your FREE Wordpress Theme

Video 7: Wordpress Setup - Sorting out the Look

Video 8: Creating Blogs and Pages

Video 9: Creating Links in a Couple of Minutes

Video 10: Getting Images for a $ Each and Inserting them on your Site

Video 11: Inserting Videos into Your Site

Video 12: Some Advanced Features of Wordpress and Summary

These videos are unashamedly meant for Newbies, other internet
marketers with Newbies on their lists, or anyone who is prevented from
fulfilling their dreams of being successful online by FEAR - fear of
not being able to cope with all the Techie stuff.

Philip's 59 Minute Website Videos are ideal for the person who is
starting to use Wordpress or just needs a refresher every now and
then. There are 12 videos (not to mention the audios, ebook and
resources) and the thing that I like most about them is that they are
not overly long. They cover topics such as hosting, themes, plugins
and inserting videos, among others. Overall, a good set of
instructional videos to have in your tool box. Well done Philip!


Kim Bedford

Dear Philip, I'm really upset right now. Because...


Well, just for kicks, I watched all the videos in 59 Minutes Website
Secrets. I made some notes and I pretended to be a noob. I did it step
by step, registered a domain, got a cheapo hosting package, installed
Wordpress, blah, blah, blah. Just like you show in this tutorial.

I Did everything you said to do and...

it only took me 45 minutes!

Why are you creating more competition for me!!!

I hate you!!! , LOL, LOL

As you can see from above, I reluctantly approve of this product for u
lucky noobs and intermediates out there. 59 Minutes Website Secrets is
all content and no fluff.

Thanks again, Philip!

Yours Truly,
OMK ( Online Marketing King )

Here's an extract from Video 10 which is about inserting images into
your Wordpress site. The extract will give you a flavor of the style
and content of the videos.


"59 Minutes Website Secrets" Video Series

Twelve Step by Step Videos for getting your first Wordpress site up
in less than an hour
. (Valued at $77)

"59 Minutes Website Secrets" Audio Series

Listen to the Entire Course while Driving, Working out or Wherever

3 Steps to Newbie Success Ebook Bonus

Lots of Ideas for Newbies
(Valued at $17)

Resources File

Total Value = $131!

Get Instant Access To Everything For Only $37!
* If you buy now, you'll lock in the lowest rate of only $37!
(This price is a special offer and will go up in the future)

Why Am I Selling This For So Little? The reason I am selling this
for so little is that this is probably the first time you have come
across me andI I love to overdeliver for a number of reasons.

One is if you are going to be happy there will be fewer refunds, but
also if you see what good stuff I provide, you will probably want to
see other products I create and I am going to have a customer for

Plus You're Also Covered By My "No Questions Asked" 60 Day Guarantee!

Take me up on my offer and if you're not completely thrilled in THE
FIRST TEN MINUTES then I insist that you email me and I will
personally REFUND EVERY PENNY of your investment.

Or better yet...

Try it out FOR TWO FULL MONTHs. Go through all the killer videos to
your heart's content and if you're still not satisfied for any reason
or no reason at all, simple send me a quick email and I WILL REFUND
EVERY PENNY of your order!

Yes, Philip! I want to discover how to make a Wordpress website in 59
minutes or less.

I'll Take It All!

The Full Video Series

The Full Audio Series

The Newbie Ebook Bonus

The Resources File

I understand that by making my purchase now, I'm locking in the
lowest price available and that I'm covered by your 'no questions
asked' guarantee!

Click Below to Get Instant Access to the 59 Minutes Website Secrets

* Once your secure payment is completed, you'll get instant
Digital access to your product and bonuses.

Clicking on the 'Buy Now'' Button above will take you to a
Clickbank Purchase Page

Thanks for taking the time to check out my offer. I guarantee you're
gonna love it!

Philip Tucker

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting immediate access to the full Video
series and the full Audio series.

P.P.S. Also, you're covered 100% by my no questions asked guarantee
for a full sixty days, so if you decide you don't want it for _any
reason_ or no reason at all, just email me and _I'll refund every
penny_ right away!

to grab your copy!


Philip, from a fast and easy download to going through the
tutorials, you make it easy for any one wanting to set up a WordPress
blog. I find your tutorials concise, clear and easy to follow every
step of the way. This is a must for anyone who says they don't know
how or can't figure out how to set up a WordPress blog. No more
excuses! Get your blog up in 59 minutes and get on with the marketing
of your products and services!

Tim R Walls,

Thank You For Your Business!

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