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Why Men Cheat When They Have Everything at Home is a podcast interview with over 16 gentlemen who have shared the secrets to why men cheat, how to spot and find a good man, and the 4 characteristics any woman needs to possess in order to have a successful relationship.

Imagine hiding in the men's locker room and listening to their most intimate thoughts about women during the dating process. How juicy would that be?


If you are single, not with the man you want, and desire to know the secrets to attracting a genuinely good man whom is confident, honest, intelligent and sophisticated, and knows how to treat you like a lady, then downloading this podcast is a must.

If you are tired of dealing with men who lack confidence and are not trustworthy, I strongly suggest you bookmark this page, read the information provided, and then proceed to download this podcast. This WILL be one of the most influential pieces of information you have ever heard in your life.

Available As MP3 Download.

The first 500 people to download this podcast will gain complete access to a private blog containing insider secrets to instantly becoming more attractive to the kind of man you have always wanted.

Ladies, I'll be completely honest with you, being an amazing woman that has the characteristics necessary to attract and maintain a relationship with the kind of man she has always wanted is not an easy task. Actually, it is so difficult that more than 50 million women in America are single and, up to this point, have been failing at mastering the secrets to attracting real love in their lives.

The truth is that if you are one of those single women, you should not be discouraged. It is my belief that there are four basic characteristics all women need to embody in order to have the man they have always wanted. This means that if you are single unwillingly, you are single only because you lack one or more of these four characteristics.


How bad do you want to come home and be greeted by the man of your dreams?
How bad would you like to have the man you want tell you how sexy you are?
How bad do you want a man to make you feel things you have never felt before?

If having that ultimate man, the one whom you would thank God every day for, has become a very important part of your daily life, I strongly suggest you download this podcast.

If you are not interested in having the man you have always dreamed of or seek to continue wasting time by continuing to try your old methods of attracting "good men" because you believe a man does not have the ability to teach you the secrets to attracting the man you have always wanted, that is fine. You can leave this page right now.. and come back later to pick up some of the scraps after this information has already helped hundreds of thousands of single women get in to meaningful relationships with the man they deserve.

I am on a mission to decrease the overwhelming number of single people in America (96 million or roughly 1\3 of the population) and eventually the world, at an exponential speed. If you want to be one of those women whom this information changes your life, join the mission, download the podcast, get on our mailing list, and change your relationship life forever.


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This Podcast - Why Men Cheat When They Have Everything at Home is a candid interview with 16 gentlemen talking to you about the secrets to:

Understanding the psychology of a good man
Why a male would cheat
How to attract the one you desire
How to satisfy and keep a good man
How to recognize a good man
What healthy relationships look like

and so much more. This is a once in a life time opportunity to gain access to information from real gentlemen whom have vowed to share the truth about men with you in a candid conversation that is guaranteed to change your life. First 500 people to download will gain instant access to our private blog and get insider information on how they can attract the man they have always wanted.

Christina B.

"Eyan, I was reading your letter and I
couldn't stop crying!! You just stepped
in to me because I know you are right!
I cried like a child; you dont know."
Nichole S -

My ex boyfriend's girlfriend had much
bigger breasts than I did and I was so
nervous when I was around him. Eyan
helped me to see things that my ex never
helped me to see. My confidence is at an
All time High. Thanks Eyan.
D. Soto

"I really admire you and appreciate your
mentality. Just letting you know you
make my day more pleasant after I've
read something you written."
Kayrn M. -

I applied Eyan's "Sexy Photography"
concept & watched our intensity
jumped from 50 to 100 literally over
night. Now, he won't stop calling!
Thank you
Delonna L.

"Because of you, I have learned how to
succesfully start conversation with men
and essentially, how to spot & keep a
good man."
F.Y. -

I'm single for the first time, after 5
years, and needed some help
getting back on the dating scene.
With Eyan's advice I was on a date
within my first week. Thanks.


©2011 The Gentlemen Movement Corp. All rights reserved

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