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The secret to great fitness is in the groove...
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If you don't like it, then it's free!
Order the Body Groove DVDs today, and get instant access to the videos online. If you decide that Body Groove isn't for you, or if you're not satisfied with your results, just let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Here's what you'll receive:
My Body Groove Complete DVD Collection is the ultimate way to get the total Body Groove experience. I'll send you 4 DVDs that will show you a new way to think about working out. You'll get:

$20 Value!

Spirit Groove

Spirit Groove is the fun and easy introduction to Misty Tripoli's unique Body Groove method of fitness. Forget everything you thought you knew about exercise, and throw away your boring kick-and-punch workout DVDs. In Spirit Groove, you'll learn a whole new way to move your body, a radical method that works with your body instead of against it. And unlike old-fashioned exercise based on outdated biomechanics, Spirit Groove is designed to always be fun. Best of all, it gives you a body changing workout every time for fast results without extreme strain.

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$20 Value!

Pilates Groove

Ordinary Pilates is rigid, inflexible, and if it's not tailored exactly for your body, it can leave your muscles tight and sore. But in Pilates Groove, you can use traditional Pilates positions as a basic structure, and improvise in a million different ways to suit your own body. If you've ever taken a Pilates class before, you've probably been criticized by a teacher for having "bad form". But in Pilates Groove, nothing you do is wrong. What your body tells you is so much more valuable than what a Pilates trainer can. Pilates Groove will leave your body more toned because it builds strength without bulking up.

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$20 Value!

Yoga Groove

Spirit Groove and Pilates Groove will quickly make your body leaner and stronger, but for total health, it's critical to add flexibility. But in my experience, the popular Yoga techniques actually force people to remain stationary and tight for way too long! Remember, your body wants to move, not stand still. In Yoga Groove, your body is allowed to move freely. Instead of a series of static poses, you'll flow gracefully exactly where your body tells you. As you move, your muscles will stretch gently, and each time you do a Yoga Groove workout, you'll see your body getting more and more flexible.

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$20 Value!

Latin Groove

With Body Groove, when you change up the beat, you change the workout, and our drummer Ben has created an awesome new Latin beat that is taking Body Groove to a whole new level. I use easy salsa steps as the basic structure, but just like all the other Body Groove workouts, you make it your own and customize it for yourself. Everybody loves Latin Groove because it's an absolute BLAST, but it just so happens to be a big time fat melter, too! And as a bonus, the next time you're out dancing with friends, you'll be able to impress everybody with your spicy salsa moves!

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$20 Value!

Bonus Abs Workout

A lot of people think that ab training is only about getting a flat, sexy tummy. Wrong! Your ab muscles actually play an important role in all sorts of physical activities, and keeping them in great shape will make everything you do easier. I've come up with a short Body Groove workout that is structured to easily strengthen all the muscles in your core. (And yes, it will help get you a flat, sexy tummy!) I'm including the ab training workout as a freebie on the Latin Groove DVD.

Don't go another day without spending some time in the groove. Remember, if you don't absolutely love Body Groove, you can get your money back - no questions asked.

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"For me, Body Groove became about more than working out. It's the mindset Misty puts you in. You adjust how you look at yourself, and how you look at the world. You transform, and I lost 50 pounds. "

Diana H.

"The best benefit isn't weight loss - although I did lose 3 dress sizes. I think it's how you feel. So you're not focusing on a number on a scale, but you're feeling healthy, you just feel fantastic in your body."

Rebecca T.

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"My metabolism starts to function better when I'm doing Misty's class because I'm moving every little part of my body. When we accept our bodies and love what we have, we start allowing our ideal weight in."

Elizabeth M.

"The best benefit isn't weight loss - although I did lose 3 dress sizes. I think it's how you feel. So you're not focusing on a number on a scale, but you're feeling healthy, you just feel fantastic in your body."

Dani G.

"I felt so good. It's like nothing I've ever done. I didn't feel pressured to do a 'routine'. Misty encourages you to move how your body wants to move, not how anyone else's body moves. It just changed my outlook on life."

Krista J.

"Misty's workouts are something completely different. They're unique, they're empowering. They make you feel good about yourself. It's not just about how it benefits you physically, it's about how it benefits your state of mind."

Amber B.

"She customizes the workout to you. She's not telling you 'do this, do this, do this'. She's bringing it out of you. And it's not just so I can look good. It's so I can feel good, and feel confident about myself. Misty has made me embrace my body so much more than I have in the past."

Jessica C.

"I've done every single fitness DVD out there. In every other DVD that's I've done, you just go through the motions. Misty pops out of the screen and connects to you, and you feel like you're in your own domain. I immediately shed pounds, I immediately became leaner."

Alicia G. "She helps you to love yourself. The media bombards us with a lot of lies that we have to fit a certain mold. A lot of women are deceived in to thinking that they're not beautiful, that they're not worth anything. But you leave all that behind when you take her class. Loving your body isn't about what other people say, it's about truly looking within yourself. And as a result you will end up losing weight and losing inches because you're moving body and loving your body. "

Kim W.

"It makes you realize that beauty and strength come from the inside out. You're getting healthy in a way that's really fun. Her class has been a life altering experience."

Laura K.

"It's a lot of fun! I enjoy doing it."

Sharon F.

"Misty and the Groove method are based in the real, hard core, beautiful TRUTH and this resonated with me the instant I stepped into my first Groove dance party. I am blessed and grateful every day that Misty has crossed my path and that Grooving is now a part of my life. I have infused the Groove attitude into everything!"

Samantha H.

"As my body grooved, I found out things about myself I hadn't fully let out 100%. I found strength and beauty. I shined and since then I continue to shine. That one moment was life changing and I have lived my life differently, better, more delicious and more awesome ever since."

Mary T.

"I think one of the reasons that Misty is such an extraordinary person is that she lets you know that you're OK, no matter what. And not just that you're good, but that you're fantastic. You just feel so comfortable in your own skin that you realize you can do whatever you want."

Carla H.

"We love Misty so much. She is just so wonderful. She is AWESOME! Her unique teaching method of delivering intuitive message between mind and body to fulfill our fitness needs and goals is amazing. Her sensuality of dance and movements is incredible. We love her personality, enthusiasm and energy...and the way how she integrates/unites dance, fitness and philosophy as one whole. She is so different and amazing."

Candy Jing, China

"The wisdom in groove dancing is so simple and yet so powerful that I cannot stop smiling."

Goran, Denmark

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This product is not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Please talk with your doctor before beginning this or any fitness program. Because each Body Groove workout is unique, no typical results can be established. You may or may not lose weight. If you begin to feel any discomfort, please stop doing the workouts and talk to your doctor.

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