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GrAdes on the Rise

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7,000 Students Drop Out Every DayAfrican American Students are twice as likely as their white peersThe Statistics for Hispanic Students are even greater, they are more than four times as likely to drop out of high school.

There is an academic crisis in America today!

Finally: An Easy to Follow Guide to Improve Your Grades in High School

A critical Decision needs to be made now, what path will you help your student down?

It can be overwhelming to think that over a million freshmen entering high school each year will not graduate with their classmates four years later. And of those that do graduate, several will fail one or more courses during high school. If you or someone you care about is in danger of falling into these statistics I urge you to download my free report: The Top 3 Reasons a Student Fails a High School Class.


My report is an in-depth discovery from my view as an industry insider as to what goes on daily that contributes to students finding themselves in danger of not passing their classes.

The reality is that in America today, having a quality education is more important than ever.

It seems that every time you turn on the TV or long on to the Internet there is a headline about the economic problems in America. Let’s face it. Many of the jobs that employed our parents and grandparents have been shipped overseas or replaced by computers and technology. The fact that there are less and less available jobs means that there is more and more competition to fill them.

In addition, most of the newly created jobs are in industries or sectors that require increased levels of education and specialization. Students need to get the most out of their high school experience to give them a chance of competing in a global economy.

Over 1 million Freshmen Lost Each Year!

Over 1 million Freshmen Lost Each Year!

Over 1 million Freshmen Lost Each Year!

You don’t need to invent the wheel

High school is only a four year period of your (or your student’s) life. There is not enough time to take a trial and error approach to figuring out what are the most effective ways to succeed.

That’s why I created [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise.](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)

It takes the guesswork and mystery out of what needs to be done to improve your (or your student’s) grades NOW!

What separates us from the rest of the pack?

While there are other products on the market, there are two distinct differences that separate [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net) from all of the rest.

First, the guide you are considering takes a systematic approach to improving grades. It’s not just another set of word games and memorization techniques. [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net) works like an academic GPS to get you (or your student) to the academic destination in the shortest amount of time possible.

Second, all of the content has been tested and refined in actual high school courses by actual high school students. This is not a system designed for college students that is being adapted for high school. I have presented these concepts to student and parents and implemented them in my personal classroom with great success. I know they will work for you.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

[Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net) was created to be the most strait forward guide to what steps need to be taken to develop sustainable academic achievement. It is streamlined to be able to be read in a short amount of time so that action can be taken immediately. [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[ ](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)easy to follow 3 -step process that enlightens and empowers you as to what steps need to be taken to quickly improve your grades.

During Step 1: Current Grade Assessment

- Determine what your current grades are in your classes

- Communicate with your teachers to let them know you are working to improve your grades

- Establish a starting point from which you will improve your grades

During Step 2: Setting Goals

- Determine where you want your grades to be

- Separate goals from dreams

- Understand you attract what you focus on

- Learn how to write SMART goals

- Realize that individuals who set goals attain more success than those who don’t

During Step 3: Putting your plan in action

- Create a personalized calendar to stay organized

- Establish a routine you can stick to

- Learn to prioritize your time every day

To make it easier , I have included my ready-to-use templates. You will have everything you need to assist you with this process. There is no guess work in what tools you will need to succeed. All you need to do is download and begin. You will be quickly on your way to academic achievement."

You can get my guide for only $39.95 and by this time next week you’ll be on your way to reaching your academic goals. [Order Now...](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)

Still not sure? Let me include my free bonus report!

In addition to receiving [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[,](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net) you will also get my bonus report, Tips and Tricks of “Strait A” Students. This report is valued at $19.95. But it’s yours for FREE!

There are definitely tips and tricks to doing better in high school while putting in less effort. Those on my list are the most powerful actions you can take to dramatically speed up the grade improvement process.These are the same tips and tricks that students in my high school classes have employed on their way to being accepted by many of the top universities in the United States and abroad.

The truth is that “Strait A” students don’t necessarily work harder than everyone else. It’s just that they get more results from their actions. You will be amazed how these simple actions will translate into sustained academic achievement.

Let me prove my commitment to you- RISK FREE!

Many tutors will charge you $75 or more for 1 hour of their time. This is almost twice as much as the investment in [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net). With my system, you will see improved grades in all subjects without the need to make future financial investments. And I am going to put my money where my mouth is. You have my 100% 60 Day money back guarantee.

Download [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[ ](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)and follow the steps that are explained. Print out the templates and incorporate them as you establish your academic routine. You will wonder why you didn’t know about this sooner. You must be amazed with the value you get from my guide or I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money.

One more bonus as my thank you for trying out my guide:

In the course of finding new ways to bring out the best in my students, I began adding a weekly motivational quote on my white board. Each week during this past school year I have been posting a new quote to ignite their emotions as they work to do their best. The response of my students has been nothing short of phenomenal. Each Monday they look forward to the quote of the week. I want to reward people who are willing to take action and invest in their own success. Therefore, if you get [Gr](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[A](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[des on the Rise](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net)[ ](http://1.gotrcom.pay.clickbank.net) within the next 30 days, I’ll include my list of motivational quotes as an extra resource for free. But it’s only available if you respond within the next 30 days. Remember, your investment is completely guaranteed and, no matter what, you get to keep the list of motivational quotes.

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