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Have You Ever Wanted To Draw Exiting, Dynamic And Cool
Looking Perspectives?
If The Answer Is YES Then This Ebook Is For YOU!

Whether you're an art student, designer,architect, illustrator or a
person who just enjoys drawing, chances are you would at sometime
encountered the area of perspective within your drawing. In this
fascinating subject, the effects can be seen in nearly all forms of
drawing, from still life right thru to 3D computer renderings. Yet
it's principles can be difficult to understand and even harder to

With that in mind i have created an outstanding, easy to follow guide
for teaching YOU how to draw in perspective called...


This is an complete 68 page, A-B-C manual where you will discover the
principles and basics of 3 dimensional drawing. It is packed full of
tutorials starting with the simplest one point perspective excercises,
right through to more advanced 2 and 3-point perspectives, whereby you
can then apply your newly accomplished skills to whatever subject
matter you draw. In no time at all, you ,will be producing cool
perspective drawings!

Reproduced below are just a few scaled down pages from the ebook...

And here is a close up, sneak-peek at some of the
features covered in this ebook:

super easy follow-along exercises of one point and two point
perspectives! This is just a tiny example of what you get!

Discover how to create cool drawings and shadows
by following along with these simple examples

* A concise and comprehensive description of the rules of
perspective established by artists from antiquity, but explained for
you in an easy to understand way.
* Easy to do step-by-step tutorials to start drawing your first ever
perspective drawings
* Examples and tutorials for drawing simple everyday objects such as
tables and chairs and from varying eye levels

* How to draw a simple room and how to correctly proportion surfaces
such as tiles on the floor or ceiling
* How to draw circles and cylinders in single point perspective
* How to draw 2-point perspective
* How to correctly draw shadows around objects that will make your
drawings jump off the page!
* Exploring 2-point perspective further, with some easy to do
examples for your to try
* Exploring crazy 3-point perspective and how it's used within
certain art forms such as comic book art, for creating dramatic and
dynamic drawings
* Free stylin' your new-found skill in 3d drawing to create weird and
wonderfull perspectives that capture the imagination
* A small example of advanced techniques of perspective drawing that
you can try when your ready
* ...and much more!

you can develope a sketchy style like this, that adds character to
your work once your'e comfortable with the basics - looks good too!!

So...What Do I Do?

I am a full time fully qualified Interior designer and architectural
illustrator working in interior design. I Have over 15 years of
experience in perspective drawing, free hand drawing, cad and design
in general. As you may imagine, i have drawn countless and varied
subjects thoughout this time, from furniture, bars, nightclubs,
buildings, aeroplanes, artwork for websites (such as fruit, people,
beer bottles and even pizzas!) As well as that i design, make radio
controlled aeroplanes, all of which involves a great deal of
prototyping, and extensive use of perspective drawing skills that i
have developed over the years. And now i want to share this knowledge
with You!

it won't be long before you can produce
cool interior perspectives like these!

I am confident that you will be very happy with the content and value
of my ebook which will enable you to develope great visualizing
skills. If however you are not entirely happy, simply drop me an email
for a full, courteous no questions asked refund.

This is a great guide that will boost your ability and confidence to
produce perspective drawings from scratch. Just imagine how impressed
your family, friends and work colleagues will be when they see these
dynamic realistic 3dimensional hand drawings produced by YOU!
_Make a start right now and claim your copy of this great book, _
"Claim Your Copy Now!"

Once you click the Add to Cart button, your order will be directed to
the Clickbank Secure server. After payment you will then be directed
to the Thank You Page. You can then download your copy of Perspective
Made Easy ebook and start drawing straight away!

Thanks for stopping by!


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