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Absolutely Everything You Need to
Know About How to Keep Chickens
in the Most Simple & Natural Way to
Boost Your Egg Production.

Following this time-tested wisdom, your chickens will lay more eggs
and stay healthy and disease-free.  But that’s only the start!  Chickens4Wealth will show you a whole bag-full of things that other chicken books don’t even recognize.

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After Reading & Watching
Chickens4Wealth You Will Know:
How to get your chickens to lay more eggs How to select the right breeds Where to get your chickens The number of chickens you should own How to make your chickens calm and trusting How to make money from your chickens How to use your chickens to make your backyard self-sustainable The type of enclosure that best suits your situation How to build your enclosure How to set up your enclosure so that it's easy to manage How to feed your chickens How to use your chickens to cultivate the ground How to breed chickens How to prepare a chicken for eating How to prevent husbandry problems How to avoid any sort of problem whatsoever
Harness the Power of Chickens for Food Production in Your Backyard by Learning the Key Secrets to Do it Easily and With Confidence.

As far back as anyone can remember, chickens have been one of the cornerstones of a successful farm.  Over the last few generations, the art of keeping chickens has been lost.  This age-old tradition of living closely with chickens has been replaced by a world that operates at full-throttle, even at the expense of our health and sanity.  Chickens4Wealth will help you to change all that.

Chickens4Wealth will not just show you why Chickens are so important but help you reap all the benefits.

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Eggs - A Powerful Food Source
Eggs contain the highest quality, complete food protein available, but not all eggs are equal.  Did you know that an egg from a backyard chicken can contain up to four times the Omega 3 levels, four times the vitamin E levels and three times the B12 levels than that of a battery hen egg?  Imagine how much healthier you will be when you can collect such a powerful food-source from your backyard. 

A More Humane World
Free-range commercial hens live in flocks of up to 3,500 birds.  This is abnormally large and they frequently kill and eat each other.  At eighteen months of age they’re killed and composted.  Sometimes hens that haven’t been euthanized properly are found crawling out of the compost pile.  Your backyard chickens can be kept in conditions that are much closer to the way they would live naturally.  They will live full and happy lives. You will be contributing towards a more civilized and humane world.

A Happier You
Chickens make great pets and can be a wonderful source of companionship.  Chickens4Wealth will show you how to turn your chickens into trusting friends. They will be the calmest and friendliest birds you have ever known.  Your friends, family and neighbors will be amazed!

Jonathan White, environmental scientist and horticulturalist, devotes his time to researching the most simple and effective ways that everyday people can grow food in small areas.  He has developed Chickens4Wealth from years of research and experience.  He shares his knowledge with you in an inspiring and motivating way so that your chickens will be a breeze to look after, produce nutritious eggs, amazing fertilizer and put nutrients into your garden.

After reading, listening and watching Chickens4Wealth, you will be boosted with so much confidence and practical knowledge that you'll want to get started right away and Chickens4Wealth includes an easy step-by-step quick start guide to get you started without overwhelming you.  Most importantly, Jonathan will show you how to keep your chickens in a more natural way where they can become an integral part of the food-growing cycle in your very own backyard farm.

From Jonathan White
Environmental Scientist and Horticulturalist
and creator of Food4Wealth and Chickens4Wealth:

Hi, I’m Jonathan White, author of the internationally popular ePackage, Food4Wealth, an ecologically-based, high-yielding food-growing method.  My main interest in chickens is their ability to fit into the whole food-growing system, although I also have a deep respect for them as individual beings. 

Tamey always puts the hens before himself.  He brings order and dignity to the flock. He's an old-fashioned gentleman and his favourite girl is Fluffy.   
My philosophy on all things is to work with nature - never against it.  And the same goes for my approach to keeping chickens.  There is a magical relationship that can develop between humans and chickens, where both parties can gain so much from each other.  When chickens are fulfilled naturally, they can work wonders in your backyard, turning it into a rich and dynamic food-growing system.  And they do it all for chicken feed!

Milky, may be small, but she has the heart of a lion. She's a true adventurer and the smartest chicken in the flock. 
The True Value of Chickens
Chickens4Wealth is the only book that will show you the true value of the humble chicken.  Most people have a very narrow view of chickens and only see them as meat and eggs.  Over the years, I have been able to realize their full potential and have made them a part of my family as well as an integral part of my food-growing system. 

Fluffy Sweet, gentle Fluffy brings peace to the flock.  She has been a patient and caring mother to many chicks and she always leads by example. 
Let’s look at some numbers.  Six chickens will give you approximately $600 worth of fresh organic eggs and $200 worth of fertilizer per year; a total of $800!  However, their true value is so much higher.  When chickens are used properly, they will send your whole food-growing system into overdrive, making productivity skyrocket.  Let me show you how to do it!

I’ve made Chickens4Wealth easy for everyone. It doesn't matter if you just want to keep a few chickens to provide your family with a good supply of eggs, or if you want to take things further by integrating them into your overall food-growing system.  Chickens4Wealth will show you how to do both. I've made [Chickens4Wealth](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/) so simple, anyone can do it.


I've Made Chickens4Wealth
So Simple, Everyone Can Do It.

Learning About Chickens Has
Never Been So Easy!

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140 Page eBook Packed with
Knowledge, Wisdom & Experience

You’ll get an easy-to-read eBook that tells you absolutely everything you need to know about chickens.  Reading is made fun and interesting with a light conversational tone and personal feel.  You will share Jonathan’s love of chickens as he passes on years of knowledge and shares stories of his own flock. 


60 Minutes of Video Tutorials

You’ll get over one hour of video tutorials – it’s fantastic for people who are visual learners.  See Jonathan in action, doing everything from making egg boxes to shovelling manure. 

AudioBook Version of the eBook

You’ll get an audio book, which is great for people who are too busy to read.  With your audio book, you can literally learn about chickens while you are driving to work or walking the dog. 

Easy Step-by-Step New Owner Starters Guide

You’ll get an easy, 12 page quick-start guide so that you can get all the really important bits of information at a glance.  With this step-by-step guide, you will learn everything from training chickens to come when they’re called to feeding schedules. 



[ Order Today!](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)

Take Advantage of this low price today.

[](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)You are about to get instant access to download the complete Chickens4Wealth ePackage that will inspire and build your confidence to keep happy, healthy chickens and boost your food production.

Your Chickens4Wealth Membership will guide you to save hundreds of dollars per year and save you a lot of time by showing you the secrets to do it easily from day one, all for a very low, [special one-time fee of just $39.97](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)

To get started, simply [click here to order](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/) at this low price.

The Chickens4Wealth ePackage is presented in Adobe's PDF format and the 60 minutes of video are in Flash format or downloadable Windows Media Files.

Low Price Offer Today:
Only $39.97

[Buy today](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/), become a member and you will be Guaranteed to receive all future updates.

Full 8 Week (60 Days) Money Back Refund Guarantee

If Chickens4Wealth does not help you keep happy, healthy chickens then email your request for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

[ GET INSTANT ACCESS & DOWNLOAD NOW](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)
[](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/) [](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)



Chickens4Wealth Power

In a nutshell, [Chickens4Wealth](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/) will make it simple for you to own chickens.  There are so many different ways to keep chickens and this ePackage discusses them all.  After reading and watching Chickens4Wealth you will have enough knowledge to be able to choose the best set-up for your situation.  And if you already own chickens, you will learn how to get so much more out of them.


If we are to make a difference to our planet, live economically and improve our lives, we need to start taking action - real physical action.  Sitting around talking about it won't change a thing, but humanely raising backyard chickens and producing organic eggs will make a positive change to the planet.

With more people like you raising chickens in a healthy respectful way, we are all bound to spark a revolution in food production that will make our world a better place.


Jonathan White
Environmental Scientist and Horticulturalist
and creator of [Chickens4Wealth.com](http://1.chickens4w.pay.clickbank.net/)

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Ecologically Sustainable Food Production at home,
for a Healthier Earth and Happier and Wealthier People.

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