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From: Leon Wu

If you have a website, you need traffic.

Regardless of what product or service you are selling, it’s been proven that the more visitors you get to come to your website, the higher your sales will be.

The trick is, you have to get customers to visit!

There are millions of websites all trying to catch the customer’s eyes, but only a handful ever get more than a small stream of visitors.

Some websites sit for months waiting for customers that will never show. Without customers, they eventually fade away.

To be truly profitable, you need visitors, and a lot of them.

The more visitors you get, the more money you make!


So how do I win more traffic

where so many others have tried and failed?


This Is Where Viral Traffic Really Works!!

Look At My Website Traffic 1

Look At My Website Traffic 2

Look At My Website Traffic 3


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There are really only two things you need to do to bring a flood of visitors to your website.

Get the word out to as many other people as possible!


“Word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective way to get word out about your site!”


You can always buy traffic, if you have the money. There are plenty of internet marketers that would be glad to send traffic your way if the price is right. But wouldn’t it be better to get other people to spread the word about your site…For Free???

That is what viral marketing is all about!!

A visitor to your site sees something they like, and they tell a couple of people.

Those people come to your site, and then each of them tell a couple more people, and those people tell a couple more people, and so on.

It doesn’t take long before thousands of people have heard about your website, and they all stop in to see what the buzz is about.

The best part is, after you spend the money to get it set up and running, all or the rest happens without you having to spend any more money. Other people and website are happy to spread the word for you, at their own expense!!

The only extra you will have to pay is for more bandwidth to handle all of the customers!!


It sounds so easy!!

How can I get a flood of traffic to come to my site??


We’ve researched and found the best ways to get people to notice your site!

By studying what has worked for other successful viral marketing campaigns, we can share with you some of the best ways to get your visitors to tell their friends, family, and associates about your website!

You can learn how to put together a strategy that works best for you in our powerful guide,

“Viral Traffic Empire Formula: Flood Your Site in Traffic with 21 Pumps!”

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With This Super Viral Traffic Empire Formula

You will know:

Why you should be using viral marketing– not all advertising is equal

The strategy behind getting more traffic without paying more money – FREE Traffic!!

Amazing strategies that will bring free traffic to your site years after the advertising campaign has ended.

Protect yourself from complaints and negative comments. Build a buffer that shields your good reputation.

Find customers you didn’t even know existed – Viral messages spread to every “hidden” niche on the web.

The truth behind marketers promises to make your marketing go viral – learn what they can and cannot guarantee.

Learn the secret to getting customers to return over and over again – build a fiercely traffic empire!!

“Free” will not always bring more customers – discover the tricks that will catch the interest of picky consumers.

You can put your “brand” in front of thousands of eyes – before they even go to your site.

Secrets that make it easy for your visitors to tell others – This one secret can make your message spread like wildfire.

You can get other websites to advertise for you…for free – and they are glad to do it!

Discover the tricks that will move your site higher on Google – Learn why Google likes some sites better than others.

Learn how becoming an expert in your niche will bring people to your website – gain the trust of your customers, and they will listen to what you have to say.

You can get other people to drive traffic to your website – and only pay them for the items that sell.

Get your message out, even when your customers are not online – and get them to remember you the next time they are online.


Using any one of these techniques can send a flood of traffic to your site. By learning to combine them and use them together, your visitor counts will explode. You can start seeing amazing results within days of starting your new advertising campaign!!

Just advertising your site is not enough. You need to get your message out to people who want to hear what you have to say!!

You’ll also discover:

Why referrals from friends and family are so powerful.

How to turn visitors into your own marketing network.

How to attract customers that want to buy your product.

How to turn yourself into an expert in your niche.

How one site earned $1 Million with an idea no one thought would work.

Why some techniques go viral while others just sit there.

The only question left to ask is, what is stopping you from doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your visitor count, with no additional cost?

We are so confident that your traffic will explode that we are taking all of the risk for you.

If these techniques do not work, we will give you your money back…GUARANTEED!

You can use this report for up to 60 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

You have to act now!! “Viral Traffic Empire Formula: Flood Your Site in Traffic with 21 Pumps!” can be yours for the incredibly low price of $21.00!!

Do not lose this chance today!!

You have up to 60 days to try these techniques risk free!!

You get the traffic or you don’t pay!!

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This Is Your Choice!!!!

21$ For Millions Of Unique Visitors, Or You Still Straggling For Traffic!!

Your Choice??


World Famous Viral Marketing Expert

"VIRAL Marketing Is The Most Important Part Of PRIMO! It Is VIRAL Marketing That Really Works!!"

------Tom Hua,WorldInternetSummit

What World Famous Viral Marketing Expert Say??

"You will not be so successful unless you try out these 21 pumps of Viral Traffic!! This is the book I will strongly recommend!!"

------Tom Hua


US Eight Figure Coaching Expert

"I earn 200Million dollars per year, viral traffic empire is pretty effective, I am crazy at viral traffic!! The most amazing thing is the FREE millions of vistors to my websites automatically!"

------Ethan Tony Chien


"I feel great because I am touring while there is still traffic floods to my website, it's so amazing that the most difficult 'traffic' thing is now totally automatic!!

Viral Traffic Empire Formula is of course my recommendation!!"

------Phillip Maxcofy

"Viral traffic is another FREE traffic method, viral traffic empire formula has broadened my mind into another way of getting free traffic, I feel excited about this book!!"

------SEO expert,Hui Ming Chien

I Want More Traffic Now!

I am tired of poor results, and I want a flood of visitors to my website. I am ready for:
Proven techniques that have been successful. Simple, easy to use techniques that I can use. Visitors that will advertise for me…for free.
This report is an instant download. I can be on my way to attracting thousands of visitors within minutes!!

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If you are not 100% Satisfied, You Don’t Pay!!

Download “Viral Traffic Generation: 21 Pumps to Flood Your Site in Traffic”

Start learning how you can build a viral marketing campaign.

You have up to two months, and if you aren’t satisfied with your results, it won’t cost you a penny!!


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P. S.

Did I mention that you can get others to do your marketing for you, and it won’t cost you any extra money?

This is really an amazing technique!!

P. S. S.

Don’t forget about our guarantee. If these techniques don’t help bring traffic to your site, you get all of your money back!!

To YOUR Success,

Leon Wu


[Contact Us](http://www.ixghost.com/earnings-disclaimer.html)


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