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"...LOL, anyone who thinks CPA polls are dead obviously hasn't been looking at FaceBook recently. I use them all the time and so do many of my competitors!"
-Rick C "...WP-PollMaster + Facebook Ads = GOLDMINE"
-Dennis F "...my conversion rates have more than tripled since I started using poll landing pages!"
-Shyam P "WP-PollMaster is the easiest tool for creating landing pages I have ever used..."
-Adam B "Finally, a plugin for wordpress to make poll pages! Brilliant!"
-fishandchips "...installed and had my first poll up in less than 10 min, couldn't be easier!"
-Samantha W "...made back the cost of WP-Pollmaster in the first day, wish I found it sooner."
-Alex S "There is simply no better CPA poll landing page generator for WordPress. Period."
-Levi R "I got my first campaign up and approved by facebook. Traffic is rolling in, even some conversions already!"
-lazyhorse "AMAZING! Conversion rate has skyrocketed overnight! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!"
-Randall C "I wasn't sure at first how well this would work, but after seeing my competitors use polls I gave it a shot...I am a believer now!"
-Janet + Roger D

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Welcome to the offical home of WP-PollMaster!

WP-PollMaster is the only wordpress plugin for creating Professional CPA (Cost Per Action) Poll Landing Pages. These types of poll landing pages have been used successfully for years and bring amazing conversions with all types of traffic!

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WP-Poll Master Features:
Create Unlimited Number Of Polls. There is no limit to the number of polls you can create manage and track with WP-PollMaster. With the simple to operate wordpress admin panel you can ad, remove, edit and track all of your polls with ease! Templates, templates and more templates! WP-PollMaster has a unique templateing system that is simple to use but extremely powerful. You can use the dynamic template builder to create custom poll designs to match your theme in minutes! With the HTML templates you can fully customize the layout and displays of your polls! In a hurry? Don’t worry! WP-PollMaster comes with premade templates for free! Referrer blanking: To blank or not to blank? You have the option of turning on referrer blanking for each of your polls. When enabled the users referrer will be cleared before sending the user to your CPA offer. This will ensure that your Affiliate Network does not see where your traffic is coming from. Disable redirects. Getting pages with any kind of CPA action on it is very difficult for many ad networks like FaceBook. To overcome this WP-PollMaster has implemented an option to disable the redirects. Simply disable the redirect and wait until your ad is approved then just re-enable the redirect! This works GREAT with FaceBook Ads. Rotate your CPA offers. You can easily add as many CPA links for each poll as you want. Each time someone votes on that poll they will be redirected to a link randomly from the list. GEO-Targeting of offers! You have the ability to specify what county should be assigned with each link you add to a poll; Or just leave it blank to allow traffic from all countries. Users will only be shown offers designated for their country or offers for all countries! Vote and click through tracking. WP-PollMaster tracks all votes made for each poll along with what link the user was referred to afterwards. This allows you to see what polls are performing well and split test different polls with ease!

Why WP-PollMaster?

Poll style landing pages are some of the best converting pages for all types of traffic, especially social traffic from places like FaceBook and Twitter. These polls have been around for quite some time and still work great. The reason for their success is how it gets the user interacting with your landing page. When users start interacting they are much more likely to continue on and fill out a CPA offer!






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