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Forex Robot
Expert Advisor System


monitors the market analyzes the information requires NO human intervention intercepts the best possible trades for you may TRIPPLE YOUR ACCOUNT in a matter of months!
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B.O.R.N is a higly sophisticated

system that proves an average of 87% to 94% winning trades. It has been designed to accommodate different risk levels depending on your particular trading style and appetite.

[more details](about_B.O.R.N_Night_Owl.html)

B.O.R.N is the result

of the hard work of a team of professional traders and highly experienced programmers. The algorithms which are built into B.O.R.N’s source code use cutting edge programming and provide for its hard to believe success.

[more details](about_B.O.R.N_Night_Owl.html)

B.O.R.N is fully automated

and does not require any human intervention - that is to say that you do not need any computer or trading specific skills and knowledge and that once the system has been properly set up, you can leave everything to B.O.R.N.

[more details](about_B.O.R.N_Night_Owl.html)

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