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  Breast Cancer: Step by Step Guide to Perfect Health

Breast Cancer
Learn How To Beat Breast Cancer the Natural Way

Cancer is now the #1 killer of all diseases in our Western society and Breast Cancer is the  #1 killer among women. 1 in 8 women, who live to the age of 85, will develop Breast Cancer.

We now realize that  almost every disease has a nutritional basis.

Cancer is a very emotional experience, but it is not a death sentence.

For you and your family fear can be provoked due to the unknown territory, and you might choose the conventional route with all it's well known, devastating, side effects.
However, most conventional breast cancer treatments are the mere treatment of the symptoms and not a treatment of the actual cause of the disease. 

By working through this Step by Step guide, you will learn how to address the  actual cause of your breast cancer.

Like the title says: Step by Step, Guide to Perfect Health

 Step 1: We show you exactly what breast cancer is.
               The different Types of breast cancer
               The Symptoms of breast cancer
               The  different types of breast examinations and the safest options.
               Stages of breast cancer
Step 2:  Causes and risk factors of breast cancer
                Different conventional treatment options and their limitations. 
                Alternative treatment options and their successes.
Step 3:   Lifestyle Changes Needed to beat breast cancer
                What is needed to discourage cancer growth?
                What to do to expel cancer from your body
                Which Foods And Supplements needed to do the job
Step 4:  6 Vital Steps Needed To Beat Breast Cancer 
Step 5:  A Daily regimen to follow, including juice recipes, breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner recipes, plus a menu example. 
                Advantages and disadvantages of the different Cooking Methods
                Drink options
                Exercise Options
                A repeatable 7-day Step by Step guide to perfect health

Your Health is Worth More Than Trusting a System, who do not know whether it's Treatment is effective or not. 
There are two things we don't know about breast cancer. We don't know the cause, and we don't know the cure.
Nancy Brinker Chairwoman of the President's Special Commission on Breast Cancer  

Ultimate Freedom is to Take your Health in your own Hands!  

Get your own map to freedom and skip the devastating side effects of conventional Breast Cancer Treatment.
Nature has the answer, that is how we were created. No conventional treatment can guarantee anything. Your body can and will heal itself with the right treatment.

"The diagnosis was established when Jean’s physicians performed exploratory surgery and discovered a fist-sized tumor on his pancreas; because it had spread to the duodenum, it was inoperable. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most intractable cancers known and is generally regarded as a death sentence. 
Although Kohler was told that he had no chance of survival, he took one course of chemotherapy, which did not have any effect.
Kohler was then introduced to the macrobiotics (raw foods) and immediately started with the diet. Within a year, his laboratory tests showed no sign of cancer, and he was feeling fine."

Don't waste any time, even if you still have doubts about nutritional healing, you can only win your health back by taking a step in the right direction with this Step by Step guide.

        For Only $ 28.95 you will get the 73 page (A4) Book
    You can Download the Breast Cancer Guide immediately after payment.  



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