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World's Fair & Exposition Corkscrews and Openers

by Don Bull

Winner of the 2010 Homer Babbdige Award presented by
the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts.

This e-book covers exhibitions from 1825-1940. Illustrated with 125 corkscrews and openers from various events. 66 pages (PDF).

Corkscrews and Bottle Openers have made many appearances at Expositions and Fairs. This study gives you a glimpse at some of them as well as a look at who exhibited and when. In many of the directories I searched, manufacturers that are known to have corkscrews in their product lines appear. However, if they are not listed in the directories as exhibiting corkscrews, many of those listings are not included in this study.

There are references to companies giving away corkscrews at these events. William Rockwell Clough exhibited his patented machine with the capability of producing 5000 small medicine corkscrews a day on display at several expositions. It is not unlikely that the corkscrews were given away as they came out of the machine.

However, corkscrews were also sold as souvenirs at the expositions. In the October 15, 1893 issue of The Pharmaceutical Era this blurb about the 1893 Columbian Expositions appeared:

Clough & Maconnell, of New York, have an interesting exhibit, consisting of a machine with power attached for the manufacture of Clough's improved corkscrews. The firm has a concession for selling their goods and are disposing of many of their pocket cork extractors to visitors who desire to carry away a useful souvenir of the exposition.

These would likely be the pieces with sheaths stamped with the name of the event.

Frequent exhibitors are cutlers such as Brookes & Crookes, Rodgers, and Wostenholm (England), Boker (Germany), and many others. These firms may well have had knives with corkscrew attachments in their exhibits but directories do not for the most part break this down. There are, however, a few represented in this document for obvious reasons. For example, when one considers the size of the Landers, Frary & Clark exhibit, it is hard to imagine that their corkscrews were not included in the displays. In the directory of the 1864 Fourth Industrial Exhibiton of the Mechanics' Institute of the City of San Francisco, Will & Finck is listed as exhibiting corkscrews, but in the directory of the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition the listing does not specify corkscrews:

(Exhibit)114. Will & Finck, San Francisco, Cal., U. S. TABLE CUTLERY. Report.-Commended as substantial and well-finished goods; also tasteful in patterns.

Various fair, exhibition, and exposition catalogs and directories list a number of breweries and wineries. Although some of them may have had corkscrews and bottle openers in their exhibits, there is no hard evidence to support it. However, some assumptions can be made to support the presence of such at the exhibitions. Several examples can be found throughout the book including the notable pocket knives from Anheuser Busch Brewing.

Some corkscrew manufacturers you will find in the book: Clough, Davis, Gorham, Perille, Delavigne, Heljestrand, Menneret, Thinnet, Heeley, Williamson, Becker, Enterprise, Walker, Frary, and more.

World's Fair & Exposition Corkscrews and Openers
66 page PDF (4.4mb)

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Don Bull is the world's leading authority on corkscrews. He has authored numerous books on the subject including The Ultimate Corkscrew Book, Bull's Pocket Guide to Corkscrews, Figural Corkscrews, Corkscrew Stories Volumes 1-4, Corkscrew Ephermera Volumes 1-4, The Perfect Extractor, Corkscrew Patents of Japan, and Cork Ejectors.

Additional books by Bull include Just for Openers (with John Stanley), Beer Advertising Knives (etc.), Anri Woodcarvings (with Philly Rains), Soda Advertising Openers, and Champagne Collectibles (with Joe Paradi).

Questions? Email [dbull@bullworks.net](mailto:dbull@bullworks.net)

Events included in the book:

1825 Algemeene Tentoonstelling, Haarlem, Netherlands
1835 La Belgique Industrielle, Brussels, Belgium
1840 Dresden, Germany
1851 The Great Exhibition, London, England
1853 Irish Industrial Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland
1853 New York Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations
1854 Munich Industrial Exposition, Germany
1854 New York Industrial Exhibition
1855 Connecticut State Fair, Hartford
1858 London
1861 Esposizione Italiana Agraria, Industriale e Artistica, Firenze (Florence)
1862 International Exhibition, London
1864 Fourth Industrial Exhibition of the Mechanics' Institute of the City of San Francisco
1865 Dublin International Exhibition
1865 Internationalen Landwirthschaftlichen Ausstellung zu Köln
1867 Exposition Universelle, Paris
1872 California Agricultural Exhibition, San Francisco
1873 Vienna Universal Exhibition
1876 International Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia
1878 Exposition Universelle, Paris
1880 International Exhibition Melbourne, Australia
1881 Adelaide, Australia
1881 Exposition International D’Électricité, Paris
1883 The American Exhibition of the Products, Arts and Manufactures of Foreign Nations, Boston, Massachusetts
1883 International Fisheries Exhibition, London
1884 International Health Exhibition, London
1884 Fifteenth Triennial Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association
1885 International Inventions Exhibition, London
1888 Glasgow International Exhibition, Scotland
1889 Exposition Universelle, Paris
1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, USA
1894 Exposition Universelle Anvers (Antwerp, Belgium)
1894 Midwinter Fair (49 California 94)
1894 Nantasket Beach (Massachusetts)
1894 Clough Mobile Exhibition
1895 Atlanta Cotton States & International Exposition, Atlanta
1898 Expositions d’Instruments et de Machines Agricoles, Paris, March 7 – May 15
1898 Frankfurt Am Main Exhibition
1900 Exposition Universelle, Paris
1901 Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York
1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
1906 Exposition Coloniale, Marseille, France
1906 Exposition Internationale de Tourcoing
1907 Society of National Craftsman Exhibition, New York
1908 National Association of Master Plumbers, Boston, Massachusetts
1908 House Furnishing Goods Exposition at Madison Square Garden, New York
1910 Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium)
1913 International Exposition of Refrigeration, Chicago
1914 Exposition Universelle Lyon, France
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, San Francisco
1933-1934 A Century of Progress, Chicago
1936-1937 Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio
1939-1940 New York World’s Fair
1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exhibition, Treasure Island, San Francisco

World's Fair & Exposition Corkscrews and Openers
66 page PDF (4.4mb)

Buy it now for only $12.95.

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.bullbooks.pay.clickbank.net)

The e-book will me emailed to you within 48 hours from [dbull@bullworks.net](mailto:dbull@bullworks.net)

Questions? Email [dbull@bullworks.net](mailto:dbull@bullworks.net)

Blatz Brewing Company displayed this painting
at the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

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