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If the PRICE of your product is the problem…


No Matter What You Are Selling Online.... Your Marketing Is The Only Thing That Sells It.


We have a very special offer for you today.

Through this offer only... We have put 5 of our top selling books into one bundled package for you.  

Normally these books sell for $40 to $50 each for a total of $200 — $250.    


These books are the most comprehensive books online.  They are packed with tons and tons of information.  The descriptions below barley scratch the surface as to how much information is in these books.


Here is a small description for each of the 5 books.

Advanced SEO Techniques
Turbo Charge Your Traffic & Profits on Autopilot.

This book covers some major topics;   The Google Algorithm, The Google Dance Tool, Popularity Page Ranking, Submitting your URL to Google, Cloaking, Google Guidelines,  Step by Step Page Optimization, and  so much more.  This book is a 10 for information!


Writing Copy
Write The Best Marketing Online in Minutes

My personal life book;   Keywords, Writing Articles,  Article Marketing, Promoting Your Articles.  This is the very foundation of marketing.  Learn how to save thousands of dollars using Articles.


Super JV Secrets
Proven Tactics for Getting Top Joint Venture Partners To
Promote For YOU!!

Make Money Using Other People.  Here are just some of the Chapters;  What is a JV, How to GET a Top JV, Who to go after, Personal Successes with JV,  Three Key Elements to a Successful JV. No matter what industry, this book is a must have.


Viral Traffic Generation
21 Ways to Flood Your Site With Traffic

What is Viral Marketing, Why should I use Viral Marketing,  21 ways include;  Give something away free, Create an offer, Use an RSS Feed, Build a Community, Setup an Affiliate Program for others to market you products.

Web Domination 2.0
Master The New Rules of Online Marketing

Web 2.0 websites are user generated content sites.  Visitors to the sites sign up and then start contributing their own content to the site.  MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Shoutpost, Tagged, and other Social Media or Social Sharing sites are all Web 2.0 websites. Learn how to Dominate all of these sites and  Generate an income from it as well.


Online,… The Marketing Sells The Product

No matter how great your product is... if your marketing sucks you won’t have any sales.


If your marketing is ROCKSTAR… then the product doesn’t matter.

 Meaning;  with ROCKSTAR marketing you will have sold the customer no matter what the product is.



Knowledge is everything when it comes to internet marketing. There is more information in these 5 books than any other offer online.

For this offer only...  the Price has been knocked down from $250.00 to a ridiculous price of...

ONLY... $47.00





Get started making money online today!



Direct Source Millionaire… A Complete Library Of Books, Videos, and Courses To Make Money Online.

We are a customer service orientated company.  Please feel free to call us below.


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