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Things You Should Know

• 50% of American homes have a pornography problem/addiction.
• A filter is not enough to prevent these addictions and the consequent problems.
• Teens are becoming a primary target for identity theft. Protecting your identity requires more effort than ever before!
• Technology issues have become a source of family contention. Parent-child relationships can be negatively affected because of computer use, cell phones, iPods, mp3. Get informed, and get involved to improve these relationships.
• FamilyNetShield helps to prevent your family from being exposed to pornography, spyware and other unwanted content. We have products and help that protect you from identity theft and serious, life altering addictions. We provide resources that connect you with professional counselors (if you have a need) and other helpful information for your family.

[Our Comprehensive Filter](http://www.familynetshield.com/FamousFilter/Default.aspx)

- Protect up to three computers.
Our filter was created by internet
filter designers with 15 years of filtering experience.

[Helpful E-Newsletters](http://www.familynetshield.com/Library/samples/parenting.aspx)

- Parenting advice, tips for teens
from professional counselors.
- Identity protection advice.
- Technology education for parents.

[Exclusive Access](http://www.familynetshield.com/Library/Default.aspx)

- Our website with library resources and email newsletters.
- Media to strengthen and support you and your family.
- Professional counselors through our website.
- Applications for smart phones and computers.


Monthly enrollers will be billed $16.95 initially, then $16.95 per month for 11 months following.
Membership allows access to FamilyNetShield’s website and all its resources.

• FamilyNetShield membership gives you access to all of our library information, monthly newsletters,
help from professionals and the FamilyNetShield filter.
• The FamilyNetShield filter is an executable file that is downloaded from the website.
• The FamilyNetShield filter is available for Windows OS only (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7)
• Our products are available in English only.
• The FamilyNetShield website will be immediately available after sign-up. The filter can be downloaded
immediately after log-in and will take just a few seconds with a broadband internet connection. Download may
take 5+ minutes with a dial-up connection.
• You will receive a newsletter during the first week of each month with helpful information about parenting,
technological issues, strengthening the family, addiction, protection against identity theft and other important issues
related to technology in your life and the effects on your family.

Please [contact us here](http://www.familynetshield.com/cb/contact.aspx) if you have additional needs or questions.

To help improve our service to you, would you please consider taking a quick survey about your experience on our Web site today? [ ](#)[ ](#) Your input is appreciated.

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