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The Ultimate Multiple-Test Membership Plugin - Simple Test for


That's what will happen when you use our simple, yet sophisticated
WPSimpleTest plugin on your WordPress regular or Wishlist Member
membership websites.

How Will You Benefit?


1. Gathering information

2. Encouraging your customers to participate and instilling a feeling
of accomplishment

3. Providing quality training, information and a safe learning place,
so they'll keep coming back to YOU.

WPSIMPLETEST was created to help make the above happen... and with
less effort on your part. Once you have a test, quiz, or survey in
place it will keep working for you, communicating your message to each
customer that signs up for your services.

You do want your customers to participate don't you?

SPECIAL Purchase Pricing for a limited time only!

WPSIMPLETEST plugin adds form, function and fun by offering you the
option to add tests to your website. Perfect for coaches, trainers,
teachers, workshops, ecourses, modules and more. _Allows you to create
tests with simple easy to follow instructions that allow you to keep
track of your training process._

Do you want to give your users  a test, one that you could just send
a link and have them complete… online and you get the answers when
it's submitted?


Do you have a membership site and want to be sure your users have
comprehended the information from a training, e-course or coaching
session and then pass on to the next level of information...

Why WPSimpleTest?

LEARNING. The action of comprehending what is being taught is best
presented by asking questions. In reality, a test, quiz, survey is
just asking questions.


Use the WPSimpleTest, TEST function as a training tool, being sure
your customers and clients are hearing what they need to hear. Your
test will make sure they are learning the important points. And with
the unique feature of being processed to a new page or membership
level after passing the test, your clients will be able to work at
their own pace. No longer having to wait for the standard “time
allotted” requirement in the many ecourses.

The QUIZ function allows you to keep users interested while they are
consuming volumes of information. Going from page-to-page,
subject-to-subject you can place your quiz so they get the main

To put it another way... tests will help your customers be in control
of their progress, and at the same time you will be guiding them
through your information.

Our businesses run on information, the SURVEY function is set up to
gather that information. The timely responses from your targeted
audience. You’ll be able to create new content for your website from
each survey and your users will have an additional feeling of


Here's What Makes WPSimpleTest Special

1. A TRAINER'S DREAM. You design the test with no limit to the number
of multiple choice questions. Move users through each course and test
them to be sure they get the key points before moving to the next
section. And... for Wishlist Member powered membership sites, you can
pass clients along to the next level after they've passed by selecting
a simple button in the set up options!

2. Perfect for COACHES who use to create your list of
pre-qualification questions.

3. POLL your customers for information that will improve and grow
your resource base.

4. You have a Membership to the Premium section of this site and
notices for updates and other _'of interest'_ materials. (_NOTE: you
will be offered the opt-in form for this on the 'thank you for
ordering' page for this part of the benefits so be sure to sign up._)

5. You will be sent email notification of newly created add-ons,
updates, events and special offerings. WPSIMPLETEST is offered as a
one-site license.

_6. You Receive a detailed easy to follow "How To Use Guide" pdf with
set up and suggestions on ways to use WPSimpleTest._


_As your one-stop Plugin for online tests,_ the WPSimpleTest plugin
adds the ability for you to add tests to your website. Perfect for

• Create tests, quizs, surveys and more with simple easy to follow
instructions that allow you to keep on-track with your training

• Make multiple tests and place them wherever you want on pages and
posts throughout your site.

WPSimpleTest YOUR one-stop Plugin for creating online
tests, quizs, true/false and surveys.

• Works with any WordPress software site.

• Integrates with WishList Member membership sites giving you the
option to allow users to advance forward once they pass the test or to
take the test again before they get access to the next level.

• Answers are calculated automatically so users will know
immediately if they’ve passed or not.

• Write your own test for your users by enter your subject specific
questions and answers.

• Set your test up with either multiple choice,  true/false, and
yes/no or survey questions allowing pre-set answers or open ended

• Upon completion of the test, the final score will appear along
with the correct and incorrect answers on the results page.

• Offers users the option for advancing forward or having to take
the test again before they get access to the next level.

• Allows adding an email confirmation with the results to be sent
to the admin upon completing test.

• The shortcode can be placed on either pages or posts.

• The same test can be in more than one place on the site.

So what are you waiting for...? This is one plugin that WILL make a
difference in your retention rate.

Take your clients to where you want them to go...

We offer a one-site license. eTicket plugin support and pdf "How To
Use Guide."

SPECIAL Purchase Pricing for a limited time only!

Purchase through Clickbank. All credit cards accepted.
Now is your chance to sign up to become a Clickbank affiliate too!


Training and Support for WPPlugz.com Software Owners.
Free with purchase of one of our plugins.

Guarrantee: If for any reason you are not happy with our plugin
within 60-days of purchase, we will refund your purchase price in full
and disconnect your license. We really believe in our products and
what they have to offer and hope you will give them the best try and
contact our support department to assist you in any way.

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