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RE: A Sure-Fire Way to Reunite With Your Ex-Lover

From: Michael Jones




Dear Heartbroken Friend,

First, take a deep breath. I know that breaking up with someone that you love is devastating, but it doesn't have to be.

If you're reading this letter right now, then there is definitely hope for you and your ex. 

But first, you have to let go of all the self-destructive behaviors that are only making things worse.

I know you know what I mean; we've all been there  -- checking his Facebook page to see if he's changed his relationship status...

Texting her in the middle of the night to see if she answers... 

The telephone calls where you hang up before she answers...

Alienating "mutual" friends by forcing them to take sides...

None of it helps you feel any better, and many times will only drive your ex further away. 

So, if I'm going to help you, you have to make a commitment to yourself and to the relationship that you want to save right now.

There ARE things that you can do to bring your ex back to you. It's just that most people do exactly the opposite out of a sense  of emotional desperation. 

Let me tell you about my friend, Derek.

He'd been dating a girl, Susan, for about 5 years.

They started seeing one another in college, and after graduation, they moved in together.

They liked the same hobbies, shared the same friends, and pretty much got along all the time -- no major fights. Things were great, or so he thought... 

Out of the blue, Susan left him. 

No argument, no screaming and shouting.

He came home one day from work and she wasn't there...

Now that in and of itself wasn't too unusual, since they worked different shifts and didn't always get to see one another during the day. 

But soon enough, he noticed things were missing -- books of hers, a stuffed animal... clothes... pretty much everything was gone. 

When he tried calling her, Susan just had two words: "It's over."

No explanation of what went wrong, no talking it out, no nothing.

Five years of his life and she simply walked out the door. 

Was it another guy?

Had he said something?

Done something?

Derek was beside himself.  

In fact, when I saw him a week after that, he was a total wreck. 

"She's seeing somebody else." Derek was as upset as I'd ever seen him before when we met up for drinks that weekend.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do. She won't answer my calls, doesn't answer my emails... I can't believe she would cut me off like this." 

I was really worried about him, because I've been friends with Derek for years.

In fact, I knew him before he ever started dating Susan, and I knew that he really was in love with her.

So... I decided to see what I could do. 

So, I talked to Susan. As it turns out, she didn't hate Derek after all.

She was just "fed up" by a lot of "little things" that had been going on in the relationship. 

Was she seeing someone else? Well, she'd gone out with a guy a few times, it was true. 

But she never stopped loving Derek. 

In fact, the guy she was "seeing" had made a big deal about it to some friends and she hadn't bothered to correct him about it because she was still just too upset to deal with her break-up with Derek. 

So I went back to my friend and I told him: "You still have a chance. And here's what you need to do." 

Now, I'm telling you the same thing.

It's not as hopeless as it might seem right now...

It doesn't matter if your ex is dating someone else
It doesn't matter if it's your fault the two of you broke up
It doesn't matter if you cheated
It doesn't matter if you've been apart for a long time
NONE of that matters!

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