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"The Craft Sensation Sweeping the World!"

KNIT Your Next Garment.......

...........With a CROCHET Hook

For the first time ever, CAMEL CROCHET is being offered as a digitally downloadable product.  Within seconds of placing your order, you will be downloading the file to your computer and learning all of the basics for what was dubbed in 1992 as "The Craft Sensation Sweeping the World!"

The original text has been beautifully reformatted, and the latest technology is used to bring bright and vibrant photography to what was already a nearly perfect instructional manual.  Add to that our  60 day, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and you can only lose by not adding this to your crafting library.

Over 100,000 copies of the printed books were sold. 

The basic instruction book includes complete instructions for learning the simple Camel Crochet method. Also included are five variations on the basic technique, several simple "Getting Started" patterns and designs for possible projects.

Easy to Learn Method

Enjoy These Many Advantages on Your Next Project

Uses Regular Crochet HooksCrocheted Items That Look & Feel Like KnittingCreate Beautiful Garments Quickly With Any Type of YarnLess Yarn Needed than in Regular CrochetJust Like Knitting, Camel Crochet Makes Using Multiple Yarn Colors EasierUnlike Knitting, Camel Crochet Stiches Will Not Run and Cannot be DroppedFinished Projects are Completely ReversibleAny Crochet or Knitting Pattern Can Be Adapted to Camel Crochet

So What Exactly is CAMEL CROCHET?

Camel Crochet is an exciting approach to the ancient handicraft of crochet resulting in crocheted garments, afghans and other items with the softness of knitting. It is a simple technique using regular crochet hooks which can be learned quickly even by those with little or no needlework experience. However, its many variations using any type of yarn will challenge even the most creative crocheters and knitters.

For those who already crochet or knit, Camel Crochet will be an exciting new alternative and time saver on your next project. For those just learning to Crochet, Camel Crochet, because of its simplicity, will amaze you at how quickly you can create elegant lightweight garments using much less yarn than in the traditional crochet methods. Since most Camel Crochet projects make use of larger size crochet hooks, this method can be enjoyed by those who find it difficult to manipulate smaller size hooks. The larger hooks also help people who have vision problems to enjoy Camel Crochet.

Book #1
Camel Crochet Basic Instruction

This basic instruction book includes complete instructions for learning the simple Camel Crochet method. Also included are five variations on the basic technique, several simple "Getting Started" patterns and designs for possible projects.
Book #2
Camel Crochet 2 Designs & Patterns Manual
The Designs & Patterns Manual includes 12 new stitch combinations.  These combinations along with several variations will help you be even more creative with Camel Crochet.   This Manual has 16 great new patterns including handbags, hats, pillow & plant covers, tablemats, beautiful yet simple vests and much more.  It also includes instructions on adding special features and color designs in Camel Crochet.
Book #3
Camel Crochet: Camel Jersey Sweaters

Although any crochet or knitting pattern may be adapted for Camel Crochet, the following patterns have been designed especially for camel crochet.  These camel jersey sweater patterns are simple enough for beginners, yet the many possible variations will make them interesting for the most experienced crocheters and knitters.  The patterns included in this book are the Camel Jersey Sweater, and the variation with stripes, sleeveless or with sleeves.
Book #4
Camel Crochet: Camel Afghans #1

This manual contains the following Camel Crochet afghan patterns: Cross Camel Afghan, Matching Square Pillow, Camel Zig-Zag Afghan, and matching Bolster Pillow. 
Book #5
Camel Crochet: Camel Crochet for Babies

The camel crochet for Babies, contains patterns for a Jacket, a bonnet, bootie socks, a baby afghan, and a baby blanket.
Book #6
Camel Crochet: Camel Afghans #2

The Camel Crochet afghan patterns included in this manual are the Camel Kilim Afghan and the Camel Rainbow Afghan.
Special Bonus
Camel Crochet Hat Pattern

By simply signing up for our [Camel Crochet Newsletter](http://forms.aweber.com/form/31/1017999231.htm), you will receive a FREE Camel Crochet Hat Pattern as a Bonus!!

Act TODAY and get all 6 Camel Crochet Titles for one very low price!

For a limited time, we are offering the CAMEL CROCHET ULTIMATE BUNDLE which includes all 6 Camel Crochet tiltes for the low price of only $39.95, thats a savings of over 33% if you were to buy them individually!

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The 6 stitches you will learn in the Basic Instruction Book!



"Thank you for this "breath of fresh air" to the ancient craft of crochet. "

See what our customers had to say:

I have really enjoyed my Camel Crochet Bundle with instruction books and patterns. I've always liked the piece of fabric the single crochet stitch produces, but had avoided it for years using regular crochet because of the slow progress using a small hook or the loose, sagging fabric using a larger, more comfortable, and faster hook.

When I saw that Camel Crochet actually looks better (and holds its shape) with a LARGE hook (Yes, L, M and N hooks), I was sold! I have tried most of the different Camel Crochet stitches and like the variety of looks one can get with just a little "tinkering" of the single crochet stitch of yesterday. I like the "knit" look and feel of the Kilim stitch and have found that it is great for items done in the round like a cap or purse--and you don't have to break off the thread to start of a new row--like you do with a flat piece of Kilim crochet work.

Thank you for this "breath of fresh air" to the ancient craft of crochet.

Mary R.

I don't know if I've been dealing with one or more people, but either way your help and response times have been terrific! I can't wait to print my booklets and get working on a project!!!

M. Rowe

I made a camel crochet afghan in the rainbow colors for my mom in the mid 1990's when the books were first printed. Everyone commented on it to my mom and could not believe it was not knitted.
C. Calvert

I originally purchased the first Camel Crochet books when they came out in the 90's(?). Sorry, but I am really losing track of time recently, I also purchased the books for the library I am the director of in Nevada. The instructions are clear and easy to understand for beginners and beautiful pieces of fabric are produced. Afghans and clothing can be made that anyone would be proud to own and to give as gifts. I repurchased the set because I couldn't find my original books.
Babera M.

Camel Crochet Ultimate Bundle

Only $39.95


Includes all 6 Camel Crochet Titles For the Low Price of Only $39.95

That is a saving of over 33% if you were to buy each book individually!







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