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How to do your first One Arm Push-Up


Your arm's ability to push can be a very valuable thing in many
situations. Some people need it to work efficiently, some people need
it to survive.

There are many muscles in your arms that are used in conjunction
when you perform this task, but there's a problem that presents itself
when you feel the need to increase your pushing strength:

Choosing which workout will best benefit your increase in strength.

Now, odds are if you ask someone, they're going to tell you to hit
the bench press. This is probably one of the most unhealthy ways to go
about this. The bench press not only forces your arms into an
unnatural pushing position, but causes your rotator cuff all sorts of
nasty issues. It also causes a superimposed chest area, which is an
unnatural and unhealthy posture which can lead to many back and chest

If you ask the other majority of people, they're going to tell you to
do lots of push-ups. This is the most natural and functional pushing
exercise your body can do, and cannot be matched with weights aside
from having a weighted vest on while performing these.

Now, many of you may not know me personally, but I'm a personal
trainer by trade. I seldom have people do any weight work outside of a
weighted vest. I tell all of my clients that there is only one
exercise that will cause your pushing strength to increase by many
fold. I also tell them it's safe, natural, and is absolutely not the
bench press at all.

That exercise is the ONE ARM PUSH-UP

It's an exercise used to increase your pushing strength, and has been
used for millennia. Unfortunately, not many people can do one. Sure,
you will see some people claiming to do one, but I can almost
guarantee you it's not in proper form. Strength wise, a 180 pound man
performing a strict one arm push-up would be the same as him benching
somewhere between 280-320 pounds, not including the strength that is
require to keep balance. Even then, it still requires practice to do

Fortunately when I was young, a man fluent in the martial arts, and
in the training of the human body, agreed to teach me the ways of
training the human body to become stronger. The reason I even asked
was because he was one of the strongest men I had ever seen, but was
not all that big. He showed me that unilateral bodyweight training was
one of the safest, and most effective ways to gain massive body

For years I have honed my skills in these ways, and have honed the
ability to train people how to perform them.

Now, personal training from me personally is not cheap. In fact, it's
around $300 a day.

Since there has been a large demand for people to show me how to work
up to be able to perform the strict One Arm Push-Up, I wrote up a
basic 7 month training guide for the exercise. From the first few
months, you'll work your joints and your smaller muscles. Eventually
you will start to train the larger ones, along with the balance
muscles required to hold your body in place while you perform the
exercise. The guide is adaptable, in the aspect that if you feel you
are not progressed enough to proceed in the guide, you may repeat the
current month you are on without it effecting your results. I also
have included information on how to continue to increase that strength
once you can perform the exercise.

Now, instead of paying $300 a day for seven months, I have carefully
devised a general training formula that will work for anyone for only
$20. (You obviously save money there). The guide is something I
carefully put together from the experience I've had in successfully
training people to do them.

Once you make the purchase at the bottom of this page, you will be
able to immediately and directly download a .rar file that contains a
.pdf file that is the e-book/guide of How To Do Your First One Arm

If you have any questions, criticism, praise, or comments, please
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