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Weight Loss the Easy Way at last!

If you are a person over the age of 18 who wants to lose more than 20 Pounds or 9 Kilos in 90 Days then here is the Ultimate Weight Loss Program for you. The Permanent Natural way to Lose Weight that really works.

“Weight Loss As You Sleep” is unlike other weight control products:

This is NOT about diet or meal plans

This is NOT a harsh exercise program

This is NOT weight loss pills or meal replacement

This is NOT gym membership or exercise equipment

The Best Way to Lose Weight

It relies on the power of the mind. Your mind and body decide that it’s OK to be thin, fit and healthy


Lose Weight without Dieting for the Last Time

Tired of all those diets? Sick of losing weight only to gain it back faster than you lost it? This can be your answer.

Lose Weight Fast or Lose Weight Slow

Your body knows what’s best for you. Your Weight Loss may be slow at first and then may speed up. Your Weight Loss may be fast at first and then slow down. Whichever is right for you let your subconscious mind and body decide. The ultimate outcome is your slim, fit, vital body.

Weight Loss without Exercise?

This is suitable even for those who are physically unable to exercise by using the power of the mind to achieve your Ideal Weight.

Ideal Body Shape and Level of Fitness

You may achieve your ideal weight very quickly and easily with little effort. You will lose weight fast if that’s what you decide. But really you can throw away the scales. You will no longer be a slave to a number when you have slimmed down permanently and naturally to your ideal weight and shape and level of fitness.

How this Simple Weight Loss Method Works

Visualise your ideal body while listening to this relaxing session as you go to sleep. It deals directly via your subconscious mind with the actual causes of your weight problem.

Causes may include stress, yo-yo dieting, emotional and physical trauma, irrational beliefs, low self esteem, nutritional starvation, poor digestion, chronic dehydration, sleep apnoea, and chemical factors that cause you to retain and regain weight. Whatever the cause this will help.

It encourages your body to crave healthy “real” foods; to reject the problem foods; and to seek enjoyable physical activity.

You will be naturally less hungry; your metabolism will speed up; you will burn fat efficiently.

Your mind and body will decide that it’s OK to be thin; that it wants to be a healthy weight.

Start Losing Weight Tonight as You Sleep

When you are relaxed and about to go to sleep listen to the relaxing session and allow the fat to melt away while you sleep.

Motivation for a Permanent Lifestyle Change

With this program your body will want to be thin, trim, and fit. You will be energetic, enthusiastic, active. Fully alive and experiencing life to the full.

Diets are Dull

Diets do not work. You know that. Dieting makes your body want to retain weight, to feel hungrier especially for fattening foods. Dieting slows your metabolism and your body loses the ability to burn fat efficiently. Dieting causes you to regain the weight you lost and more.

This program allows your body to naturally crave healthy wholesome “real” foods. Not even thinking about the problem foods of the past. Your taste buds will change to enjoyment of vibrant foods.


Exercise Programs are Excessive and Expensive

You will now seek physical activity you enjoy. No more strenuous workouts (unless you enjoy them).


The Last Product You Need to Buy to Lose Weight

All you have to do is listen to this motivational relaxation presentation as you fall asleep each night.


Benefits of Weight Loss

You will look and feel better. Your health will improve. Your relationships will improve. Your work and play will improve. YOUR LOVELIFE WILL IMPROVE.

Buy “Weight Loss As You Sleep” Now

Life is for Living Loving

and Looking your Best

Start Tonight Achieve your Ideal Body

Purchase a digital copy of a 12 minute Audio File.

It requires Windows Media Player or Similar.

Direct Digital Download on Payment






Only $27



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