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Do you need a helping hand to get your website started?

This template and video package is for you, if.....
you are about to start a new site, or have an existing site that is performing poorly you need a template that is easy to understand and customize you don't feel confident to put together a great looking website without some help other templates look too complicated for you to modify easily things like Virtual Includes or FTP clients seem too difficult to master
This isn't just a template (although templates are included). It's far more than that: it's a complete package of template and instructional videos to help you get your website up and running, with the minimum of fuss and expense.

What's the easiest way to get started with a successful website?

The hardest part of getting your online business up and running is finding all the information you need to make a start. Choosing a webhost, creating a site design, learning about FTP, getting your pages indexed by search engines, optimizing those pages correctly so they rank well... the list goes on.

Everything you need to know is online, somewhere. But it's scattered. A bit here, a bit there, and sometimes you don't even know what you are meant to be looking for.

Wouldnt it be great if somehow you could bypass all the chaff: get straight to the wheat?

There are basically two ways you can get started with your new website...

So what's been stopping you up until now?
If you are like many people, it's not enthusiasm that is holding you back. It's the fact that you just don't know where to start. And to have any chance at all of doing well, you have to get a lot of things right.... should you get a free template, or buy one? what about an html editor, which one is best? FTP - any special software you need, and where do you learn how to use an FTP client? How do you get your new site found by the search engines?
If you are anything like I was when I first started, then you spend countless hours searching online for the information you need. It's frustrating isn't it? Sometimes you don't even know what you should to be asking, to get the answers you need.

Wouldn't it be much easier if everything you needed was all in one place?

And perhaps more important than anything, is my personal guarantee of satisfaction. If this template and video series doesn't help you to get your website up quickly, easily, and with a minimum of fuss, then I will refund you your complete purchase price.

Try the template and videos for 60 days. If you are unhappy in any way at all, simply ask for a refund. Let me know why this wasn't suitable for you, and receive a prompt and hassle free full refund. Try finding another website template that comes with this same guarantee!


Introducing AJ's "capped fluid width" template

Your first thought might be, "so what's a cappped width template, and what can it do for me that other templates can't?"

And that's a fair question. Please take the few minutes to watch the video below. It will show you the template, and how easy it is to use. Plus, you get to see some of it's unique design features close up.

Movie is Quicktime, instructional videos with the template are in high quality MP4 format.

This isn't just for new websites: exisiting sites can also benefit


This website went from earning $90 per YEAR with adsense, to earning $200 PER MONTH.(verifiable)

The site was purchased from the original owner early 2008. At that time, it earned $90 per annum, with adsense. It was transitioned to a completely new look, using the capped width fluid template. NO new content was added. By the end of the year, adsense earnings increased to $200 per month....that's around a 1000% increase in earnings!

While an increase like that is not usual, it does show the value of using Server Side Includes. As the Adsense code is contained in SSI, it's easy to make site wide changes simply by modifying the include file. Adsense could be moved around to different positions on the page, various formats and colors tried, until the best CTR was found.

What template users have to say about it

Have you ever read those forced sounding testimonials. The ones where the product is given away free, in return for a glowing recommendation? Even worse are obvious fake ones. Somehow, it's very hard to trust a person that you suspect is prepared to lie to get the sale.

Well... the very best recommendations are the ones you don't ask for. So I NEVER ask customers for a testimonial. I don't need to, if your customers are happy, they will tell you, without having to ask! Over the past 4 years, I have recieved numerous and regular emails from happy customers. A few of those are shown on this page.

And I promise you one thing, every one of them is genuine, unsolicited, and verifiable.

Hello AJ,
My name is Sverre Slotfeldt. I purchased your template a couple of weeks back and have been rebuilding my web site www.biztaxadvisor.com.

Thank you!!! Your template and the videos totally ROCK! I lost my job earlier this year, and decided to give (webhost name) another try. I just couldn't get over the hump, and got overwhelmed by all the things I had to learn to make the transition to uploading my own HTML.

.........AJ, thanks again for delivering a GREAT resource. I think your product is underpriced, and you could charge a lot more for it. However, I also appreciate the fact that you want to make your product affordable. The price was definitely a factor for me in my current situation. Point is that you definitely OVERDELIVERED big time.

Sverre touches on one very important point: the price. What do you think you would pay for,
a top of the line website template a series of instructional videos (8 in the series) one on one support if you run into any technical problems
I don't believe in pulling fanciful inflated figures out of thin air, and then telling you while it's worth X amount, you only pay Y, and at any time it could increase to Z

You pay $49 (US dollars) and guess what? It will probably be the same price tomorrow.

Template and instructional video package, $49

Payment will be through Clickbank,using their secure server.

There is a 60 day guarantee....if you find it too difficult within that time then you are refunded your purchase price.

After payment, you will be directed to a page that contains links to download everything you need. So don't close your browser window after payment.

[ ](http://1.ebook1962.pay.clickbank.net)

How this fluid capped width" template design came to be

So what does that mean, anyway? Fluid capped width? It's a template that will expand as any regular fluid design should. But unlike other templates, it knows when to stop. It will only expand to a set width. Beyond that point, it becomes fixed, and the body each side of the page continues to expand instead. This means the webpage is ALWAYS at the optimum width for the viewers monitor. Whether that's 800x600px, or 1680x1250px.

It all started in the beginning of 2007. I was unhappy with the display options I had for my websites. I could choose a fixed or fluid design. So began to the quest to find a way to get the best of both into one design. I have always believed that if there is a will, there is a way. Although this proved more difficult to achieve than I imagined when I first started the project.

And so on July 1st, 2007, the first template version was released. This was initially to SBI!(Site Build It) members only. Since then, the template has proved itself, with 1000s of websites using it, and reporting great results. Just read some of the (unsolicited) testimonials on this page. People don't take the time to email with praise for a product unless they are REALLY impressed.

"btw, my adsense has literally doubled since I added your template. And I've only done 5 pages. When 60+ are done I'll be a happy camper. Thanks. "

Martin, from Great Printable Calendars

"Can't believe what is happening with my traffic - a sudden large increase has happened which I put down to utilizing your advice..... "

Helen, from Consisitent Parenting Advice

"Hey AJ,
Just a quick word that my Alexa traffic rank SHOT UP from above 1 million to 600,000 in the last couple days AND I've had a 50% increase of Adsense revenue. Seeing as I haven't built any new pages in over a week and have only been working on switching over to your template, I owe it all to the new look! "

Amber, from Make Baby Stuff.com

As some of these websites already earn a considerable income from adsense already, a 50% increase could mean an extra 4 figures per month. Not bad for such a small investment, plus some time spent creating your new look.

Who Is This Package Designed for?

Whether you are an experienced webmaster, or just starting out, this template package will help you achieve the site that you want. You just can't get a template that is better optimized than this one. And a well optimized template means better rankings in the Search Engine index.

Some experience with HTML is desirable. Do you know how to add <br>, <p> and <h1> tags? Then you probably know enough to use this template!

So, for the low price of $49, here's what you get.

New template V4 []

Even better than previous versions ~ streamlined code, pared down css, with an ever growing collection of accompanying instructional videos (MP4 format, so smaller, higher quality files sizes, compared to Flash). Each release gets better, and this is no exception.

No other template can do what this does....[visit this page](http://www.successful-ebook-publishing.com/template-screenshots.html) to see screenshots of how it reacts with different browsers and screen resolutions. (use your back button to return to this page)
Hi AJ,
Steve here.

I purchased your website template package late last year and I firstly want to say a big thank you! I have now watched all of your informative and easy-to-follow videos and have just started making changes to my website this month.

I have quite a few pages to change over to the new format (over 320 pages) but I am enjoying the process. Plus, I don't know whether or not it is co-incidental but my traffic has increased by over 20% this month so far compared to last month! That is the biggest jump I've had in the last 2 years that I've been building the site. Generally I get around 10% growth per month.

Once I have finished changing over all of the pages from my site I hope to be able to provide you with a glowing testimonial for your website template package, which I think is severely under-priced for what you offer! It is truly awesome and is such great value.
Steve, from www.quick-weight-loss-principles.com
Some sites that have used the Fluid Capped Width

One of the great things about this template, is that it allows someone with limited skills in HTML/CSS and graphic design, to create a very slick looking website.

You can take the look of the template further, if you have a decent graphics program and know how to use it. But that isn't essential: some of the examples below were created by people who didn't think they had the skills to produce a website that looks like it had been professionally designed for them. But the results speak for themselves... great looking sites that inspire confidence in their visitors. See for yourself!

[www.love-of-roses.com](http://www.love-of-roses.com) [motorcycleparts-accessories-andmore.com](http://www.motorcycleparts-accessories-andmore.com/)
[www.quick-weight-loss-principles.com](http://www.quick-weight-loss-principles.com/) ------

Try the template and videos for 60 days. If you are unhappy in any way at all, simply ask for a refund. Let me know what I can do to improve it, and receive a prompt and hassle free full refund. Try finding another website template that comes with this same guarantee!


Template and instructional video package, $49

Payment will be through Clickbank, using their secure server.

There is a 60 day guarantee....if you find it too difficult within that time then you are refunded your purchase price.

After payment, you will be directed to a page that contains links to download everything you need. So don't close your browser window after payment.

[ ](http://1.ebook1962.pay.clickbank.net)

Look what just arrived into my inbox
I get a lot of emails from people who are happy with the results they are achieving, using this template. Here is one that arrived today (totally unsolicited, as all the best testimonials are).
Hi AJ,
I hope you're well.

I just wanted to contact you and let you know how my site is going. The growth in traffic so far has exceeded my expectations.

I started changing the pages on my site in late January. Since then, the growth in traffic to my site has been great. I have also made some other changes to my format as you've suggested.

Here are my daily unique visitors (per month). As of today 22nd May 2011, I am currently getting 1137 unique visitors to my site per day. This is the first month I will break the 1,000 unique visitors per day mark. This has been one of my goals since starting my site over 2 years ago.

I am absolutely certain that your website template package is the major contributing factor to the recent growth in traffic to my site!

I'd just like to say a big thank you once again. I will keep you updated in the future and please feel free to use this information any way you see fit.

Regards, Steve

Stephen Smith
National Sales & Marketing Manager
Body Concepts Group Pty Ltd

If you have any questions about this, then please use the contact form below. I will be more than happy to help.

Best regards, AJ

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