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The ATM Machine




Your own ATM machine!

Make a FORTUNE in Down, UP

and Sideways markets!

In 2007-2008 the average person lost 30-40%!

That is right. Fortunes and retirement plans were devastated in less than 2 years. Some accounts even killed in months. A number of individuals, woke up to find their nest eggs, were stolen. I heard someone comment the other day, my 401k is a 201k. Many folks are planning to work another 7-15 years, just to get back what they lost in a few months. I can't imagine that, you work for a decade, and trust your retirement will be there, and now it is gone. Who were those "financial experts".

Time for you to become your own financial expert. To take control of your finances and retirement account. And, you don't have to wait 7-15 years to make back what you lost. Lots of you can make it back in less than 12 months. You heard me right less than 12 months! Using a simple yet effective strategy, called Credit Spreads. My personal experience earning 5-10 percent a month on money invested in credit spreads. You can't beat that. You could potentially get back all those losses in less than 1 year. All you have to do is LEARN the system. 7 Simple Rules.

The Bottom Line!

For those of you that want to get to the point quickly! I have a Monthly Cash Flow System.

Teaches Credit Spreads-7 Rule System

Earn 5-10% per month!!

Less than 2 hours of time a month

Easy to learn and earn-BUY NOW

The system includes:

Smart Money-Atm Machine (105 pages)

Technical Analysis-(116 pages) of stock trading techniques

Smart Money video. 1 hour Getting Started Steps

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.23cashflow.pay.clickbank.net) 

$ 47.00

Get Back on Track in less than 12 months!

I found this great strategy. It is amazing. I heard about it at several investment/trading seminars. I have spent over 81k on seminars, to learn strategies. Like many of you, I am always looking for an easier, or faster way to success and financial freedom. I would much rather learn from other peoples experience, than make my own mistakes. This secret strategy of experienced traders AMAZED me. Even though I heard about these wonderful cash flow strategies, I really did not understand them. Phrases like: Advance options, Iron Condors, and Credit Spreads, were foreign to my vocabulary. The terms scared me. Cause I had heard options are risky. Nothing could be further from the truth. They appear at first glance to be complicated. Boy was I wrong. Credit spreads, is a consistent, regular way to make monthly income. They are easy to learn and apply to your investing plan. My 15 and 16 year old sons learned them, and I even taught them to a 68 year old grandmother, and 70 plus old retired engineer. Anyone can learn CREDIT SPREADS. You simply have to get through some of the terminology, and learn 7 easy to follow rules.

I would stop trusting others with your money, and starting learning how to control your financial future today. To become the master of your own destiny. No one takes a greater interest in your money and future than you. Don't trust others with your money. TAKE BACK CONTROL of your retirement. Learn Credit Spreads.

I heard about CREDIT SPREADS first, at a entry level stock workshop. They sounded interesting, but I blew them OFF. WHAT A MISTAKE. You must learn these profitable strategies. A few years later, I met a great trader who again mentioned them to me. Claiming he was making over 100%. I asked him to prove it to me and show me his account. HE DID. So, I got interested. After that, I started asking every "successful trader" I met: " what do you do for monthly cash flow?" Almost all of them said: Iron Condors, Credit Spreads or Covered Calls. So, I took the plunge. To learn this "complicated" strategy, Most things seem much more difficult than they really are in life. No different than riding a bike for the first time, or driving a car. All easy once you take a step, and get over the initial fear. Credit spreads were no different. Once you get past some of the terms, they are easy, and no difficult to learn than riding a bike.

I asked my trader friend to teach me everything about Credit Spreads. Well, 3 days later, and a few dollars lighter in my wallet (yes I paid a trader to learn these skills), I knew just about all the things that can happen, with these trades. I started paper and real trading immediately. I stopped trading pretty much everything else, because this strategy works so well. It is very consistent and leads to monthly cash flow. Something my real estate investments needed (yes I buy real estate too). I talk about this strategy as a cash flow strategy, but with those kind of monthly return, it can be an OUTSTANDING LONGTERM GROWTH strategy too.

The strategy is so cool, starting in 2006, I focused primarily on just perfecting this one strategy, turning it into what I call the ATM stock machine. Developing rules for trading. Systems and procedures for money management. Systems to keep initial capital safe, with less risk. Techniques that allow you to start with just a little bit of money, and grow it to a small fortune. The strategy is a MONTHLY Cash Flow machine. Rather than waiting for a stock to go up or down, you will make money no matter what happens. Now that is not a guarantee, but HIGHLY probable. The strategy works if stocks or the market is going up, down or sideways. It does not matter. Each month you have the potential to make money. Slow, steady and regular (with very manageable risk).

If fact historically this strategy wins about 11 months out off 12 (my personal experience). I encourage you to back test the strategy, it works. In fact, before I started trading the strategy, back in 2006, I back tested it (57 times out of 60 it won). What a winning average! Now a qualifier, here ....investing does have risk and you can loose money. Past performance does not equal future performance. Hypothetic back testing, is not the same as real money trades. But this system is a winner.

I made 8-12 Percent a Month! And you can too.
Hello, my name is Jim Francis; I have been trading since age 22. Since 1996, investing has been a substantial part of my income. A seasoned stock trader, investor, and trainer. By the way, I love real estate too. I travel the country (and world) teaching people how to cash in from the stock market each and every month. Our cash flow system (ATM machine) can:
Give you monthly cash flow from the stock market. A never ending ATM. Protect your current positions from the ravages of the economy. Allow you to trade 2 hours a month, and make full time income. Ensure you retire with a GOLDEN retirement plan. HIGH monthly returns! Check out our student testimonials. When you follow my proven cash flow system, a rich future is guaranteed. 7 Rules that make it easy to follow and make a small fortune!
Do you want improve your returns & build monthly CASH FLOW?

It would be foolish to guarantee returns, but you can dramatically improve your investments. What do I mean by that? Experienced traders have a series of systems they use to guarantee a high success rate. The best traders in the USA are getting 100% or greater on their money. They know a few "inside" secrets that make them a TON of money. Credit Spread is one of those systems. This strategy is so cool I taught my young son. My son has average about 6-8% a month with Credit Spreads (since June 2008), and most of our students do much better than that! He trades less than 2 hours a month, while going to college. My middle son, started in Jan 2010 (age 15). He is doing as well. Once you master the skill, pass it on to your loved ones.

So let me give you and idea of what I am talking about. Most investors, are betting the stock market it going to go up, or betting it is going to go down. Based on some sort of investing advice, news, or analysis. You can get good at making those bets. But the truth of the matter is, you have to wait until the market goes up, or down. Some times, it just does not! OR goes the wrong direction, or even takes months to make a move.

A better system is to play Credit Spreads. A type of option, in which the stock market PAYS you to take a position in the market. That is right, the stock market pays you! My plumber friend Guy after learning this strategy was doing well over 10% a month (check out his comment below). Now there is some risk, but if you know the system, it is minimal. The greatest risk, is when you "break" the rules (which keep you out of the woods). Plus we recommend you "paper trade" first, to learn the system. We even give you a free place to paper trade the system to see it working.

In fact, we can reduce risk even further by good trade management. The best part of all is that, no matter what the market does, go up, go down, or sideways, they still pay us!!! How to trade the system is all in my new manual. THE ATM MACHINE! (Updated April 2010). The trade management education in my manual is worth its weight in gold. The first rule of any trading is: Don't loose money. My rules and procedures protect your nest egg, while building the value exponentially. You will love this easy to use, and effective system.

Just to give you an example this type of investment. Here is the Russell 2000, an indice(s). It measures 2000 commonly held stocks in the stock market. Let me ask you this question, how many times has the Russell been above 850 or been below 400 late 60 months (Chart date is Jan 2009). Bet you said maybe 2 or 3 times. And you would be correct. That means, about 57 times out of 60, the Russell 2000, did not go above or below a certain threshold. Did you know, we can actually take a position in the stock market that represents that type of position. Actually, taking a position, that the Russell will not go above a certain level, or below a certain level. It is called Iron Condors, or Credit Spreads. Very high probable plays, but with a small return, only 5 to 10% a month. I know, 5-10% over the course of year is HUGH!

5 to 10% a MONTH. Even though that is small each month over time it is HUGH!

Now there is more to the "system" than just this simple explanation. So, do not DARE try to do this by yourself. Without education, case studies, rules, you will kill yourself and brokerage account. I have seen folks "try it themselves" only to go broke.

There are 7 basic rules to keep us safe (then 21 more advanced rules). Without the rules you will be lost and likely LOSE your shirt. You start with the basic rules and then advance further as you want too (it is not necessary). The basic rules are enough to trade effectively. In fact, you don't have to think. If the market does move, you simply follow a rule. There is no guessing. Everything is predetermined. Nothing left to chance. Just collect your premium each month. Collect your cash every month. Simply follow the rules and win. Occasionally, managing a losing trade or getting out of a position, to minimize loss. The rules tell you when and what to do.

The most important part of the system, is learning how to manage the losing trades. That is where most investors fail and lose money. So, we have a complete system of contingency trading, and adjusts. IF X happens, you do Z. Therefore, you know exactly what to do and when.


In fact with my SMART Money--The ATM Machine course you can learn credit spreads.The program will show you how to:
Build a monthly cash flow! We show how to trade the system. Invest less than 2 hours a month to get outstanding returns. Protect your portfolio from down turns, saving you a fortune! Diversify your portfolio from risk. Getting away from just mutual funds, which generally only go up when the market is bullish. I can even show you how to trade this system in your self directed account (roll over your IRA or 401k). It is easy to set up a self directed account, where you can trade your own retirement account. Profit from flat market or volatile market. It does not matter, we make money if the market goes down or up. Time for you to learn this too! Reduce with sound money management, stops, contingency buy positions, and hedging.  There is always risk, but with our proven safety rules, you can minimize losses to almost nothing. Retire with more gold in your golden years. Wow. Most folks lost 30-40 % in 2008. I can show you how to get it all back plus more. Use software, brokerage accounts and automation to make investing quick and easy. There are tons of FREE tools out there to helps increase our profits. I show you were to find them.
Money does not come with an instruction book, neither does the stock market, but we built one for you! A procedure that takes, only a few minutes a month, and has at it's foundation 7 simple rules to follow. It is simple and results driven.

Now you have the opportunity to make a difference in your life. You can choose to continue on the same path, working for a living, getting by, making ends meet or or make a change to day. To completely change your future, and the future of your family. I believe one of the greatest gifts I can give my family and kids, is the gift of perpetual income. You don't have to work to make money. Let your money work, and give yourself TIME!

You can go down the path most Americans go, to a limited financial future or make a change for the better. Working for the rest of your life is not the solution. Now I am not asking for a drastic change, like quitting your job (at least not yet), but subtle changes like:
Taking control of your financial future. Learning one strategy that way pay dividends for life. Adding another monthly income stream to your home. Building the 2 million dollar retirement nest egg for you and your loved ones. Our program can put you on the path to wealth and financial freedom.
Is that worth $27.00. I bet you said yes. Our students agree with you.

Here are just a Few of our Customer Comments:

Anyone can master this program. Young, Old, Professional, Blue Collar, just a willingness to learn.....

3 Months 43%-Awesome!

"Jim. I love working in my plumbing business, and playing hockey.

My new love is CREDIT SPREADS. The results are crazy. 43% in 3 months.

I knew nothing about the stock market (still learning), but you guys made it so easy and simple to follow.

Thanks Guy C. Orlando

8% a Month-At age 17!

I thought about getting a job at $ 7.50 an hour (if I could get one). But with school, homework, soccer practice, games and a girlfriend, that did not leave much time to work. I didn't’t want to give up  any of those fun things either.

But I have to pay for my gas, food and fun. I figured I would have to work about 8 to 16 hours a week (at least) just to get by. But thanks to my Dad. I do one credit spread per month and earn, $250-$ 500 a month. And it only takes 1-2 hours a month.

COOL. Thanks …….Mike F. Orlando

(Yep, he is my son, who would you teach?)

Loving it!

I put $70,000 in my account. From Feb..... 2 to Mar 6, I made $5,800.

Is that good for a beginner? I did a lot of layering. Loving it!...... Cathy, Walla Walla

Young, old, experienced traders, new traders, retired individuals, computer experts and even the computer challenged. The combination of self study materials, and support can make a huge difference in your trading and life.

In fact the true gift here, is the gift of time, not having to work for a living, and having more free time. Time to enjoy life, family and friends. Credit Spreads should only take you 2 hours a month. You don't have to actively follow the market. Simply set it and forget it. So, you can use the other time, any way you want. Work, start a new business, have fun, travel or even learn more about the stock market. It is one of the reason, I had time to write this web site, and materials. Because once my 2 hours of credit spread trading is done each month, there is a lot of time left over.

The Gift of Time, and Enjoyment of Life!

So here is the SMART Money---The ATM Machine

7 simple rules to get started. Credit Spread Option Basics. Setting up your brokerage account. Back testing your positions. Paper trading spreads for practice 30 day plan for success. Using charts, graphs and positions. The 50 cent rule Trade Management. 21 Rules to keep you safe. Support and Resistance levels. Put Spreads. Call Spreads. Money Management-safe to aggressive. Trading Manage. Layering Spreads for double digit returns Flipping Spreads
Smart Money Technical Analysis ebook. I use to sell this manual just by itself, for $97.00. And I sold hundreds of them. An outstanding tool for increasing your probability, and improving your win/lose ratio. It is jam packed with:

Profitable candle stick patterns.

Moving Average cross over analysis.

Indicators that can make you a ton a money.

Terminology! GREAT for that beginning trader! BUY NOW!

200 Pages of GREAT basic stock market information.

Smart Money Getting Started Video. In this hour long video, you will learn how to get started on the path to financial freedom. You will learn to:

Open an online brokerage account

Establish a "fake money" account

Credit Spread Concept

Backtesting for results

Action steps over the next 30 days

To purchase the Credit Spread System (click below)

YES! I Want to...

Get on the path to 10% a month. Trading in the stock market, with Credit Spreads. I will receive:

Smart Money-Atm Machine....................... $ 97

Smart Investing-Technical........................ $ 97

Smart Money Video.l................................ $ 97

Value of the complete system ................ $ 291

Only $ 47 Bucks Today!

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.23cashflow.pay.clickbank.net)  

100% downloadable

36 years or 36 months?

A final thought for you to consider, and one more reason, to get started today!

Most folks have a 30 plus year retirement plan. Often they work all their lives to build nest egg for retirement. Plugging away, every day, to take a few bread crumbs home. Hopefully, saving enough for their retirement. . If they are lucky enough to work for a company for that length of time.

They put away some money for their future (often not enough by the way). So let us look at a simple example. Suppose you had $ 10,000 dollars to invest, you have 36 years to retirement, and you never add another penny to the 10k. Other than to reinvest the 10k and profits, every year. At a 10% rate of return, a year, in 36 years you will retire with $309,127. Your 10k would "compound" in to 309k.

Not a great retirement but not bad either. At least you will have some money in retirement. Many folks scoff at 309k, yet if you ask them, well what do you have it is often under 50k. Real trick here , is the power of compounding over time. A solid plan for the future. The problem is too much time, and not enough of a return on the investment. That is where Credit Spreads can make a difference.

Now consider this. If what we have been telling is true. You can earn approximately 10% a month using credit spreads. No guarantees (read disclaimer), but the back testing and personal results bear this out. A high probability system. Well what happens if take the same 10k and put it into Credit Spreads.

If that is the case, $ 10,000 could turn in to $309,127 in 36 months. That is 3 years. That is impressive. Now the reality, is that you will win some, lose some, not get filled some months, miss some months, do better than 10% some months, and only do 5% some others. So you are not going to get all the 309k. BUT what if you got half way there? 50% on your money is better than you are doing now. 2/3rd of the way? I imagine that is a richer plan than the one you have working right now? Change your future. Get on the path to wealth. Put more gold in your golden years!

Note about Projections: This calculator is only to be used as an example of figures that can be potentially earned. The results from this calculator are not typical or guaranteed.

If you want the quick and easy way to wealth. If you want an outstanding return on your investment. If you want to earn monthly cash flow. Then Credit Spreads is the solution for you. Take advantage of our program, and great bonus today. Don't let $97 bucks hold you back from wealth.

Copyright 2008/2009/2010/2011 Jim Francis

1404 N Cove Blvd, Longwood, Fl 32750 info@m2spread.com

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