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+1.96% ** This months current IPE Index yield. IPE = InvestaPick East Picks Index.

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0.00% ** This months current IPC Index yield. IPC = InvestaPick Central Picks Index.

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+1.18% ** This months current IPW Index yield. IPW = InvestaPick West Picks Index.
Index Pick Status for TODAY IPE NO PICK TODAY IPC NO PICK TODAY IPW NO PICK TODAY ** Picks posted by 2:30pm EST What Is InvestaPick? 4 Reasons to Join Now Real Happy Customers!
InvestaPick is an easy way to earn significant income,  an alternative investment method that creates consistent and strong financial gain using sports betting as the medium. The software mathematically determines the best course of action each day, managing clients risk and providing the discipline required to succeed.

InvestaPick is not affected by market swings, and does not rely on outside influences or a single event. This provides our clients consistent gains month-to-month.

InvestaPick is NOT for gamblers. It's for anyone who wants an alternative way to consistently grow their wealth via the sports investment market. [Find out more](aboutUs.asp)
Easy to follow (requires less than
10 minutes of your time each day)
  No minimum balance (all clients,
big or small, are charged the same)
  Consistent results with Less risk
than stocks/bonds (with
a greater return on investment)
  Fixed Pricing of just $99.00 US

"I had my doubts when I first started but the results are way too impressive to ignore" - Mark P. (Oak Grove, OR)
"I do not really know too much about sports but I don't really have to with InvestaPick!" - Cathy K. (Bell, CA)
"I have been wasting my time with the stock market, InvestaPick works, plain and simple" - Steve R. (Elmhurst, NY) [Read more testimonials](testimonials.asp)
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context of the law. Third party photographs, trademarks, and logos represented on this site are property of their respective owners. THIS IS NOT A GAMBLING WEB SITE.


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