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The Worlds Only Winning Online Roulette System
I Cracked the Codes in the Online
Roulette Software!

For the first time ever, you have access to the only online casino
guaranteed proven winning roulette system. You won't find this
information anywhere else on the internet!

There's no BS, no outlandish claims (Even though some may sound like
them). I believe in full disclosure. I never buy online without all
the facts. When a website leaves half the information out, I leave and
so should you.

Here's Just Some of the Things I'll Detail Out for You as You
Investigate Roulette Bust.

You CANNOT LOSE if you follow my system
without making side bets that ruin you.
(on More Details Page)

You can start with as little as most casinos
minimum deposit of $25 and build on from there.
(further down this page)

Quickly learn how to prove your bet will win
BEFORE you bet it!
(on More Details Page)

How to use this roulette system for BIG FAST
CASH within an hour of just reading Part I!
(further down this page)

All 24 of us average $5,500 - $8,000+ per month working only part
time! This depends on how many hours we want to work. There's a
chart below where you can analyze this.
(further down this page)

When the casino switches roulette patterns to
make you lose, you know it instantly, adapt
and keep winning!
(on More Details Page)

So If You're Interested, Read On............

YEP all this sounds positively unbelievable, but its as true as the
rising sun! If you follow the instructions in Roulette Bust, you can't
lose or come out behind.

Nearly all 24 of us started the Roulette Bust system and worked it at
least 5 hours per day. We were money grabbers! Thats how to be making
$7,000 per month just working 5 hours per day! I have statistics from
the 24 of us scattered around the world who are using my Roulette Bust
system and doing better than that. NONE of us ever lose! (Well we all
have roulette sessions where we only come out even or maybe $20
behind. But we don't blink twice over it). I have over 15,684 pages of
results from all of us who use Roulette Bust and my statistics don't

I wouldn't print $7,000 unless it were true. Believe it when I say we
have a husband/wife team who works together 8 hours per day and plus a
few hours on the weekends and are making over $22,400 a month!

On top of that, most of us invest allot of it so it's earning MORE
MONEY while we continue to make more! I invest in the markets because
I have knowledge in that area. Another fellow invests in antique or
collectible automobiles because he says Uncle Sam doesn't make him
report his 8-9% appreciation or his sales each year!

Roulette Bust has a FAST CASH strategy in addition to the job
crushing full time income system at just 3-4 hours per day.

But, Here's What Happened.....

I have my college degree in International Finance. However, I've been
making a living playing roulette for nearly 12 years. You can read all
about me and all that by clicking the link above. I'm trained to and
love crunching numbers, statistics and probabilities. So, when I was
called home to Iowa with my mother ill, I had to leave Las Vegas and
roulette behind.

Shortly after being home, I became obsessed with online casino
roulette. I knew I was playing against software instead of a spinning
wheel, but nothing worked! Online Roulette was like riding a bucking
bronco! Nothing worked! I had to throw out all I ever knew and
concentrate on what's so different. Then, I FINALLY REALIZED THAT:

Software is programmed
Software can be analyzed !
Software is trustworthy!
Software always does what it is
supposed to do!
Software repeats itself
without fail - its reliable!


And since you've already guessed I found the holy grail into the
brain of these roulette softwares, now I'm very proud to show every
part of it to you. It took hundreds of hours to learn 3 major
important factors built into all online roulette software. The casinos
can't catch us because: 1) they don't know who is or is not a Roulette
Bust player and, 2) If they change the patterns trying to outsmart us,
Roulette Bust knows it and adapts instantly.
I started using those 3 factors and found a 4th and final piece of
the puzzle while I was playing. Putting all 4 together, my roulette
system came alive. I call it Roulette Bust.

First Roulette Bust has a FAST CASHRoulette System. I took a poll
from all who use the instructions for FAST CASH. Those who started
with $40 bankroll averaged making $273 plus keeping their bankroll.
And those who started with $80 bankroll, averaged close to exactly
double that - $544. This can be done in less than 48 hours depending
on how fast you want it. You can even do it all same day! The
instructions to do it within 24 hours are in the book.


The following table is a true example of what all 24 of us are easily
earning with the Roulette Bust system every month: (I work 5 hours/day
- I'm greedy!)
1 hour per day $ 400 $ 1,600
2 hours per day $ 800 $ 3,200
3 hours per day $ 1,200 $ 4,800
4 hours per day $ 1,600 $ 6,400
(You can calculate the rest...

How do I know these numbers? Because the system limits us to making
approximately $40 every session maximum. Most often it only takes
10-15 minutes to make that and be off to your next casino. Some who
work straight through are able to make $120 and hour. This is 3
casinos an hour. Since you do have to make notes and organize your
results for each casino, it takes a few minutes to do that. Keeping
our winnings down to $40-$50 per day helps us keep in the good graces
of the casino.

Sounds unbelievable, huh? I agree! But myself and 23 others know the
sheer power of my roulette system and how incredible it is because
we're living it! And I don't lie about this kind of thing. In fact,
you'll see that I'm going overboard to SHOW AND TELL YOU EVERYTHING
possible here online. I want you to make a smart decision based on
facts. So if you keep reading, theres more to learn! I don't hold
secrets from you. Or if you already know you want it just click the

Only $76!

Yes there is paper work to do while you are playing and also
when you finish. It is minor work, but is crucial to your success. To
be sure you understand this, there is a sample of what you'll be doing
on my page titled 'More Details'. When I first opened this website, I
had a few people ask for a refund saying it was too much work or
something to that effect. None have called this a scam or that they
couldn't win with it. They seem to object to WORKING! Believe me, the
paper work is about 5 minutes after you've gotten your feet planted
and organized. If you won't do a little work, then don't get Roulette

The information and complete roulette system I have waiting in
Roulette Bust for you is unlike anything you have ever seen.
Seriously, as soon as you've read the first 2 basic major secret
strategies, you will smile and think, "I'll never need for anything
again." Just those 2 secrets will make you great money all by
themselves even without using my "Bet Plans". (And the "Bet Plans" are
the final key to huge money!)

So, when you combine those two secrets with the Bet Plans, you're
holding dynamite! Nothing can make you lose!

Make Your First Money NOW Today!

You can even start this roulette system with the usual casino minimum
deposit of $25! That's the first chapter of Roulette Bust. Its a
method designed to build your roulette bankroll right away! You can be
doing this within 1 hour of reading Part 1.

Roulette Bust not only gives you an extremely complete step by step,
image by image roulette system within its pages, but along its way, it
answers all sorts of wonderful questions such as:

Are the major online roulette casino softwares slanted or sneaky?

Are there any bets that work at all the online roulette casinos in
this roulette system?

Why is online roulette so much more different and difficult than a
live or land casino?

Does one roulette software from a major chain do the same things at
another casino in the same chain?

Why can't I win 2-3 roulette sessions in a row? Is there something I
can do about this?

Do the online roulette softwares really use

random number generators?

What does Roulette Bust say about that?

How do "Bet Plans" tell me what to bet and when? Thats fascinating!

Are there online roulette casinos that no one can win at? If there
are, who are they?

If I have questions or don't understand something, can I contact
you? (Yes! My email is on the 2nd and also last page inside Roulette
So What is Roulette Bust Costing?

What price to put on Roulette Bust was a terrible decision to make!
I've never had a website before and didn't have a clue of a price! I
know my complete GUARANTEED PROVEN roulette system is worth a fortune!
In fact, its priceless. You'll be earning $1000's upon $1000's for
life with my roulette system. Besides, I worked hundreds of hours that
you couldn't possibly ever pay someone to do.

I ran a survey of everyone using my system and the average price ran
well over $500! I couldn't and wouldn't ask for that!

So, at first I priced it at $197 because I knew you can easily go out
this very day and make it back using one of my FAST CASH formulas.

It's Seriously Doubt You're Able to Win 2 Roulette Sessions in
a Row Without Roulette Bust!

The roulette softwares are programmed not to let you win twice. I
beat the Rubics Cube when I discovered how to overcome this. Anyway, I
became afraid some people who really need this system may not have
$150 or more available this minute for a roulette system they
genuinely need.

So, I'm letting you have all my little roulette tips and tricks that
still work online plus the Roulette Bust system for $1,275, $689,
$197. NOPE I want a price every serious roulette player can afford:
ONLY $76!

If you don't have $76 on hand right now, email me and I'll save a
copy back for you. So What Have You Got to Lose?

It's impossible to lose since the roulette system has a strategy to
PROVE your bet will win BEFORE you make it! It's PROVEN to WIN and has

Only $76!

But if you still want more details, just hit this link: .

That page you will answer your questions.


Copywrite@2011 RouletteBust.com All Rights Reserved

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