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Inception Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis


Dont waste a second of your time learning about lucid dreaming
without programming your mind to automatically and easily awaken
within your dreams with our unique hypnosis product.

Listen for 25 minutes and be transported to the adventure of
Inception while it hypnostizes you to become aware in your dreams. Its
a totally safe and fast way to train yourself to lucid dream.

* Experience washing up on the shore of your subconscious

* Go into a dream within a dream just like in the film

* Take a journey in the rain drenched streets of the dream city
* Be pulled out of the sleeping state with the same 'kick' music as
in the film

In your lucid dream state you can:

* Meet your heros and let them take you on a journey with them

* Travel through time and go to any period in history (or the
future!) you want

* Meet the girl/man of your dreams and have your wicked way with them

* Heroically save the World from disaster... or be the master
villian... its your choice

* Be your favourite character from any film

Dont waste another second just reading about lucid dreaming
techniques - get your mind sharpened for the real adventure.
Inception Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis is a high quality 320k mp3 file,
and has been professionally recorded and mastered.

Its only $26.99 billed from all major credit cards or paypal. As
soon as your payment is verified you can download and be listening to
it in the next 5 minutes. Genius!

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