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By Shelly Manning

Who’s Ready To Learn
The Real Cause of Arthritis…
and How You Can Get Rid of It
in 21 Days Or Less?

It’s Time To Say “NO” to Arthritis For Good Using All-Natural Ingredients Sitting on Your Local Supermarket Shelves

Starting today, you read the jaw-dropping story of a former arthritis sufferer who turned the tables on arthritis with an easy to follow plan…and how you can do the same!

Imagine this…
Tossing your mind numbing and costly medications in the garbage once and for all Never having to turn down a trip or an outing because your arthritis is just too painful Sleeping like a baby because you’re 100% pain free! Being able to live the fun and fulfilling life that arthritis has robbed from you
This Isn’t Another “Treatment”, It Eliminates Arthritis
If you’ve been struggling with arthritis for year, and are at wits end, then get ready to learn these unbelievable secrets:
Why the medications your taking are making your arthritis pain even worse The two “tricks” that reduces arthritis pain by 75% in just a few minutes The four superfoods that are scientifically proven to wipe out arthritis pain
Ready to learn more? Then read on…



The Surefire Way to Reverse Crippling Arthritis in 21 Days or Less…Without Costly Pills, Excruciating Injections, or Risky Surgery!

 Get ready to learn the jaw-dropping secrets that I used to knock out arthritis 100% naturally
Dear Friend,

Before I unveil my unbelievable arthritis reversing secrets, tell me if this sounds like you:
You used to have a happy and full life…until arthritis swooped in and stole everything important to you You wake up in the morning feeling like someone injected cement into your joints while you were sleeping You’ve emptied your wallet on doctors, pills, and wacky miracle cures… with nothing to show for it except a stack of bills and receipts You’ve tried it all: physical therapy, drugs, supplements, special diets…yet the horrible pain still follows you like a shadow in a sunny day
“How Did You Know?”

Hi, my name is Shelly Manning.

Believe me when I say that I used to be just like you. Arthritis once gripped me with its ice-cold fingers and wouldn’t let go.

That is until I discovered a startling secret that changed my life forever.

Since then, I’ve never felt an inkling of pain, stiffness or arthritis…I’m a completely new woman!

Read this entire page to learn exactly what I did…and how you can do the same.

Arthritis Ruined My Life,
My Career, My Love Life…

I’ll never forget the day arthritis threw me off of life’s cliff…and when I hit rock bottom.

Picture this. You wake up to the buzzing sound of your alarm clock.

As soon as your feet hit the floor, you can feel your arthritis knees crackle like a log burning in the fireplace.

You’re so stiff that it’s like someone jammed a steel rod into your back.

As you limp towards the bathroom, you try to turn on the faucet…but you can’t.

Your hands are so riddled with arthritis that it’s a struggle to type on a computer, turn a doorknob, or even tie your shoes.

You look down at your hands and see your fingers mangled and twisted like a yoga contortionist.

As If It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

You force yourself to the office, but the pain gets even worse. Uh oh. Another arthritis flare-up of epic proportions.

It feels like your joints are covered in sulfuric acid and lit on fire with a blowtorch.

Your boss calls you into the office to chew you out and tell you how disappointed he is with your recent work performance.

But it’s not your fault…it’s the arthritis!

How are you supposed to focus while you have arthritis as the co-worker who goes out of his way to sabotages your work?

Arthritis Follows You Into The Bedroom Too!

You get home to your loving spouse and he’s “in the mood”.

You can barely do what you need to do in the bathroom…never mind satisfy your lover’s needs in the bedroom.

What do you do? You lie in bed wondering if it’s even worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Arthritis has officially taken over your entire life.

Have You Ever Done This?

Look, I don’t want you to think I just laid down and let arthritis beat me to a pulp. Before that fateful day I tried every arthritis treatment on God’s green Earth.

Things like:
Physical therapy…which felt like going to a tortuous dungeon Shelling out a good chunk of my life’s savings on arthritis “specialists” who charge a fortune but do nothing Combing the internet for something…anything…that would actually work…but getting swindled by scammers and snake oil salesman Taking drugs that either numbed me to the point where I was a walking zombie…or were completely worthless Special diets that cut out all of my favorite foods…and just made me hungry and irritable A medicine cabinet’s worth of costly supplements, vitamins, and pills that might as well be placebos
Guess what? That’s exactly what I went through…until the craziest thing happened.

I Still Can’t Believe It

The very next day…after waving my white flag to arthritis…something happened that I’ll never forget.

My HR rep looked over my records and told me that I had three weeks of vacation time left…and if I didn’t use them, I’d lose them!

Finally! This was my chance to visit the place I’ve always dreamed of going…China!

A cross-country flight filled with arthritic anguish later, I arrived in Hong Kong. After stumbling around the bustling streets with arthritic knees, ankles, and hands… I found myself in a real Chinese restaurant.

How A Cup of Tea Changed My Life

I sat down and let out an “ahh” at the chance to sit and take some of the pressure off of my screaming joints.

An older Chinese woman comes over to me and pours me a cup of her “special” Chinese tea.

Before I could order, she brings me a bowl of strange smelling soup. I start chatting with the friendly woman owner, “Jane”, who tells me about the must-see sights on Hong Kong.

Then the Most Amazing Thing Happened

Before I knew it…my joints felt better than I could remember.

For the first time in years my joints loosened up, my pain took a coffee break, and I had energy like I was running on rocket fuel.

Believe me when I say I didn’t just thank “Jane”, I wanted to kiss this old woman!

What she told me next put me on a track towards 100% arthritis relief.

I Almost Fainted From Shock

As soon as I got back home, the first thing I did was start my own research on arthritis. I was sick and tired of doctors, physical therapists, and health “gurus” telling me what was wrong with my body.

 It was time that I learned firsthand how to heal arthritis for good. 

And you know what I found?

Well, just take a look at some of these shocking figures:
Move over heart disease and diabetes…Arthritis is now the #1 most common disease in America The Centers for Disease Control reports that 1 in 6 people have arthritis….that’s 46 million suffers just like you! Arthritis KILLS: arthritis brings 1 million people to the ER every year…and 100,000 of them don’t make it out alive!  Even kids are getting arthritis…over a quarter million children now have arthritis TIME magazine has dubbed the decade “The Age of Arthritis”
What’s Going On Here?

Call me a conspiracy theorist or just an old-fashioned detective, but when I see something that makes my gut say “wait a minute”, I know something’s wrong.

Well that’s exactly what happened when I investigated our current “treatments” for arthritis. To be honest with you, I got so angry when I read what I’m about to share with you.

We’re Talking About Arthritis History Here

Did you know that we’re spending more on doctor’s appointments, meds, and surgery than for arthritis than any other time in history.  It’s true.

America spends $120 billion dollars a year to treat arthritis…yet arthritis rates are shooting through the roof. Skeptical? As they say, “the numbers don’t lie”.

From 1990 to 2005, arthritis rates ballooned a staggering 25%.

This Is Flat Out Scary

The National Institutes of Health estimates that we can expect arthritis rates to skyrocket by 40% –meaning that 67 million Americans just like you will suffer from arthritis.

But This Really Got My Goat

And that’s just the tip of the ice burg. The more I read and the more real experts that I talked to, the more I realized that arthritis isn’t just a disease…but a multi-billion dollar industry.

Let me explain. For example, the number of completely avoidable and unnecessary knee replacement surgeries is going to surge by 525% in the next two decades. You read that right: I didn’t say 52.5% -I mean five hundred and twenty five percent.

I Bet You Do This Too

Did you know that it costs about $2,000 dollars to treat the average arthritis patient? Multiply that by the number of people with arthritis…and it doesn’t take Warren Buffet to see that there’s a lot of money we’re talking about here.

 Where do you think that money goes? You’re absolutely right: into the coffers of drug companies and doctors!

Let me clear about something. I don’t think that doctors and big pharm are out to get you.  But don’t believe for a second that they want you to find the natural and safe treatments that I’m about to reveal to you.

What Do You Think of This?

Here’s where I realized that I could really beat the devil that is arthritis.

Very early on in my research (which compiled over 800+ hours when it was all said and done), I noticed the weirdest thing.

Arthritis doesn’t affect every country the same way. Arthritis is completely unheard of in countries like Japan…even though they have more “at risk” older people than the US.

In fact, many Asian languages don’t even have a word for ‘arthritis’.

The secrets that kept many countries nearly arthritis free led me on an adventure spanning 5 Asian countries, 100s of medical journals and a skyscraper-sized stack of books…ultimately leading me to a sure-fire, can’t fail, scientifically proven arthritis relief program.

I Tried It Myself…
and So Did Everyone I Know

It didn’t take long for me to start incorporating this amazing information into my own life. Before I knew it, I could play with my grandkids, go for a walk, and toss my medications into the garbage.

Not long after, I had neighbors, friends, and colleagues tugging at my shirt. They all asked me the same exact thing: “how the heck did you do it”?

Believe me, as someone who suffered day in and day out with arthritis pain, I didn’t hesitate to spill my guts to anyone who asked. But even I didn’t expect my plan to catch on like it did.

93% Of People Got Better

This may sound a bit strange, but I wasn’t confident that my plan would work at first. Sure, it brought my arthritis to screeching halt…but that doesn’t mean that it would work for anyone who tried it.

But it turned out I was dead wrong. Not only did my plan work for most people…but the success rate of my plan was over 93%.

That means that for every 100 people that gave it a shot…93 of them were completely arthritis free. Isn’t that something?

The story doesn’t end there. Being the perfectionist that I am, I worked for 2 years refining, tweaking, and improving my plan.

After countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears I can say with confidence that I’ve put together the most effective arthritis relief plan out there.

For the first time, I’m sharing the secrets that changed hundreds of former arthritis sufferer’s lives with you.

I want everyone to know how it feels to hop out of bed refreshed and flexible, take a walk without pain, and do all of the fun and exciting things that you always wanted to do (but never could)…in 21 days or less.

Introducing: Blue Heron
Guide For Healing Arthritis

The natural, step-by-step program that’s 100% guaranteed to completely free you from the shackles of arthritis in 21 days or less!

Here is a taste of some of the powerful secrets that you’re about to learn after you order my program:
The real cause of your arthritis…trust me, it’s NOT what you’ve been told by your clueless doctor. Pg. 8 Why the drugs in your medicine cabinet aren’t working…and how they may be killing you! Pg. 10 Finally find out what kind of arthritis you have (there are over 100 different types)…most people walk around with no clue. Pg. 12 The one word you need to add to your vocabulary if you ever want to have a chance against stubborn arthritis. Pg. 15 What a moose taught scientists about arthritis that the Chinese knew for centuries…and how this is the “clue” you’ve been searching for. Pg. 21 The nine common foods (that you probably eat everyday) that set your joints ablaze…cut these out and watch your arthritis disappear Pg. 24 The one vitamin that most people with arthritis don’t get enough of…and how a few doses of it can reverse your arthritis forever. Pg. 30
What Makes This Program Different Different?

Great question. Look, I don’t live under a rock. I know that there are already dozens of books, guides, and gizmos out there that promise you arthritis relief.

Here’s why my program beats them all, hands down:
Unlike most boring and useless books, my program is Step-by-Step. I’ve made it so simple and easy to follow that a 4 year old could do it without breaking a sweat. Every chapter ends with simple “action steps” that lead you by the hand down the path of arthritis relief.
My program works FAST. I don’t think you should have to wait to feel the relief that you deserve. That’s why I start the program with tips that’ll get you back on your feet faster than you can say “my arthritis is gone”. Everything in the program is backed by scientific research. I don’t think that people’s opinions or beliefs are good enough for you. It’s important that what I recommend has been thoroughly tested and proven to work. That’s why my program includes over 45 clinical research studies.

My plan works within 21 short days. Contrary to what people may have told you, arthritis is NOT a lifetime disease. It can be reversed in no time. I’ve found that it takes the most stubborn cases about 21 days to feel 100% better. You’ll probably notice a difference within a few hours. Everything you need for the program can be bought in any supermarket or health food store in your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if you live in Manhattan or Madagascar, you have everything you need right around the corner (or maybe in your cupboards as we speak).
Here Are a Few More of the
Life-Changing Secrets in My Program:
A handful of vitamins that don’t just work better than prescription drugs…but they might just save your life! Pg. 33 The five secrets that you need to know to buy supplements without getting ripped off. Pg. 36 The real reason people in Thailand, China, and Japan hardly ever get arthritis…and how you and your loved ones can follow suit! Pg. 43 Seven delicious “superfoods” that make arthritis run scared…and can fight cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes to boot! Pg. 55 Why your gut may be making your arthritis 7x worse…and the simple “fad free” tricks to get rid of excess pounds in a flash. Pg. 58 The results of a Journal of Rheumatology study which found that this one simple thing chopped arthritis pain in half. Pg. 60 Over 20 simple and easy arthritis-fighting exercises (with illustrations) that you can do at home…even while watching TV. Pg. 63 What nearly everyone in China does every morning…and why it prevents arthritis pain for the entire day. Pg. 65
And much, much more!

A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

Let me lay it out here for you. Until a few moments ago, all you knew was that you had arthritis and it’s slowly but surely ruining your life.

But now you’ve “seen the light”.

You know that arthritis isn’t something that you have to deal with…that it can be completely reversed in 3 short weeks (or even sooner).

You know that this is the plan that you’ve been looking for everywhere …and now it’s right here in front of you.

I’ll Take All The Risk For You

As someone who has been in the same position you’re in right now, let me lend you a hand. Because I want you to order my program without an inkling of worry or doubt, I’m going to make this easy for you.

Order my proven program right now. Try the amazing secrets for yourself. Experience firsthand how it feels to be arthritis free again. If for any reason (or no reason at all), you aren’t head over heels thrilled with my guide, shoot me a quick message.

As soon as someone from my customer service reads it, you’ll have your money back in your bank account as soon as humanly possible (often within just a day or two)…no questions asked.

Not a Time to “Think About It”

Decisions about buying a house or a new car may be times to mull it over. This isn’t one of those times.

Why? Because for a very limited time I’m cutting the price of my program in half. My program normally sells for $59, but because I’m itching to get the word out, I’m offering it for only $39. Trust me, this price is NOT going to last for much longer.

Think about it. $39 is nothing compared to what you’ve been shelling out for medications, doctor’s co-pays, and physical therapy.

Get Rid Of Your Arthritis Starting Today

As I see it, you have two options. You can continue to suffer day in and day out with the crippling pain of arthritis.

Or you can take action right now, order my proven program, and finally feel the relief that you deserve. It seems like an easy decision to me.

One More Thing Before I Forget

Arthritis isn’t just a horrible disease to live with…it’s one that you can die from too! Remember that over 100,000 people like yourself are dragged to the morgue every year. Is it really worth the risk of putting this decision off?

Here Is What You Should Do

I know that arthritis is that bully from school that takes your money, your dignity, and your happiness. Don’t live another day as a victim!

Press the “order now” button now. Reserve your copy through our ultra-secure server. Then get better. Sound easy? It is!

[Click Here to Order Now](http://blueheronhealthnews.com/arthritis/order.php)

In Health,

Shelly Manning

PS – I hope that you’re not balking on the price. It’s under 40 bucks! That’s less than lunch for two. Compare that with a lifetime of pain and agony.

PPS – Remember, this offer will NOT last. I’m only offering the price so low to get the word out. After that, it’ll go back to $49 forever.

PPPS – With my iron-clad money back guarantee there’s literally no risk to you. Order now!

[Click Here to Order Now](http://blueheronhealthnews.com/arthritis/order.php)



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