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Clickbank Shopping Cart & Vendor Tools

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ClickBank Shopping Cart

CAPITALIZE your ClickBank earnings with the most advanced tools on the market. Whether you sell one product or thousands, we have the Clickbank Solutions that will make your business easy, smooth and PROFITABLE.
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ClickBank Shopping Cart & Leverage Tools

Included Modules

General Settings](flv/video.php?video=settings.flv) [
Product Setup](flv/video.php?video=products.flv) [
Discounts](flv/video.php?video=discounts.flv) [
Order Research](flv/video.php?video=orders.flv) [
Affiliate Basic](flv/video.php?video=affiliate_basic.flv) [
Anti Piracy Security](flv/video.php?video=security.flv) [
Block By Country](flv/video.php?video=countryblock.flv) [
User Accounts](flv/video.php?video=users.flv)

Upgrade Modules

Affiliate Advanced](flv/video.php?video=affiliate_advanced.flv) [
Coupons](flv/video.php?video=coupons.flv) [
Free Orders](flv/video.php?video=free_orders.flv)
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Included Modules

Basic Membership- The basic Clickbank Shopping Cart Membership comes with all the essential modules to operate a successful Clickbank Site. Even if you only sell one product, this service will open the doors to a slew of new possibilities and monetization tools. Take a look at some of the features below and make sure to also see the Upgrade Modules offered.
General Settings- Log up and setup your account. Supports Clickbank parameters and advanced options. Product Setup- This is where you will be required to add all your products Discounts- All members can setup discounts for larger purchase amounts. Offer more for less! Order Research- View and search all your sales data including items, total, affiliate, and much more.... Affiliate Basic- Build an affiliate list, offer linking to individual pages offer detailed stats, and more. Anti Piracy Security- Protect your digital products with Expiring Thank You pages and Instant Directory Change Block By Country- Refund Defense- Deny sales by countries you choose and direct them to a different page of your choice. User Accounts- Create accounts for your staff and restrict access to any features you choose.
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Upgrade Modules

Available Upgrades-Once you sign up for the Basic Clickbank Shopping Cart Subscription, you will have access to the advanced features for 30 days Free! You can continue using these modules after the trial period by upgrading. If you upgrade, you will have 2 Clickbank subscriptions. And you can download to the basic cart at any time. Here's the available modules:

Advanced Affiliate Tools- The Banner Manager lets your affiliates copy and paste banners to their site in seconds. Coupons- Create and distribute Coupons! Imagine the leverage of offering your JV partners a coupon! Free Orders- Make Free Orders. Great for delivering products to Non-Clickbank sales and for Exchanges + Customer Service.
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Membership Information

Cbpowerscripts Clickbank Shopping Cart is available to almost all Clickbank vendors in monthly subscription format. Our service is sold through Clickbank.com. A basic membership is required for any level of service. You may then stack additional module subscriptions. You may cancel upgrade modules at any time, but if you cancel the basic membership, all upgrades will automatically be canceled also.

Your first month is available for a discounted trial rate. After the trial, your subscription will rebill on a monthly basis. You will be given unrestricted access to ALL upgrade modules for 30 days, at which time you have the choice to keep them by electing to upgrade to a second subscription.

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