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Stutter Away

In as little as 30 days you can start to have the type of life you
have only ever dreamed about. How will it feel now that the shackles
have been unlocked from the ball and chain that used to be your

You can have anything you have ever wanted in life all you need is
the courage to face your fear of speaking and go after what you want
without your stutter holding you back. Give yourself the Stutter Away
30 day challenge, and you will be well on the way to creating a life
free from stuttering.

Dear fellow stutterer,

In the next few minutes I will show you how I overcame my stutter
and achieved my dream of fluency in only 30 days using a holistic
approach, a mind and body total solution, for helping you to overcome
your stutter.

My goal was to be able to live a brave and exciting life free of my
lifelong stutter, this I have achieved. A lot of people do nothing
about their stutter because they don't know how or where to start. Let
me be your guide and I will show you the way to your brave new
exciting life.

I will provide you with a simple step by step plan to teach you the
fluency techniques and strategies that will help you to overcome your

I know what it is like to struggle with stuttering, I am someone who
stuttered for 25 years of my life...

No one, who does not stutter, can truly understand what it is like
to be a stutterer until they have stood in a room full of people and
not been able to say their own name, standing there, feeling like a
six year old child, wishing you were dead, wanting the floor to open
and swallow you up, watching as others in the room laugh and snigger
as you struggle, how can anyone but a stutterer relate to that?

Many of us who stutter feel helpless and powerless to overcome our
stutter, resigning ourselves to a lifetime of stuttering, we let it
hold us back from what we want to achieve in life.

Our whole life is dominated and dictated to by our stutter. Everyday
activities taken for granted by fluent speakers are a daily nightmare
for us, we see each day as full of awkward, uncomfortable and
potentially traumatic speaking encounters.

Many of us will not seek advancement at work fearing that any
advancement would entail meeting and therefore speaking to more
people. I purposely found a job in a small factory so that I did not
have to speak to a lot of people.

Many of us give up and resign ourselves to a miserable life after
years of failed attempts at gaining fluency. Feeling helpless I fell
into the trap of believing that I would have to live with my stutter

It does not have to be this way

There are fluency techniques and strategies that can help you to
overcome your stutter and achieve fluency. There are patterns in a
stutterer's physiology, or how you use your body, that can compound
your stutter. Simple changes in how you use your body can make all the

There are also, more importantly, patterns in a stutterer's
psychology, or how you use your mind, that greatly contributes to your
stutter. Simple changes to how you think and what you pay attention to
can help you to overcome your stutter.

It may be confusing to know that stuttering is not a speech problem
as such; you have the ability to speak fluently when the conditions
are right. Stuttering does not only involve your speech it involves
the whole of you, your mind and body in unison. Stuttering is
triggered emotionally in your mind and manifested physically in how
you use your body.


Living with my stutter was far more painful than actually doing
something about it. I felt like I was in prison, a prison inside my
own little world with my stutter as the guards and warden keeping me
inside and out of the real world. Overcoming my stutter was like being
given the key to my cell door and a whole new world was opened up to

I now have a life with unlimited potentialby doing nothing and
hiding by avoiding words, people and situations because of my stutter
my life felt empty, now life is an exciting adventure. If you can face
and conquer your fear of stuttering imagine what else you can achieve!
The world is your oyster. I used to think of my stutter as a curse now
I see it as a gift, I appreciate the little things in life a lot more
than someone that has never suffered because of their speech and it
has made me a much stronger and more confident person as a result.

You need to overcome your stutter internally; this provides you with
the tools which allow you to speak in a flowing manner. Overcoming
your stutter is something that makes you a better person as you have
gone through something that not everyone has to face. If you can
survive stuttering you can survive anything.

Stutter Away teaches you practical techniques which help you to
speak fluently once you have learnt how to use them. The practical
techniques are effective once you pull the psychological lever; you
have to make the internal change, once you do then everything starts
to work for you.

If you are dissatisfied by your stutter don't be frustrated get
excited. When you reach a point in your life that you feel that your
speech and reaction to speech situations is not good enough, that you
feel that you should be doing more in your life but your stutter is
holding you back, you will have the necessary drive to do something
about it.

Until you get dissatisfied with your stutter you won't do anything
to change your current situation. I got to the point where I felt I
could no longer live my life this way, I had to change and do
something about my stutter that had held me back for 25 years. You
have to do something, you have to take some action if you desire
change, and you can't just sit around hoping that your stutter is
going to disappear all by itself.

It is important that you have a definite game plan and a set of
carefully considered achievable goals. I will help take you from where
you are now, a stutterer, to where you want to be, a fluent, confident

I will take you through a process of facing and conquering your fear
of speaking as you go, gradually building up your self confidence so
that all your speech related fears are behind you.

There is nothing worse than thinking that you are the only person in
the world who is feeling this way about your stutter. Let me be your
guide. I have trod the same path and have had to overcome the same
hurdles you now have to face.

Knowing that someone has gone through the same problems as you and
has come through them will hopefully help elevate any worries you may
have. There is no better person to take advice from than someone who
is where you want to be. You don't have to do everything alone.


Invest today in Stutter Away and you will discover


The one thing you must do before you start talking.

What causes you to block your words and what to do about it when it
happens to you.

How you could be creating your own stutter.

How using a very powerful method could see the end of your stuttering
habit forever.

How using a simple technique can help to prevent you from panicking
when it is your turn to speak.

What triggers your stutter and how to eliminate those triggers.

How using a powerful technique that literally rewires your nervous
system can help you to overcome your stuttering habit.

How an effective speaking training program can take you from
stuttering to fluency in as little as 30 days.

If you are a parent of a child who stutters you need this book

Learning to talk is a complicated process so it is no surprise that
some children take longer to develop their speech. A parent's response
to a child's stutter can be crucial.

A knowledgeable parent has the power to stop a stutter before it
develops; conversely a parent also has the ability, unwittingly, to
make the problem far worse.

It does not have to be like this As a parent you have the power to
prevent a lifetime of suffering for your child if you just observe a
few simple steps.


How a natural stumbling of words can turn in habitual stuttering and
how to prevent it happening to your child.

What you must not do the first time you hear your child stutter.

What to do the first time you hear your child stutter.

What situations your child is most likely to stutter in and how to
deal with these situations.

Traditional speech therapy costs on average $50 per session, then
you have travelling costs, not to mention how much it costs in time to
attend these sessions. Ten sessions will cost you over $500 when you
take everything into account in these tough times who has that kind of

With Stutter Away you can learn to overcome your stutter in your own
time, in the comfort of your own home and when it is convenient to
you, and for a low one off cost, less than the cost of a single
session of traditional therapy.

Similar products claim to cure your stutter in only minutes or
under a day, beware of false hope, there is no instant cure for
stuttering, similar but less effective products cost a lot more,
typically between $40 and $77, Stutter Away costs only $29.97 and
provides a holistic approach to overcoming your stutter and helping
you to achieve fluency - a mind and body total solution for helping
you to overcome your stutter.

Stutter Away is available as a digitally downloadable book in an
Adobe PDF format only; no physical product will be shipped. Adobe PDF
files are industry standard and can be read from any PC or MAC on the
free Adobe reader. Order today and you will get instant access to
Stutter Away, downloads take just a few seconds using Broadband.

Anytime, anywhere, anyplace...

If you have an eBook reader such as Amazon's Kindle or the Sony
eReader, you can upload the Adobe PDF file to these devices from your
PC or MAC if you wish, please check with your manufacturers
instructions to see if they are Adobe PDF compatible. You also have
the option to print yourself out a hard copy, so you can overcome your
stutter anywhere and at anytime that is convenient to you.

I am so confident that you will find Stutter Away effective in
helping you to overcome your stutter and achieve fluency that I will
give you a full 60 day guaranteeyes two months, to read and put into
practice the holistic fluency techniques and strategies, and to take
your personal Stutter Away challenge, and if, for any reason or no
reason at all you don't find Stutter Away as effective as you would
have hoped then YOU PAY NOTHING AT ALL. You cannot lose.

Stutter Away is offered through ClickBank a name you can trust.

Dear Sean,

I love your book \"STUTTER AWAY\" and I think your perspective on the
matter is really unique.

I found the book interesting, informative and easy to follow - a must
read for anyone that wants to overcome their stutter.


Jane Barnsley

Do you want to live the rest of your life as a stutterer? Do you
want to live the rest of your life in fear of speaking?

Think of what you will be able to achieve in life without your

Maybe you are stuck in a job you hate because you were afraid to
progress because of your stutter, maybe you are lonely because you
fear rejection because of the way you speak, and maybe you have been
humiliated or bullied because of your stutter.

You need to ask yourself why you get tense in the presence of an
authoritative person. Why you panic when you are asked to give your
name, or when you are asked to speak on the phone or in conversation
with strangers?

Would you like to know how to overcome these problems?

Why do we as stutterers see the world in such a negative way? Many
of us live half lived lives, avoiding words, situations and people
because of our stutter. I know I avoided college because I could not
face going through the trauma I had gone through in high school

High School was a very hard time for me. I would find speaking aloud
in class a traumatic experience as I felt unable to speak when I
wanted to. It was hard to be told to spit it out child by teachers
that should be reinforcing me instead of pointing out my mistakes,
combined with class mates mocking me because of my stutter made school
a very unhappy place to be.

It does not have to be this way, you have a choice

The aim of Stutter Away is to show you how to learn to stay fluent
and overcome the stuttering habit you have cultivated most of your
life. You have learnt how to stutter, but you also know how to speak
fluently. If you can speak fluently in certain situations, you can
learn to speak fluently in any situation.

When you invest in your future by taking action on reserving your
copy of Stutter Away you are well on your way to achieving anything
you want in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
from applying the fluency techniques and strategies. Give yourself the
Stutter Away 30 day challenge and you will be well on the way to
creating a life free from stuttering.

Every action you take, as little as it may seem, has an effect on
your life. Your destiny is based on what you do every day your new
life begins TODAY. You have to decide what you want your ultimate
destiny to be and then create it.

Think what you will gain when you invest in Stutter Away, what your
life will be without your stutter, what you will achieve and how good
you will feel when you can speak fluently and with confidence. Imagine
how you would feel if you achieved your ultimate goal of fluency and
the elimination of your stutter.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment, nothing could stand in your
way ever again. What would your new life be like? Imagine all of the
joy, all of the new experiences, all what you could achieve in your
life now that your speech no longer holds you back.

Now imagine the opposite if you do not follow up by investing in
Stutter Away, what you would miss out on. Would life have passed you
by? Would your life by one half lived? What would your life will be
like if you do nothing, think about being constantly afraid of
speaking and living under the constant threat of your stutter. Is this
where you are now at this point in your life? How will you feel having
failed to take action going after what you have wanted most in life?

In as little as 30 days you could have overcome your stutter and
achieved fluency or you could still be where you are now. Where do you
want to be? It is your choicetake control of your life or continue to
let your stutter control your life for you. It's up to you.

No matter if you have tried and failed before to overcome your
stutter none of that matters as this is a fresh start in your life,
one in which you finally take control of your stutter. You know you
want to achieve fluency; all you have to do is make a definite
decision to want to make that change and follow through by investing
in YOUR future.

You have nothing to lose by investing in Stutter AwayAND EVERYTHING

I wish you all of the success that I have wished for myself.

Sean Austin

P.S. Make today the day you do something about your stutter, you
can overcome your stuttering, I can show you fluency techniques and
strategies and I can be your guide, you will overcome your own
stuttering - YOU CAN DO IT.

I am only an email away; any questions please email me at

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