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The ultimate strategy guide in parting ways, moving on, and getting over your ex in 30 days or less! GUARANTEED!

Join me as we explore the extremely complex and turbulent first 30 days following a break-up. In the "30 Day Break-Up Recovery System” you’ll learn the most effective tips, tricks, and strategies for effectively dealing with and quickly stopping the pain associated with a break-up.

Even if it's a new break up or if you're letting go of a extremely painful past situation, the "30 Day Break-Up Recovery System"  will help you navigate the most complex challenges of breaking-up and towards long term recovery!

“Relationships are like glass.  Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.”  ~Author Unknown


"The pain of a break-up is one of the most troubling pains we can ever experience as human beings. As if the emotional turbulence is not enough there are numerous factors that multiply the issue and make it more complex. Having to see you ex again, or dealing with a broken heart while trying to tend to children, make breaking up one of the most troubling, complex, and difficult times in one’s life."

Don't let your ex partner control you -
Learn to take control of your own emotions

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30 Day Recovery Strategy:

Learn to: Quickly stop the pain!
Learn to: Stop obsessing about your ex partner!
Learn to: Regain control of your thoughts!
Learn to: Break destructive patterns!
Learn to: Deal with changing emotions!
Learn to: Eliminate negative thoughts!
Learn To: Move past the hurt!
Learn to: Happily bring closure!

If you are like most people, immediately following a break-up your mind is consumed by menacing and troubling thoughts:

Why haven’t they called?

Do they miss me?

Are they seeing someone new?

Are they having sex?

Did they ever really love me?

Will they ever come back?

These are a few of the questions that we replay in our mind over and over again like a bad movie that just won’t end. With each new thought our stomach turns. We feel as if we are suffocating and unable to breath. We try to control our thoughts or distract ourselves, but just like an evil gremlin the thoughts creep back in.

These emotions are very common, but it’s important to know that you can lessen their effects and take control of your emotions. However, you must first understand that these thoughts are rooted in a process in which you are thinking of your ex more than you are thinking about yourself. The 30 Day Recovery Strategy will cover this in detail as this system is about YOU. It’s not about your ex and what they are doing, or manipulative strategies to get even with them.

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Whatever the situation or scenario – the pain, confusion, frustration and everything you are feeling is very real. I want you to understand that you are not alone in this journey. Believe me when I tell you that this is not some hocus-pocus make you feel good words. I have been where you are this very moment. I have walked in your shoes, I have felt your pain.

I have had those moments in life where I felt completely misunderstood and felt as if I was the only one living who was feel such pain. 

I’m not going to sugar coat it, breaking up, flat out sucks! No matter what side you are on, it still is one of the worst life experiences one ever has to encounter. So, now that we have agreed and acknowledged that the pain is real you are faced with a few choices:

1. You can ignore it, hope that it goes away or that the other person will return to rescue us like a helpless victim from all of our pain and suffering?

2. You can attempt to distract yourself and hide from your pain by finding your way to the bottom of a bottle or in the arms of someone else in an attempt to numb the pain, only to have it return at a later date with much more destruction.

3. Or you can embrace what you are feeling as real and that the only way out is to go into and through the pain, which will allow yourself a normal and natural progression towards lasting recovery.

Go ahead; decide which is it going to be?

It is my hope that you selected option #3. If you did, then congratulations you are ready to take on the challenge and succeed in breaking free of this prison of pain and create the life you desire.

As we move forward you will notice that I’m not much on the fluff, sunshine, and rainbows of everything is going to be easy and you will wake up one day free from the burden of this break-up. Truth be told YOU CAN one day soon wake up and feel like a new person, but it won’t be easy. You will arrive at that place because of your dedication, discipline, and focus on what’s most important…. That is YOU!


30 Day
Break-Up Recovery System
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