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It's a POWERFUL WAY for personal trainers and health clubs to significantly increase personal training revenue and attract and retain more members and clients.

It works by enabling those who use it to tap into the massive amount of personal training business that most fitness centers and trainers are missing.

How much is massive?
Well, in the introduction of this book it touches on how most
fitness facilities only get fewer than 5% of their members to buy
traditional personal training when in fact 75% are statistically
known to be interested. That means over 70% of members
are left fending for themselves, which is why so many
quit shortly after joining a fitness facility. It's also
why member retention levels are so low.

So how will this book change that? Well, those who read it will soon have the means to:

• Obtain more personal training business and as a result earn more income

• Attract more members and clients through more a more affordable personal training offering, which DOES NOT INVOLVE GROUP TRAINING OR LOWERING RATES

• Increase retention by getting more members and clients involved in long-term personal training

Also, here's a brief preview of three chapters that I believe you'll find pretty exciting.

Chapter 6 describes how Trainers are able to charge their top training rates using the APT system and still make Personal Training More Affordable to all who want it.

Chapter 9 describes how Health Clubs that use this system Generate over a MILLION DOLLARS MORE in Personal Training Income each year.

Chapter 10 describes how a Personal Trainer builds a Cash Flow of $67,280 in less than 4 weeks and Earns $220,000  for the year!

For some quick insight into why the Affordable Personal Training Income System is a better offering for clients and as a result more lucrative for personal trainers and health clubs than 


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