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The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual

Creative Sales and Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Your Response Rates, Profits & Promotional Impact — Regardless of Your Budget or Industry

Synopsis: Written by renowned marketing coach and strategist Brian Norris, The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual shows you how to generate new business, new clients and higher profits — even in a lean economy.

Now you can increase your sales and market share in less time, with less effort and less money.

Building relationships, marketing, PR and advertising are keys to growth and profits. And because time and money are so limited, we need results now!

Everything you do, whether it's developing a logo, a website, a direct response campaign, taking out an ad in the local paper or yellow pages or speaking out in you community must be geared to attract the attention of your buyers and get them to act.

Immediately and repeatedly

After all, if your sales, marketing and positioning efforts don't get response, produce leads and referrals, build traffic, and ultimately generate profits, you'll soon find yourself without a job. That's why you have to take the steps now to demonstrate your value as a sales and marketing professional.

The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual will become your new secret weapon.

You'll be able to keep your job, hit your sales goals and enjoy the rarest gift of all -- peace of mind. Armed with the knowledge in this Manual you'll avoid the frustration that comes with having to spending hours on a marketing concept only for it to fail to produce results. Instead, you'll know exactly what you need to do, where to go, what to include and to articulate your sales and marketing messages so that it resonates with your target prospects.

Stop losing valuable time and missing out on new customers. Avoid the costly mistakes that prevent you from developing winning sales and marketing campaigns.

The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual keeps you at the top of your profession.

The approaches in this manual give you the ammunition to attract and retain new clients, cash and credibility, and allows you to spend your money and time on the things that matter most in life.

You'll have the golden touch too.

Regardless of what you choose to promote, your current product or services, your own business, a favorite cause or candidate, you'll have everything you need to create and spread a targeted message that resonates with your target audience.

Most marketing books or seminars (and I've read or attended most of them) tell you what to do. Some even tell why you should do it. But they don't tell you HOW to do it. Only The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual gives you the what, the whys AND the how, so that you can do-it-yourself and do-it-right...the first time.

Finally, a system that gives you practical tools and fresh ideas to market yourself and your business with measurable results

I've helped thousands of marketing professionals in every sector to learn creative strategies to grow faster and more profitably.

And after 20 years of speaking, researching and coaching, I decided it was time to distill the top, most current marketing, PR, networking and positioning strategies and lay them out into page after page of easy to read, straight-to-the-point, easy to digest, easy to implement ideas.

If you choose the printed version, it arrives in a thick three-ring binder so that you can lay the manual flat and turn to the page with the step by step instructions to implement each strategy. You'll also be able to make notes easier and copy the important questions, marketing tools, charts and checklists included with the manual.

And yes, these ideas really work.

These are the exclusive strategies I teach in my world-famous creative marketing workshops, conferences and boot camps...and then some. Companies pay thousands of dollars to learn the techniques and strategies that you get in The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual.

By following these business-building strategies, you'll learn how to:

Build your company around the only business model that really matters

Protect your company from falling for the One Strategy Marketing Myth

Develop an attitude that succeeds in business and in life (and prevents your competitors from stealing your best customers and employees)

Get inside the prospect's mind so that you know what they want, what they'll say and what they're willing to pay

Create a marketing machine that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promote your business and generate sales

Overcome any sales objection

Increase your closing rates and ongoing sales opportunities

Persist no matter how much resistance comes your way

Profit from the value of "Forever"

Build your house list quickly by stocking it with qualified, ready to buy prospects

Determine which lists to rent and which ones to ignore altogether

Master the 6Cs of marketing to Generation Xceptional

Deliver value without discounting or investing in silly sales gimmicks

Reach the decision maker with ease

Create a winning marketing campaign that covers all the essentials

Use questions to gain trial

Unleash your marketing genius

Use provocative questions to engage your brain and jolt your "rocks with lips" from their marketing coma

Avoid the 9 Deadly Marketing Mistakes

Help your staff to come up with new, profitable marketing ideas QUICKLY

Create powerful new sales and marketing campaigns to reposition your products, build market share and get the attention (and loyalty) of your buyers

Get buy-in from your bosses, clients, team and colleagues; even those who seem stuck in the past or those who have become ultra-cynical

Bridge the gap between sales, marketing and customer service

Earn the respect, recognition and acceptance for your ideas and marketing strategies

Use Generational Marketing to magnetize your sales and marketing campaigns

Use the newest demographic tools to profile the "perfect" buyer, understand your I.D.E.A. prospects and develop multiple niches

Motivate your marketing team and staff to take initiative and go the extra mile

Master my step-by-step system for creating the ultimate media release and generating more exposure for your products or services

Avoid giving in to the dark side of advertising and spending more money or time on stuff that doesn't work

Build a winning long-term brand without succumbing to the Branding Myth

Cult your business so that customers become a valuable part of your marketing strategy

Identify the ultimate benefits that your product or service provides.

Market and promote your products and services without kissing up or selling out

Disqualify poor prospects before they waste your valuable time and energy

Generate new creative ideas that open new profit centers and solve your business challenges quickly

Standout in any crowd by presenting a winning image in person and on paper

Master the art of Vice Marketing™

Communicate with passion and positivity

Become the "mango" in your industry, niche and profession

Generate more repeat business and referrals from your prospects, current buyers and the community-at-large

Acquire celebrity status quickly

Increase your rates or prices almost immediately

Deliver value to your buyers without discounting or giving away your expertise for free

Speak your way to new clients and profits

Make the most of every networking or trade show event you ever attend

Wow your target audience (and profits) with the newest copy writing strategies

Use my P.M.H. technique to write compelling, profit-producing headlines guaranteed to get noticed — fast!

Master the 10-step copywriting system I use to attract buyers and increase conversion rates in any medium

Get new (qualified) buyers to come to you

Be seen as a community resource and industry expert

Garner more free publicity and profits

And that's just the beginning.

The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual also reveals:

Why Groupon or LivingSocial type sites can be hazardous and outright evil

Whether investing in Yellow Pages or Yellow Book is even worth it

The top sales and marketing strategies used by today's most successful organizations (big and small)

How to turn around sales and marketing slumps immediately

The 16 killer questions to ask before you build your website

How to keep your emails from getting mistaken for SPAM

What it takes to get your emails opened, read and responded to

The 7 email marketing maxims that increase your email campaign response rates

10 unbreakable marketing rules and when to break them

The truth about website marketing and the secrets to creating websites that generate sales and profits — what no one else will tell you!

The top 26 Search Engine Optimization strategies for climbing your way to the top of search results ... and staying there

Why brochures may be bad for business and costing you sales

How to use one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal

The whys and hows of taking your message and products straight to your niche market

Secrets to projecting a multi million-dollar image for pennies on the dollar

What you can do to capture the highest return on your advertising dollars.

[AND SO MUCH MORE! (Click here for Table of Contents) ](tableofcontents.html)

The printed version of The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual is just $199 (plus $15.00 for shipping and handling). You can call 414-688-8252 to order.

For a limited time, I'm making the E-book (PDF) version available to you for just $99.

Once you've completed your order by clicking on the link below, you'll be able to download the entire Manual in PDF format INSTANTLY and begin learning these top sales, PR, branding, online marketing, networking, positioning, direct response, advertising, management, motivation and creative marketing strategies.

[ Click here to purchase the 370 page E-book version of The Creative Sales & Marketing Manual for just $99.](http://1.csmmanual.pay.clickbank.net)

safe and secure online via Clickbank

As always, I offer you a risk-free guarantee.

I guarantee that the information in The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual can increase your credibility, customer base and marketing response rates within 60 days. If you apply the techniques and don't get results, I'll refund 100% of your money.

Even $199 is small investment when you consider the value of the ideas you get. It's like getting your marketing and management degree without having to attend class after class for 4 years.

You should also know that you are getting a great value once you consider that attending one of my workshops would cost you or your company $300 to $700 per day and you still would not be able to capture all the ideas you'll find in this manual.

Getting this manual is a no-brainer because this information will:

save you thousands of dollars

cut thousands of hours off of your learning curve

prepare you to market and sell in a tough economy,

and generate 100 times or more than the price of the manual in revenues in just a few months.

Once you implement these powerful strategies, you'll be able to increase your market share and profits, and to protect your time and resources. You'll be able to make your business work for you and to attract buyers who value and appreciate you and your products or services.


"I just finished reading Brian's manual. I was impressed with how much valuable information was packed into one book, no scrimping.

It was written in plain simple language that I could grasp immediately. I have a list of ideas I can't wait to begin to implement as I am certain it will have a foreseeable financial impact on my business.

Additionally, the techniques addressed can be applied over and over again in the future. I highly recommend this system to all entrepreneurs." - Diane Hatcher, President, Timesavers Services

"Uncommon good sense blended with passion, wit, and experience. That's what you harvest here.  If you choose to rocket your business into higher orbit faster, get yourself Brian Norris' The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual now." - Burt Dubin, President, Personal Achievement Institute

"Brian makes it easy! .... If marketing seems difficult, please purchase this easy to follow, easy to implement guide to marketing your business. You'll be so glad you did!" - Dr. M. Tina Dupree, Owner, Motivational Training Center

"You can take these techniques and put them to work tomorrow."- Dr. Gayle Carson, Speaker, Author & Consultant

"Genius. Every page is loaded with invaluable content. This is one of the best systems I've read on marketing. I'll recommend it to all of my clients..." - Larry Duboff, President, Chirospeakers.com

"Get ready for the most comprehensive, yet easy to follow, marketing strategies I've ever seen.  Brian tells you exactly what you need to do to get more customers and earn more money. He will tell you what to say and what to do step by step.  And better yet, he shows you how to do it!

If you want more customers, if you want to sell more of your product or service, if you want to grow and prosper and stand out from the crowd, do not skip one page of The Creative Sales and Marketing Manual. Brian Norris has made it so easy!...What a collection of techniques that simply work!  Don't even think about it.  Just get it!" - Tom Welch, author of WORK HAPPY LIVE HEALTHY ... the Ultimate Guide to Career Changing and Job Searching


phone: 414-688-8252 - fax: 414-433-1995 [

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