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ClickBank Renegade Retires $5 Million Business To Focus Completely On His New $1.58 Million New Software Tool... And Now It's YOUR Turn!


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Affiliate Millionaire Reveals Secret Software That Makes $143,045 a month with ZERO set-up costs & free traffic... But There's A BIG "Catch"...

You'll want to read EVERY word of this important letter.

But first its time for the "catch"...

I've spent over $100,000 developing the new software tool behind these numbers.

And I'm not going to pimp it out for a buck. So I've set a firm limit on the number of users I'm allowing in.

And now for the bad news... I've already started rolling this out in "beta" and...

...I'm already 51% sold out!

That's right. We haven't even "launched" this yet, and more than half the slots are gone (hence me deciding to release it now, on a sudden "out of the blue" day in May with NO advanced notice).

And once I hit 100%, that's it. We've closed. Like I say, I just don't want to sell too many.

If you really want to cut out all the B.S. and experience the truth about how to make money as an affiliate, then take action. Just be prepared for something radically different. Because with my new tool, you..
DON'T need to do ANY research or hard work - we show you exactly how to profit DON'T need to waste ANY money - you'll be profitingwith masses of FREE traffic DON'T have to waste ANY time looking for profitable affiiate programs or keywords
This is as easy as affiliate marketing gets. We've done the work - so you can profit

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$1 Million Affiliate Raids ClickBank For $2,167 per day with New Software And FREE Traffic

If you're feeling locked out of the "make money" game I have some incredible news...

I've created the ultimate automated affiliate software tool, which has...
already made huge cash profits like $11,289 in a week and $2,495 in 24 hours.. A completely automated way to finally profit as an affiliate - no fancy jargon, no hard work. Now our software means you can dip into the ClickBank cash mountain - just by using this new software!

Here's the incredible story of how it happened...

My New Software Makes Money With Twitter, Google, PPV, SEO... It Doesn't Matter To Me!

STOP: Before You Buy Another e-book or Money
Making System (You Need This Information)

Fellow Affiliate,

I've trained up over 30,000 affiliates in the last few years, and have wasted on thousands on outdated and rehashed `make-money` systems, e-books and seminars..

And I also know from experience of training affiliates that you're probably curious about these systems - but...
You just don't have the time, technical skill or capital needed to profit? You've been burned too many times and are sick of broken promises?
Now, let me ask you how familiar is this..?..

When you first see a new ebook or program, you get a sudden rush of excitement and expectation. You are more than happy to hand over your money - and you desperately hope this one will be different...

Then you try to follow the methods - and it all goes wrong, AGAIN...

All You Want Is Something That Works

You've probably already wasted your time and spent hundreds of dollars on...
get rich quick products make money ebooks affiliate training guides SEO systems, keyword tools, PPV guides, submitter tools, etc. etc...
And by the end of this year you'll probably have wasted another couple of hundred dollars on useless stuff...

Worst of all, you already know that you probably won't make a single cent back...

Not so long ago, I was just like you, unable to 'crack' game of making money online as an affiliate.

So I do understand your situation right now.

And I know that for everyone with the patience to dedicate themselves and learn everything about affiliate marketing, and succeed the "hard way",... there's someone else who just doesn't have the time or inclination...

So That Was When I Made My Challenge To My
Crack Of Team Of Software Programmers...

Could they create a piece of software that would bypass the learning curve & take all the work out of finding proven keywords, profitable campaigns and hot new affiliate programs...

To automate the process completely and entirely?

Well, it took six months, plus over $100,000 in development costs... but our money-getting software tool is finally here - and we call it Affiliate X .

Now let me spell out what this automated software tool can do for you...

If you've ever tried affiliate marketing in the past, chances are that you've been put off by how long it took to get to grips with everything... the research, the writing, the analysis (not to mention the losses & frustration).

Well if you have, this will be like a breath of fresh air.

With Affiliate X there's NO hard work, writing or experience needed to profit.

And the great news is, you could be setting up your first campaign within minutes.

And that's true even if you have absolutely no experience, or a technophone or a complete beginner....

With the Affiliate X software, you can finally profit...

You Set The Rules. You Set The Timetable!
Just Pillage My Secret Affiliate Stockpile &
Steal All My Profitable Campaigns, Like This:

How do you get traffic? It doesn't matter! Whether it's PPV, Twitter, SEO...
We'll give you our profitable campaigns, keywords and affiliate programs...
Just pull the one you like from our automated tool, and start profiting!

And best of all....

It's all completely within YOUR control.

Just sit back and let the software scour the net, looking for opportunities with a high probability of success.

Once it finds them, it suggests profitable campaigns...

In fact everything you need to make devastatingly profitable decisions is handed to you in an idiot-proof, "go here and do this" format.

The sort of affiliate analysis power which once took years to master, is now available 'on tap' right on your computer screen!

This is as close to autopilot moneymaking as you're going to get...

Just load up the revolutionary Affiliate X software tool and profit with our database of thousands of...
super profitable keywords hidden, underexploited niches new, top-converting affiliate programs red-hot super affiliate campaigns
Which means you could have access to my personal, completely automated ClickBank cash stockpile just seconds from now...

I'm Sitting On Over 3,000 Profitable Opportunities Right Now And...
I'm Giving Them ALL To YOU!

That's 3,000 opportunities you can profit with, right now - pre-researched, pre-selected for you to swipe!

They're all sitting there, right now, on the other side of the "upgrade now" link.

And because my $100,000 software has already done the hard work,... you'll be doing it on auto-pilot.

Conclusion? You won't have to spend ANY money, write ANY content or do ANY research.

So let me show you what this is all about. It's a simple formula for profiting, which I call Affiliate X...

How We Made $32,750 With
Our Breakthrough Software.

Step 1: Pick a profitable affiliate program

We scan over 10,000 ClickBank products 24/7 - you just log in and pick the hot opportunities you want to profit with!

Step 2: Pick a keyword & reel in masses of free traffic

Our software automatically spies on the competition & sends you most profitable best keywords instantly

Step 3: Launch your affiliate campaign

You profit with the proven software tools of a $1 million/ year affiliate. Just clone our methods, and profit. That's it!

There has never been an opportunity for you to gain access to the kind of money-making information before...

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From Unemployable no-hoper to affiliate millionaire - in less than a year

Now before I show you my new $30,000 a month system, I want to introduce myself.

My name's Chris, and you might be familar with some of my affiliate training and software, like Day Job Killer.

In the last 4 years, I've made over $5 million with ClickBank, and have trained up more than 40,000 affiliates. But let's be clear about something - I'm not a guru or an internet genius.

Instead, I'm just a regular grass-roots affiliate - like you. The difference between us is simply this: I got lucky.

Before I got into Internet marketing, I was working in a call centre for a dollar over the minimum wage. I hated the job, I resented the poverty. And then one day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of business opportunities.

Right away, out of sheer desperation, I became a rabid buyer. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar...

Over the next six months or so, I tried every business opportunity going: from paid-to-shop to survey systems, from MLM to eBay, from AdSense to gambling systems.

Then, my gambles finally paid off. I hit on affiliate marketing.

It seemed like it was the perfect, low-capital, easy-to-implement business I had been looking for. No stock, no overheads, no customer service.

I knew instantly this was the business for me

At the time I thought that simply being an affiliate was enough to guarantee me financial freedom and take away all of my worries. Sadly, I was wrong.

At the time, I bought all the popular guides, I used all the popular methods you have probably tried - Adwords, SEO, list building, article marketing...

I tried every traffic-pulling, money-making tactic out there, but nothing worked. Nothing.

And then one day, out of sheer desperation, I made a few changes to some of my affiliate promotions, and left my computer. When I returned, I was stunned. I knew my affiliate account would be the same...but instead what I saw was sales. Several hundred dollars worth!

This might not seem like much to you, but at the time it meant everything.

That single moment validated my dreams, all the hard work I had put in. That night, I made that same change to all of my affiliate campaigns, and within a few weeks, my earnings exploded exponentially. My income hit $50 a day, then $200... until, I was making over $1,000 a day with ClickBank.

Since then I've taught my methods to thousands of affiliates, and have I revealed the closely held secrets of the affiliate marketing industry. I wasn't trying to play the game of holding back on information that had made me rich - I've got a reputation for giving away great information. In fact, that's how I've had 5 ClickBank #1 Best-Sellers,... have broken ClickBank sales records several times over ... successfully trained up thousands of affiliates using my affiliate marketing techniques and methods.

I don't say all this to brag. I just want to make it clear: I have a rep for looking out for the little guy and alerting struggling affiliates to the techniques that I've personally profited from.

It's important to me that you understand this.

Now, because I like to live up to my rep, I've been reflecting a lot recently... and having talked with some of my 30,000 students,... I realised it was time for a major, dramatic change.

It's time for you to finally discover..

How My Breakthrough Software Automatically
Snatches $2,495 ClickBank Cash In 24 Hours

I've finally cracked it! After spending the last 6 months working on new, something new and different....

My Affiliate X software tool addresses ALL of the problems affiliates face today...
NO more confusion NO more painful costs NO more time-wasting NO more anger & frustration
The conclusion? This is a 100% push-button profiteering.

I'm glad to say this completely blown what I've done before out of the water.

My software literally hands the keys to the affiliate kingdom on a platter. Because if you upgrade, you'll access something truly revolutionary...

Inside My New "X" Software

Embedded deep in the Affiliate X software, are exactly the same principles, criteria and profit-spotting triggers that I've used to make $1 million per year..

The big difference is that X now automates much of the leg-work, and removes hard work from the whole process.

I've eliminated ALL technical aspects from the process, so my new software tool will walk you by the hand through every stage of your profiteering.

Understand: it works only if you cast independent thinking to one side and follow my simple formula down to the letter.

Let me give you just one example of the kind of "copy this now", real-life cast studies we will give you.

This screenshot is for one of my favorite affiliate programs (these guys pay out $400,000 to affiliates every month like clockwork. I know because they paid me over $30,000 just last week).

Another $16,375 In 12 Days...

My System Even Works With Affiliate
Programs Outside of ClickBank...

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Only $67 per month

The Affiliate Millionaire At YOUR Service

Imagine if you could shadow one of the world's top affiliate marketers...

Logging on to my Affiliate X software is like having access to your own private team of affiliate experts working tirelessly on your behalf.

Researching millions of keywords... thousands of affiliate programs,...

Collecting 'inside information'...

And then constantly exposing the best opportunities to you 24/7...

All through a hands-free software tool that even a 10-year old can use...

All without any effort on your part or disruption to your day.

All you'd be left to do is pick up the information, follow the formula, and wait for the results.

It's Vital You Understand How Simple This Is

As a member of my Affiliate X Club, you'll be left in no doubt what to do...

Target the exact opportunity you've been alerted to. And that's it.

No waffle, no padding, no complications. Just the opportunity...

The affiliate program, the strategy to use, and the potential profitability.

What you get as a member, is the skills and knowledge of a renegade millionaire, boiled down to a very clear instruction...

No ifs and buts. No maybe's. Just the exact steps to take.

Now, if you've read this far, you understand the potential here. You're ready to break away from failure and embrace success.

So let's pull back the curtain and really see what makes this million dollar engine tick.

It's time for me to show you what this is all about...

The system we used to raid ClickBank for $1,040/day...
Clone our "click and profit" software & swipe our signals Access a proven $60,000 tool & make quick affiliate "cash raids"


Affiliates: Let Us Do The Work For You...

Now you have an idea of what X represents, it's time to get into the specifics. At Affiliate X...
We analyze the trends - and hand you the best affiliate programs. We spy on the competition - and give you the most profitable keywords. We give you our own profitable campaigns, web page templates and case studies.
So you can profit without painful cost, time-consuming effort and without any confusion.

And just to top it off, we'll even give you our very own private, complete suite of software tools...

And it isn't just easy with Affiliate X. It's potentially extremely lucractive as well...

In fact, with this EXACT system that you're about to access...

We've Made Gains Like $554 Per Hour, $956 Per
Day, Even $11,565 In A Week, With This Formula

Here's the steps you need to take to succeed - automatically:

Step 1 - pick a profitable affiliate program (there's no research)

Step 2 - find a profitable keyword to target (there's absolutely no guesswork)

Step 3 - launch your campaign with a proven template (there is NO hard work whatsoever)

It's so quick and simple - because we've automated the hard work...

Now, let me show you how massive the profit potential is.

Because, affiliates make over $100 million with ClickBank each year, which means...

There's $100,000,000 Up For Grabs, But There's
A Problem - Right Now, You Can't Get Near It!

So there's huge earning potential here.

But, here's the problem standing behind you and this massive cash pile...
Most of that money comes from just a handful of niches... and a handful of "big money" products... that only a handful of "informed" affiliates know about.
And, with over 10,000 ClickBank products out there... and only a few bringing in the big money...

How can a beginner - an "outsider" - always be sure to promote the most profitable ones?

The answer is, right now... YOU CAN'T!

But, today I'm giving you a solution - Affiliate X,...

Today, for YOU It Really IS Possible...

Because, I've created a software tool that finds the winners - and ONLY the winners...

Every single day, without fail, Affiliate X scans the 10,000 clickbank affiliate programs out there 24/7...

for the newest, most profitable, fastest rising and top-converting products.

Dozens of variables are looked at - and over 99.7% of the products are ruthlessly discarded.

My software only flags the winners - so you only promote when we give you the green light.

Now let's be clear, we are very selective about the kind of affiliate programs you'll be promoting.

After all, I've made over $5 million on ClickBank, I've generated over $100,000 from some affiliate programs...

And ONLY the winners that meet my STRICT standards for profitability are flagged for your attention.

You're about to profit with the best affiliate programs

Now, let me give you an idea of the kind of red-hot products you'll be promoting on auto-pilot with your new website...
this "sleeper" forex product just launched on ClickBank, but its already generated over $500,000 for ClickBank affiliates in just a few weeks. Affiliates earn up to $150 per sale -- I know because our "test" made $2,201. This health product is a monster - generating an incredible 1,000 sales a day, and selling on thousands of Google keywords. Not many know about this, but we show you exactly where the super affiliates are cleaning up, and give you the software to copy their success automatically. this "make money" product has generated over a million dollars for affiliates (and made us over $3,000 with our test). Last week, our software suite went crazy and within one 12 hour spree, it flagged over 40 untapped free traffic Google keywords, each one a potential cash-pulling goldmine.
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Only $67 per month

This process happens automatically, 24/7

The end result of the hard work and massive number-crunching our software does?

You have dozens of hot affiliate programs to promote every single day...

And we only "green-light" the guaranteed winners.

No research needed. The affiliate programs are flagged clearly for you - the instant that we find them.

All you have to do is choose the top-converting affiliate program you like the look of - and profit.

You'll Take Your Profit & Flee Before The
Competition Even Discovers The Product Exists!

It's these exact kind of "hit and run cash-grab" profit gains that the Affiliate X system discovers.

Here is just a tiny fraction of the hot, new affiliate programs you just missed last month, opportunities our current Affiliate X members have already made massive cash gains from...
This product came out of nowhere to storm the ClickBank top 5. But we knew about it over 6 months before it was launched. Our promotion made us over $12,000, converting at over $4 per hop - all from 100% free traffic.

If you had joined us back then, you would have been notified about this launch over 3 weeks before it happened, literally before any other affiliate knew it even existed... It's not hard to see how...

We Made $12,400, Affiliates Made $130,000
...But You Missed Out (Don't Lose Out Again)

And I really mean we had the early heads-up on this affiliate monster. Our members were notified even before the "super affiliates" in the niche - we knew about it before the "gurus" (the edge we give you really is THAT serious).
This forex product launched on ClickBank, and generated over $500,000 for ClickBank affiliates in 3 weeks. Our "test" made us $2,201 ClickBank commissions. This health product is a monster - generating an incredible 1,000 sales a day, much of it from completely free traffic. Our test campaign made us $80 per day last year, and now, the products gravity has more than doubled.
These are just a tiny fraction of the kind of products our members have already a killing from.

So, as you can see, picking your affiliate program isn't just easy, it can also be extremely profitable as well.

Now, one quick point. You might be tempted to stick with the products you already have access to with the free Affiliate X database. And, these really are great... we've put a lot into it.

But we have to warn you - non-paid members only get a tiny snapshot of the thousands of affiliate programs we monitor.

And unless you upgrade, you're completely excluded from our most elite opportunities.

Because after all, we have to protect the profitability of our campaigns and those of our Pro subscribers.

Which is why we save all the best promotions for the members area. In fact...

Don't Stop Reading Until You
Realize These Important Facts
You don't need to know a thing about affiliate marketing to make money from this. This method works for anyone, even those who've never setup a website or sold a single product before now. In fact, my method is so different to the "affiliate marketing" most know, that the newer you are, the better you will do... No decision-making or intense thinking is required from you. Ever. This system has been setup to be a "connect-the-dots" type way of making a living. We want profiting to be easy as baking a cake from a recipe book. Once you're up to speed, the whole process could take as little as 20 minutes per day. I like to make my money, and then enjoy my life... so you certainly don't need to be in front of your computer for long stretches of the day. You won't have to bury yourself in training materials for months before you start. Remember, the beauty of this unique system is it's devastating simplicity. It could well start generating income for you within a few days...
joining today is the only way to get our "priority notifications" on up-coming launches, which are the really big opportunities that can change people's lives. And, with with an average of 100 new affiliate programs per month, 50 hot risers, and 20 "insider" launches,... plus thousands of keywords and a multitude of new, step-by-step affiliate marketing methods, we'll give you thousands of new angles to profit.

You'll Have Thousands Of New Ways To Profit

The Affiliate X software doesn't just hand you the newest and best converting affiliate programs. This incredible software tool also hands you all the perfect keywords too - meaning no more pain researching keywords. You'll get the most profitable keywords for every ClickBank product - instantly!

Now, as this screenshot shows, just a handful of keywords can generate massive cash profits... ...both on ClickBank:

... and off it (this affiliate program paid us $30,000 last month - you'll never find it, unless we tell you about it).

But, if you get the keyword wrong, you're doomed to failure before you get a single click.

And here's what makes it all so treacherous... you don't know which keywords will make you money until you've already wasted time and money! Until you've already spent hours of painstaking research, and either blown money on pay per click ads or wasted hours trying to pull in free traffic with "SEO".

There's no question - the "old school" way of affiliate marketing is wasting your time, money, even your LIFE.

So what can you do about it? Well there's only one thing you can do...

If You Want To Generate Serious Wealth, You
Must Copy What The Seriously Wealthy Are Doing

The easiest and quickest way to profit is to shamelessly swipe from the guys who are already making millions.

The smart affiliates profit now... and ask questions later.

And that's why, if you're smart, you'll do absolutely everything in your power to find out what moves the seriously wealthy are making right now.

And then ruthlessly clone each and every step as you ascend the ladder to freedom and success.

And that is precisely how my secret database of profitable keywords can help you today...

The Solution Is Simple...

Firstly, you need to steal the keywords that the competition is already profiting from right now.

Now, let's be clear - these aren't just "any old" keywords - I wouldn't just give you average opportunities.

After all, I'm known for generating huge - insane - profits from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In fact, I've pulled in as much as $3,000 per day from a single keyword...

I've had literally dozens of profitable campaigns...
$900 per day in just 18 hours, all from free traffic. $16,000 per week from Google Adwords... $400 per day from Yahoo and Bing...
and the numbers just go on and on. Whether it's free traffic (SEO) or PPC, I've had cracked the code.

Here are just 2 examples of the thousands of profitable keywords (and entire campaigns even!) that your Affiliate X Pro membership gives you instant, private access to. And there are dozens more like this being added daily...
Every keyword from this ClickBank affiliate campaign - which made over $5,000 in net profits from Google Adwords per month - and no-one is running it right now This niche (which 90% of affiliate aren't even of aware of) is riddled with incredible SEO keyword opportunities - including a $1,000 per day keyword.
And remember this isn't like other "competitive intelligence" or "keyword espionage" tool because,...

This is NOT just another keyword tool...
You won't just copy the competition...
you'll beat them at their own game!

Because, with Affiliate X Pro, you'll actually make more from their campaigns than they are!

And this is what separates our Affiliate X members from the competition.

Essentially, our sales prediction technology flags the hot keywords for you, by tracking several key indicators so we can accurately prophesize which keywords are the winners before you even target them.

Everyday, there are new keywords added to Affiliate X, and all of our Affiliate X pro members are notified instantly, giving them first chance to snatch the best opportunities.

In short, join Affiliate X and you will NEVER have to worry about finding "money" keywords again.

And, because there's little or no competition with these keywords, the traffic avalanche you'll get will be sudden and tremendous. Let me pull back the curtain and show you what I mean...

Now, let's look at the final piece of the puzzle, my favorite part - which is actually launching your campaign.

Now that we've picked a top converting affiliate program and settled on a profiting keyword, we need to launch our Affiliate X campaign.

And here's where things get really exciting.

Because, for the first time, we have taken all the elements of a successful campaign, and hidden "them" in one all-inclusive software suite.

Our $100,000 software means making money
as affiliate is a step-by-step process

It's a simple "point and click" procedure with absolutely no complicated tasks to peform.

Just follow the prompts, and enjoy the rewards.

Now if you're the kind of person who wants to "pull back the hood" and learn about what you're doing, then that's fine. because with Affiliate X, we'll give you proven case studies of how we've made money as an affiliate and how you can copy us.

You'll get in-depth video, step-by-step blueprints, and real-life case studies of how we made incredible money...

So you'll know exactly what you're doing and why.

And, if you're the kind of person who likes to dig even deeper, then that's great too. Because we will also give you access to our advanced Google software suite, so you can take the keywords we give you on Affiliate X, and expand them to find even more profitable combinations.

On top of the complete video training, and advanced software tools, you'll also get website builders with pre-set templates, designed around the same campaigns that made us big Google, ClickBank & Twitter paydays. So you don't need an IT degree to launch a campaign.

So there you have it...

Upgrade now to Affiliate X Pro and receive access to all our affiliate programs, download all our profitable Google spy keywords, watch our indepth video case studies and systems, and swipe the same software that cost us $100,000 to create... but, be sure to do it now...

Right now, at this very second, our affiliate x pro members competing with you, and profiting with opportunities like these - that only they have access to. And if you don't join them, you're literally leaving money on the table.

Upgrade now - you'll have instant access to all our hot Google keywords, our top-converting and new insider ClickBank products.. our exclusive software tools and our unique free traffic systems.

And remember, you are protected by my unconditional money-back guarantee. So you literally can't lose.

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Only $67 per month

Chris, why are you revealing your revolutionary
software tool... and why not for $50,000 or more?

Firstly, giving away secrets is nothing new to me. I have built a loyal following of over 260,000 subscribers by giving away my proven techniques. In fact, I've already made many enemies because of this, so why start to care what the Internet gurus think now?

In fact, with my first guide, Affiliate Project X, I gave away a live $200 a day income stream for free (one subscriber told me she quit her job off this free method - now that's what I call a testimonial).

Then, just before I released the Day Job Killer, I carried on this tradition and revealed a secret niche which made me over $300,000. And then, for DJK Nemesis, almost at a whim, I gave away a campaign that has been making me as much as $2,000 a day.

Many of my top joint venture partners have called me crazy - but they just don't get it.

I'm not worried about doing this because I can make so much more than this, I have so many ways to make money online, I can afford to give away a few secrets here and there. Look, I'm operating from a mindset of "abundance" here, not "scarcity."

There's more than enough cash to go round, and I strongly believe that everyone can do well at this.

The fact that I give out my secrets and top campaigns for free is the stuff of Internet marketing legend. It's been proven dozens of times over, a matter of pure historical fact - I disclose more in my free autoresponders than most of these guys do in their ebooks and 'systems.'

The question to ask, then, is not if but why...

... And the answer may shock you...

Firstly, the Internet is a massive place, with hundreds of millions of transactions each day, and quite frankly we can both make a killing. I will never have the time to take advantage of all the opportunities on the net - thousands of affiliate programs, with millions of keywords, and billions of searches each month.

And do you know the truth? If I could take advantage of all of it, if I could siphon off every last one of the millions of dollars floating around,...then I just might think twice about making my voice heard in an industry of smoke and mirrors... that is, were it not for the second reason...

I also enjoy unsettling the "old guard" with each new release, and strengthening my reputation as the guy who blows the cover on what really goes on behind closed doors.

After all, its this mindset that has created my current following, and ground-breaking fame, wealth and success.

Finally, I don't mean to brag but... I am simply too rich to care about the potential of becoming even richer.

Perhaps my friends and business partners are right ...perhaps I should be more cautious giving out access to my private software, but the truth is simply this: when someone so young makes so much money, so darn quickly... you cant help but have an abundance mindset, and feel that so much more is around the corner.

So why not have a bit of fun, and bring a few more people along for the ride?

In between that cold hard fact, my personal vendetta and my supreme confidence in my own ability to thrive in the new industry I helped mould, I will continue to defy convention and give out my secrets to all the struggling affiliates out there for a mere pittance.

Be honest, are you living the life you choose?

Just take a moment to ask yourself: what you would do if you were to be in my shoes right now? What would you buy? Where would you go? Would you do things for your friends and family which you previously thought impossible for you to do?

The main benefit you derive working from home isn't the cash, the cars, or the vacations... it's the freedom to live the life you choose, the way you choose to live it. Imagine a world with no 7am starts, commutes or bosses - a world where the only limitation on the choices you make is your own imagination.

I'm here to tell you that this could well be your reality in as little as a few days from now - but only if you break away from the old paradigms of failure once and for all, and embark on a radically different and exciting path today with my new software tool.

It is entirely possible for you to take vacations whenever you want, spend time with your friends and family, or splash out on that one item you have your eye on - but to do so, you must be prepared to cast off the old techniques ands admit you need something new, something different to make it all happen.

Most importantly, think what freedom really means to YOU - and whether you are ever going to live the life you choose if you continue along your current path.

You must be willing to grasp the opportunity while its still here... and within easy reach...

Imagine, The Affiliate Millionaire and his
Automated "X" Software at YOUR Service

Remember, that I am going to be holding your hand through the entire process: this exclusive club has been setup so that there is no room for error: you literally are forced to copy the moves of a ClickBank millionaire. Once you have accessed the members' area for the first time, you'll be able to turn on the "money-magnet" as and when you please. It's that simple!

Here's how it all works - the Affiliate X "triple threat"...

Exclusive Inner Circle Card Benefit #1 - $50,000 Affiliate X Software

Your exclusive members card entitles you to full access to the entire roster of our special Affiliate X software package, with tools such as the SEO Special Sauce keyword tool (find out how easy to rank for any keyword is), PPC Money tool, Auto Sales-Tracker, and much more... plus over 10,000 products related using our unique formulas,... and so much more. Our software automates every move that a ClickBank dynamo makes. so you follow the path to profit, but far quicker than was humanly possible before....

Exclusive Inner Circle Benefit #2 - The Automated Systems of the Affiliate Renegades

Your membership also entitles you to the exact methods used by me and my affiliate renegades - proven to pump out as much as $915 in a day. We literally walk you by the hand through each step you need to take to profit. Whether your weapon of choice is our free-click-siphoning SEO method, or our hyper-targeted PPC tactic, you will never look at affiliate marketing the same way again.

Even Twitter is exposed and torn apart by myself and my secret Insider. Everything is explained in easy to follow PDF format with videos and templates. No one outside this exclusive club has access to this cutting-edge intelligence.

Exclusive Inner Circle Benefit #3 - Affiliate X Secret Signals - Every Opportunity Exposed

Your exclusive members card entitles you to full access to our special Affiliate X alerts system, which allows you to profit with ClickBank in a completely new and unique way.

You will be able to clone all our top money-making alerts and opportunities - and tweak them to your own desire with the click of a mouse. Then, you can quickly predict the top converting keywords using our secret, "hidden" indicators, allowing you a massive advantage over every affiliate in the game....

At last you'll know exactly how much money the secret strategies of the most successful marketers could really make you, if a particular online campaign is even worth 'cloning,' and how much time and effort the campaign is going to take before it turns a profit and starts putting money in your pocket.

What's more I'll tell you which types of Clickbank products will make you money as an affiliate...and which ones you should avoid like the plague. That way you'll instantly know if an online campaign is worth spending your precious time and energy on it before you begin...No more staring at your computer screen in anger and confusion at your zero-figures Clickbank account and sky-high PPC bills that you can't even afford to pay.

So take control of your future. It's your life so take action - and start enjoying it, right now...

Access My $50,000 Affiliate Wealth Creation
System, Automated - And Just Moments Away
Simple 3 step process: its all automated and step-by-step... Step 1: Use my software to steal the profit opportunities Step 2: Automatically steal the top-converting keywords Step 3: Launch & siphon off your affiliate profits No need to know any html, any techie knowledge at all Say goodbye to bloated costs and wasted time today Automated Affiliate profiteering system

You Will Succeed - Or You Get ALL
Your Money Back - GUARANTEED

Your order is protected by my fully unconditional and completely risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee...

I know that you want access to the same advanced ClickBank tool that the super affiliates use.

And I know that you have the best chance to profit with the software and training inside my exclusive club - but I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 60 days to test-drive our system and see why we have successfully trained up over 30,000 affiliates just like you in the last 2 years.

Examine my hands-off system in your home for 60 days, use the powerful software - do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living, working a few hours a week from home.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee fully refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, and for ANY reason.

That's how certain I am that you are going to love my proven system and make it work for you.

You will only pay another $67/month - and you will be our instant access page. Future payments will be billed at $67 on the same day each month until you cancel payment.

This is an opportunity that is bound to change lives.

So make a decision now...

Upgrade To Affiliate X v2.0
You Must Take Action NOW

You can lock-in your Affiliate X membership at the discounted price of not the $50,000 the software cost to develop, not the $297/month some suggested,... if you order today you can lock-in access at the ridiculously low price of $67/month

Remember affiliate marketing is a billion dollar game, and you need to use the arsenal of a million dollar profiteer if you want to even stay alive. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and change your life for good. This is a decision that's bound to change lives, so don't delay.

< [ Download Affiliate X Software Now](http://1.affxmay.pay.clickbank.net/) >

In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast.

Order Via Clickbank's secure payment servers. Instant access.

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