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"Who Else Wants To Know What It's Like To Be A Cop In Vegas?"

Dear Friend,

If you need a break from your life and want to read some of the crazy things that go on in Las Vegas than this is the book for you...


It is chalked full of hilarious stories of the crazy and stupid things people do when they are around cops.

It's amazing, because the stories could be endless. I have been a cop for over fifteen years and the situations I find myself in just keep getting funnier and funnier. Sometimes I feel like I am in the movie "The Hangover."

Just imagine telling these stories at a party. You will have them rolling on the floor. 

Yes, with this book, you could be "that guy" that tells all the funny stories at a party.

Here's what you'll read about inside the book:

High Speed Pursuits

Shoot Outs


Flying Food

Super Bikes Chases

NASCAR in Vegas


A Typical Night In Vegas



Fatal Accidents

Missing Cars

Crazy People Who Run Out On The Freeway

And More ....

But that's not all...Because that's just a small tiny fraction of the stories you will read about in this eBook that you can download within 5 minutes at the comfort of your own home.

If you like what you've read so far than here's what to do...

You can get your hands on this eBook in 5 minutes (or less) by ordering your copy through Click Bank, just follow the order link below...

[Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank](http://clvmc.cymarket.pay.clickbank.net)
(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's 100% safe & secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Honestly...Everyone Loves The Book.

Lets be honest here...Whether you are a college aged female or a fifty year old laborer, the stories are funny and everyone can related to them because almost everyone has been pulled over at one time or another. If you drive, you have probably talked to a cop at least once.

In fact - This Book Is Even Great For Non-Readers

But best of all...This Book is a quick read so even people, like myself, who aren't big readers breeze through the book. I have been told that they don't want to put it down because the stories are so amusing.

Since this is an eBook (Electronic Book) that you can download to your computer within minutes (Usually less than 5 minutes).

That means that you can get your hands on stories of Vegas in less than 5 minutes.

It Makes A Great Gift For Someone Who Was Recently Pulled Over

You heard me right...

What a funny gift for someone who recently had a run in with the law. It might make him/her actually feel better to read some of the things that other people have done.

It Also Makes A Unique Birthday Gift or Any Special Occasion.

You can order quickly and easily that'll take you less than 5 minutes by following the blue link right below.

[Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank](http://clvmc.cymarket.pay.clickbank.net)

And I don't want you to take my word for it...

Take A Look At What These People Are Saying About
"Confessions of a Las Vegas Motorcop" on Amazon

Funny Walkin' In Those Cop Shoes - To be honest, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to read a book penned by a highway patrolman. My encounters with them have never left me with the overwhelming feeling of wanting to spend more (or any) cash to their benefit; I've made my fair share of contributions to the state, traffic schools and my insurance company. But this book was hilarious! I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Anyone who has had (or possibly may be expecting a future) traffic violation should read this book. Other people's shenanigans really do make up for the extraordinarily long time it takes for an officer to copy your driver's license information onto a ticket and coerce you to sign it. So read the book! Next time you're pulled over you'll ponder what that humorless, pitiless figure peering through your window has had go on in his day before he ruined yours! ...Oh and you'll find out that there is a person with a sense of humor and some great stories under that uniform... great read! - Snip

Great Read - This was a good, quick read. It gives you a real feel what it's like to be a Highway Patrolman in Las Vegas. The author has a quick wit and a good sense of humor. I would highly recommend it to the men in your life...even those who do not usually read. - GG

The Stories Are Hilarious - I wasn't sure if I would like the book when I bought it. I was worried that the stories would be too cops and robbers but this book is great. It is easy to read, the stories are so funny and I can't believe all the crazy things this guy has done while working as a cop in Las Vegas. It is like watching a movie with Will Farrell or Jim Carrey. - Alison Elliott

That's just a FEW of countless testimonials I get from happy customers...Just like you'll be (And I want you to send in feed back too).

Here's the deal:

For just $14.95 - You'll get more stories than you can handle.  You can instantly download the book today.

[Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank](http://clvmc.cymarket.pay.clickbank.net)

Until next time, keep the rubber side down.

H.D. Justice


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