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Foreclosures started
in the last 60 days  [](/about/view/county/county/barnstable/) Barnstable   197   [](/about/view/county/county/berkshire/) Berkshire   38   [](/about/view/county/county/bristol/) Bristol   347   [](/about/view/county/county/dukes/) Dukes   19   [](/about/view/county/county/essex/) Essex   455   [](/about/view/county/county/franklin/) Franklin   47   [](/about/view/county/county/hampden/) Hampden   277   [](/about/view/county/county/hampshire/) Hampshire   41   [](/about/view/county/county/middlesex/) Middlesex   549   [](/about/view/county/county/nantucket/) Nantucket   8   [](/about/view/county/county/norfolk/) Norfolk   273   [](/about/view/county/county/plymouth/) Plymouth   394   [](/about/view/county/county/suffolk/) Suffolk   336   [](/about/view/county/county/worcester/) Worcester   562    State Wide 3543  Welcome to ForeclosuresMass! Here you'll find a listing of all foreclosures filed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These listings appear here days, often weeks and sometimes even months before they show up in the paper!

Foreclosures by County
Foreclosures are going on around the Commonwealth just about every day. To the right are the number of foreclosures made public in the last 60 days for each county. Click on the next to each county to find out more information.

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